Thursday, February 11, 2010

Iran, the people

Image probably having nothing to with Iran was stolen [from here]

An Iranian was on the Chess Club with me in High School during the hostage crisis. He had glasses, was quiet, and in my opinion, a nerd, but I thought he was okay anyway. It was a long time before he trusted me enough to talk to me. I told him that if others wanted to beat him for being Iranian, I would beat them. He told me he was a black belt, and would watch my back ... as he didn't need me watching his. I've worked for thousands of families of all nationalities and people with all sorts of occupations contracting through the years, and have met some really interesting people coming from Iran.

No Iranian has ever stolen anything from me, lied to me, or tried to harm me in any way, ever. I don't agree with the current Iranian Government, nor do I agree with the direction the American Government has taken since the CIA has run things behind the scenes. If you don't know your history of what the US did to Iran with the CIA to steal oil and install corporate banksters, decades ago, maybe you should read up. When you are upset enough with what is going on in your own country to just show up in public, showing concern with where things are going, you risk your life, your health, employment, your home, your family, and everything you've ever worked for in your life for your beliefs.

What are the percentages of Iranians wanting freedom taking to the streets compared to Americans who would show up on streets to preserve theirs?

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