Monday, February 08, 2010

New Voting Literacy Test?

Rachel Maddow image stolen [from here]

I'm watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC right now. The subject is about leaders of the Tea Party wanting to re-institute the voting literacy test. An example of a literacy test administered to those who the voting registrar deemed necessary, Blacks only, were administered the test. Can you pass [this test] administered in Alabama in 1965?

Is the "Father" of the Tea Party movement, Ron Paul, being turned out? It looks like, yes.

There is good, and bad, in all major groups. There can be kooks in any group. I was impressed at what was said at this Tea Party event in Boston. [videos]

I was checking out some alternative news sources. I found some interesting videos [posted here]. Included with the link, are Iraq and Afghanistan veterans protesting the war having their heads beaten in by police and is it being reported? Is the NSA the bucks behind Google and is Google really a domestic and international spying on everyone tool?

My opinion on judges, including Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan, and where I think the US might be heading. [here]


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