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Removing Kids from Parents because of Race?

Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan Feb. 17, 2010, appearing at a Judiciary Committee Public Hearing, Legislative Office Building, Hartford Capitol, Connecticut. (Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan reappointment hearing)

No Irish Need Have Kids?

I've read transcripts where Chris Kennedy was told by Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan in Rockville Superior Court in Connecticut, You're Irish, there is strife in Ireland I'm taking away your kids, or similar. It would be similarly disturbing if Judge Kaplan said, You're Black, there is starvation in Africa, so I'm taking away your children. If there is almost absolute immunity for judges breaking laws and abusing citizens, they do.

Kaplan as administrative judge oversaw Judge Swords in Rockville Superior Court, Connecticut. A man who raped a 3 year old and admitted it, didn't go to prison, and did not have to register as a sex offender.

Chris Kennedy wrote to Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell's legal counsel, Kevin Rasch. In Connecticut if you complain about judges or State Police misconduct in the State, the citizen's name is given to police for placement on the, arrest on sight enemies list. After writing Governor Rell, Chris Kennedy was facing thirty years in prison for checking the wrong box on a court financial form, arrested on sight.

Target list post link included with this video. (scroll down for link)

Judge Jonathan Kaplan is up for reappointment in Connecticut, Feb. 17, 2010.

When I tried to have Kaplan removed by Connecticut State Senators Anthony Guglielmo and John A. Kissel, Republicans, I was terrorized out of the property I owned. Peter J. Coukos, a man who was addicted to crack cocaine, had a history of paying for prostitutes, and offered to pay to have sex with children was offered help in obtaining a pistol permit by Connecticut State Police to harass and terrorize my 14 year old daughter, and myself into fleeing Connecticut.

Just one of the threatening messages Coukos left on my voice mail is included as a link.

After spending years trying to have Kaplan removed, vocal in newspapers, Kaplan sentenced me to a year in prison for resisting being beaten up by a police informant on my property. Kaplan rigged my trial, sticking his tongue out at me. I lost everything, and my daughter and I are no longer in contact.

A former candidate for Massachusetts Governor, Attorney Barbara C. Johnson, was critical of Judge Kaplan in a legal blog. Kaplan called Judges in Massachusetts and had Johnson disbarred. Johnson was imprisoned and told to take information off her blog. Johnson had exposed Kaplan's lack of following rules and his retaliatory attitude. Johnson wrote a book and is in exile in Costa Rica.

I have included a link and video of Johnson's story. She tells what is wrong with the entire judicial system in America:

Should abuse of the world occur from Connecticut? If you care about justice, I ask you to leave a message for this committee with a staffer regarding your support for removal of Judge Jonathan Kaplan, link provided. Precedents on how far a state can go abusing citizens, often starts in Connecticut. Please take the time to call to ask Kaplan be removed as judge. Liberty begins with individual actions.

Thank you.
-Steven G. Erickson


* * * *

Are you a drug dealer? Have you committed an armed robbery, or tried to? Have you been in trouble for your bad behavior your entire life? Well if you're like Benjamin Malloy, being related to or knowing someone with political influence might be a "Get out of Jail Free", card. Benjamin is the son of Dannell Malloy of Stamford, Connecticut. Dannel might be the Democratic candidate for governor in Connecticut. [click here for more on the story]

* * * *

The below text faxed to the Judiciary Committee Main Office, just now

Please distribute these 4 FAX pages to all Connecticut Judiciary Committee Member Legislators and enter to permanent record for the hearing on the re-appointment of Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan.

If Judge Kaplan doesn't know the difference between a criminal and a victim, will act illegally to harm citizens for retaliation, or rigs cases so those who lodge judicial or police misconduct complaints lose their jobs, their homes, their families are broken up, are harmed for life, and railroaded to prison, not only should Kaplan be removed as judge, should be prosecuted, and imprisoned if found guilty.

Back at the beginning of the decade, prisons in Connecticut were packed beyond capacity. It was not uncommon for a felon or criminal on probation to violate probation 6 or 7 times before being violated before getting prison time. Prison conditions could be considered inhumane at that time.

In this climate Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan as Administrative Judge was okay with Judge Swords not giving jail time to a man who raped a 3 year old and not having to register as a sex offender. This is alarming. What are prisons for? They're to protect the public from such predators and to teach those who just can't learn their lesson, a lesson. Are prisons in Connecticut to hold political prisoners?

Judges will not sentence defendants for prison time for armed robbery, rape, manslaughter and other crimes in consideration of the families of the defendants and know that the defendant risks life and limb going to prison, being raped, being seriously injured, being murdered, and will be in contact with inmates with mental problems and infectious diseases. Judges know by putting defendants in prison there might be permanent inability to get a job, own a home, credit is ruined, marriages, relationship, and child/parent bonds can be permanently broken, and that a citizen might suffer for life.

Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan knew that I had lodged complaints against him and tried to have him removed for small claims cases from Haas vs. Erickson, wrote letters to the editor critical of him in newspapers, and had been trying to have him removed for bad behavior for years by Sen. Kissel, Guglielmo, and former Representative Mordasky. Kaplan should have recused himself as judge in a criminal case against Steven G. Erickson, but did not, giving him prison over being a crime victim.

Kaplan was aware that Steven G. Erickson was terrorized out of Connecticut by State Police for writing in newspapers and for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials, and was out hundreds of thousands of dollars. He knew that Erickson intended on suing police for violating his civil rights. Kaplan knew that the jury was rigged with a worker for the police as jury foreman and that a VHS tape that Kaplan knew was jury rigging which told jurors how to find a defendant guilty, and nothing about finding a defendant innocent, about reasonable doubt, and the juries ability to throw out any of the State's case based on their belief that it didn't apply. This is because he was told as part of the case. It can be proven that Kaplan was illegally colluding with former Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada, a former Rockville Superior Court Judge to rig Erickson's case so he would be railroaded to prison for retaliation, to prevent his interaction with elected officials as a constituent, and to prevent the State Police from being sued. Kaplan told Erickson he was guilty and going to prison before the “trial”.

Judge Kaplan knew I was being harassed and threatened by a violent felon and police informant for weeks before I was attacked on my property. Kaplan knew the informant attacked, threatened, stalked and terrorized me up until the rigged trial. If it is not common for a homeowner without a criminal record to go to prison, or if it is not common for a person actually guilty of Assault 3rd and Breach of Peace to go to prison as a first offense, Kaplan is guilty of rigging court cases and should be removed as a Connecticut Judge and investigated. The victim should get remedy with the committee. I, Steven G. Erickson, have proof I am on the Connecticut State Police, “Enemies List” from an FOI obtained documents, and fear being arrested on sight just driving into Connecticut. Please look into my case and request the Judge Kaplan related trial transcripts.

February 12, 2010

To Judiciary Committee legislators of Connecticut:

In regards to Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan going up for re-appointment Wednesday, if he has acted vindictively, with prejudice, in retaliation, and not in a professional, non-partial way in any one case, this could indicate a pattern of breaking rules, having disregard for rules, laws, and the US Constitution, and I would ask you not to re-confirm Kaplan for the good of all the families and children of Connecticut.

Should any US citizen be put on an “arrest on sight” list for talking to Connecticut legislators? If police refuse to protect and serve, should a citizen without a record be stalked, terrorized, and assaulted by police operatives, then arrested for being beaten up, and then have a corrupt Connecticut judge sentence him, or her, to prison? Well, if Steven G. Erickson's case, docket # CR01-0074672 is allowed to stand, that is the precedent.

I complained about Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan to the Rockville Superior Court in the 90's about the small claims case, Haas v. Erickson. I claimed that there was insurance fraud and law broken on the other side. Ms. Haas allegedly had insider connections. So, if a judge will rule based on connections, not on merits, he should be removed. I contacted Senator Tony Guglielmo and John Kissel about removing Kaplan for bad behavior in the 90's. Kaplan would then stick his tongue out at me and make faces at me when I saw him in Rockville Superior Court after that case. A police informant attacked me on my property 10-11-01 and only I was arrested.

I wrote Governor Rowland complaining about the State Police harassing small business and homeowners in downtown Connecticut who did not have insider connections. Police informants are paid tax dollars to commit crimes, inform, set up citizens, beat up citizens, and even kill citizens. Google Stephen Murzin. Barara Sattal told me she was a police informant offered money to set me up for a false arrest where I would be pulled over in her vehicle and meeting her for drinks, beaten up by State Police, having drugs planted on me, where I would be arrested for possession and assaulting police officers facing 15 years, or more, in prison. The expectation is I would plead out to 5 years, and did nothing wrong. I was told the setup for arrest was in retaliation for pissing off a judge (Kaplan), and for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials (Guglielmo, former Rep. Mordasky, Kissel), and for what I wrote in letters to the editor critical of Rockville Superior Court and the State Police. Kaplan called Massachusetts Judges to have Attorney Barbara C. Johnson disbarred for what she wrote about him in a blog. Johnson was jailed and told to remove the contents of her blog and is now in exile in Costa Rica.

Barbara Sattal told me that the objective of the judge (Kaplan) and the State Police was to make me lose contact with my daughter, lose my home, my contracting business, and so devastate my life that I would commit suicide.

Facing decades in prison for nothing. I was then told I was kicked out of Connecticut and would be arrested and go to prison by former Stafford Resident Connecticut State Trooper Mulcahey if I didn't leave Connecticut and shut my mouth. Mulcahey and Stafford Constable Frank Prochaska allegedly helped a crack cocaine addict who ran a woman off the road drunk, repeatedly slamming into her car because she is Black, help in getting a pistol permit to carry a gun in Connecticut!

I was later arrested for resisting being beaten up by a felon who had been threatening my life for weeks. I was offered no deals, just a year and a half in prison. I found out if you complain about police to the Governor or propose laws police don't like, you're name is put on the arrest on sight list. I have provided my picture from one of the those distributions for having been critical of Governor M. Jodi Rell. Yes, being critical of Governor Rell can get you arrested on sight by the Connecticut State Police. Names of complainers are given to the Commissioner of the State Police for distribution among police and members of the judiciary for nullifying the target.

Has any citizen in the history of Connecticut gotten prison when they had no previous record for the charges, Assault 3rd and Breach of Peace, misdemeanors? Has any citizen in the history of Connecticut been attacked on their own property gotten prison for having to defend themselves where the attempted mugger threatening to kill the victim if money isn't turned over gotten prison, where the mugger gets immunity to prosecute the victim for defending him or herself? If not, please ask Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan why he didn't recuse himself for my having lodged misconduct complaints against him, trying to have him removed with legislation. Please obtain my trial transcripts. Police officers are not supposed to testify in a courtroom, armed, as that taints the case. Kaplan allowed 4 armed officers in uniform to commit perjury to have me railroaded to prison, blocking the defense from providing information to dispute the police officers' perjury claiming Steven G. Erickson never asked to lodge a complaint against his attacker. Erickson can't shut his mouth to save his own life.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan told me I was guilty and going to prison before my trial for Assault 3rd and Breach of Peace.

I found out the day before sentencing that my lawyer, Attorney Michael H. Agranoff, was told by Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan that he was not allowed to dispute anything police officers claimed. I had wondered why Agranoff was acting like a second prosecutor, didn't call any witnesses to prove a simple case, and when I got him to get a key witness, he tried to dismiss her behind my back, and when I caught him, he yelled at her trying to discredit her for telling the truth on the stand.

There was one witness against me, a tenant I was evicting. My attacker was waiting to attack me hiding in her apartment. Cheryl Gauthier claimed she saw me getting attacked in my dark driveway and my fighting back in my driveway from her apartment. That was on the other side of the adjacent house, so if a person can't see through a house in the dark, she's lying. Agranoff refused to point out on the diagram at the front of the courtroom showing my 2 rental properties in Stafford Springs, that Gauthier had to be committing perjury. My driveway is on the opposite side of the other house. Because Judge Kaplan blocked my attorney from defending me, I requested that Judge Kaplan allow me to speak and to point out that fact on the diagram. Kaplan refused, preventing me from defending myself against false charges. Agranoff told me he'd be disbarred and go to jail if he had defended me, after he'd been called into chambers and yelled at by Kaplan for defending me as my lawyer. It didn't stop Agranoff from sending me a bill in excess of $17,000 telling me I was lucky that he was my lawyer as things would have been much worse for me had he not. What!!!??? I got a year in prison for resisting being beaten up after State Police had told me that I would be arrested and go to prison if I didn't shut up and leave the state. So officers knew a case could be rigged before I was even accused of anything.

The day before sentencing. I went home and typed a letter to the US Department of Justice. The reason being, I wanted to mark my trial transcripts. I asked the USDOJ to ask the Connecticut State Police to remove the USDOJ Community Policing guidelines from the State Police website citing policies weren't followed. I emailed Arthur L. Spada a copy of the letter I mailed to the USDOJ. It is illegal to rig a case from the outside, meaning it is illegal for Spada to call Kaplan to rig my case. So, I knew if Kaplan yelled at me mercilessly at sentencing, that Spada had illegally contacted Kaplan discussing my prosecution and sentencing with him. Kaplan yelled at me mercilessly at sentencing. What need would there be for having trials if police officers can just call the judge to rig the trial and put innocent citizens in prison?

Chris Kennedy told me that Judge Jonathan Kaplan was okay with a man who admitted raping a 3 year old in not getting jail and not having to register as a sex offender. I know of two other individuals arrested for assault 3rd and Breach of Peace that went through Rockville Superior Court at the same time, except they were on probation and both caused facial disfigurement. My tenant was on probation, and kicked in the door of the man his wife was sleeping with breaking his nose and beating his wife. He wasn't even violated on probation. An Ellington bartender on probation was caught outside the bar where he worked, drunk, jumping on a man he severely beat, kicking his face breaking the man's jaw. He wasn't violated on probation.

The felon I pepper sprayed after he jumped me on my property beating me. I fought him off, and then pepper sprayed him when he told me to give up my wallet or he'd cut my penis off. I wasn't on probation. My attacker was well enough, and came after me 7 more times and either assaulted me again, or tried to all the way up to my kangaroo court rigged Connecticut “trial”.

I called Tony Guglielmo my State Senator after each incident. My attacker never got arrested and I got a year in prison, 3 years probation, drug and alcohol classes, anger management classes, was ordered to have a mental health evaluation, was order to see a psychiatrist twice a week after release from prison. I have no drug and alcohol history or arrests. I had nothing in my system when I was attacked. My attacker was legally drunk and under the influence of drugs from his hospital reports going to the hospital because I had pepper sprayed him. He was never arrested. I got prison. Does this make sense to you? If a woman is on the Connecticut “target list”, should she get prison for being stalked, terrorized, and raped, where the rapist is used to testify against the victim, not even arrested?

If not, will you please consider legislation to remedy my bogus criminal record and compensate me for losing my home, my business, my family, and all the pain and suffering? DO YOU WANT CITZENS WHO TALK TO ELECTED OFFICIALS BE RAILROADED TO PRISON JUST FOR TALKING TO YOU? CAN POLICE RUN YOUR TERRORIZED CONSTITUENTS OUT OF THE STATE?

I was put on parole when I got out of prison. My parole officer told me I was not allowed to lodge police misconduct complaints and was not allowed to contact reporters or go to prison. When I was placed on probation, my probation officer told me that she didn't want to have to deal with the Connecticut State Police and if I didn't agree to leave the State, I would automatically be violated and be sent back to prison for who knows how long.

Almost all jobs are not available to me because of my bogus record. Most landlords don't want a tenant who was in prison. Most women won't date a former inmate with a “history of violence”. I was told I was “too violent” to work at a fast food restaurant or collect shopping carts at Wal-Mart. I faced a mugger with a knife and wanted to live. I pepper sprayed him. Is that too violent that society had to be protected from me? My attacker was looking to break the law. I was looking at taking a shower and going to bed after working 16 hours straight. Prison should only be used to teach those who can't learn a lesson. WILL YOU ACT FOR CITIZENS AND PROVE THE US CONSTITUTION STILL APPLIES IN CONNECTICUT?

Steven G. Erickson
[address snipped]

* * * *

Steven G. Erickson and Chris Kennedy testify against Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan in front of the Judiciary Committee, Feb. 17, 2010:

Should Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan be investigated for perjury for the below? Should he be arrested? Should he get prison if found guilty?

The above video was sent by email to the Program Review and Investigations committee, before noon, Feb. 18, 2010, asking that someone be arrested. Not all the persons under oath were telling the truth. My allegation is that Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan ... lied, lied, lied ...

Program Review and Investigations Committee membership in Connecticut:

* * * *

[click here] for full posting of the below

Holding Elected Officials Accountable

Did Steven G. Erickson go to the top of Connecticut's "Enemies List", arrest on sight for this?:
[click here] for:

attn FBI and CT State Senator Tony Guglielmo

November 30, 2006

Steven G. Erickson in 2001 before being a victim on Connecticut's "Target List"

* * * *
* * * *

Is the Connecticut Judicial Branch and Court System about defrauding taxpayers, nepotism, favoritism, abuse, bid rigging, obstruction of justice, racketeering, manufacturing evidence, destroying evidence, altering records, and making the US Constitution Null and Void? [post and video]

* * * *





* * * *

Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan Feb. 17, 2010, Hartford Connecticut, Reappointment Hearing, Legislative Judiciary Committee Room. 44 min 39 sec


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