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Subversive Uncle Frank, a Re-post

Is this type of treatment in store for Americans in America?

A friend told me about the below webpage for shits and giggles. I am not posting it for anything other than entertainment purposes. Enjoy.

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Subversive Uncle Frank, a Re-post

How to Disappear Without a Trace

Uncle Frank

Why would you want to disappear? Maybe you just left your abusive husband. Maybe you owe the IRS a lot of money. Maybe you just accidentally murdered 16 people after a drug binge where you accidentally mixed your LSD, cocaine, ex-lax and diet pepsi (you knew better than that from the last time).

But now you need to disappear. First, you need to really sit down and resolve that you really want to disappear. You need to leave your old life behind completely. Can you do that? Can you leave behind everyone you love, the United States itself, friends, family and your job? You can't partially disappear. You have to decide what you want.

Now that you have decided to disappear for whatever reason, let's get into the mechanics. Your actual reason for leaving doesn't matter. You need a new reason... one that your new friends and peers can identify with.

A great current reason is to escape U.S. government persecution. Since 9-11, the U.S. has sunken into a shit hole pretty fast. A lot of people are leaving because they are scared or because they simply have no way to continue to live in the U.S. because of a medical problem that they can't afford to deal with or back taxes or child support.

There is an exodus. You will be joining that. Being someone behind on child support or having a chronic (non-catching) disease and not being able to afford medical care in the U.S. is a lot better back story for your new peers than your drug binge story/mass murder story. Even if you are escaping an abusive spouse, it is better to use a back story so that your real story doesn't spread back to your danger source.

OK, so you owe back taxes and can't get a job because they will just garnish every penny... or you have diabetes and can't afford the medical care. You have your back story.

Now you get your equipment. Hopefully, you have a passport. If not, consider trying to get one before you disappear. You might not be able to get one if you owe back taxes or child support. If you ever held a Top Secret security clearance, you will also be surprised to find out that you can't get a new passport or get your current passport renewed without talking to the officer of security at the company or agency where you worked.

But enforcement is sporadic, so give it a try. You might also need to disappear before you can get a passport. It used to take 6-8 weeks or a week or two if you paid the expedite fee. So many people are escaping now that passport backlogs have gone to six months or more at times.

If you can't get a passport or you have a true emergency disappearing act to do, then don't worry about it. Lots of people are traveling without passports these days. Remember that the government is denying passports to people who have back taxes or owe child support or ever held a Top Secret security clearance or have Interpol alerts (and the U.S. can now make up and issue an Interpol alert on you just for shits and giggles... and they can certainly make up a tax issue).

People in those categories form a significant percentage of the population! I suspect everyone will eventually be in a category where they can arbitrarily refuse you a passport.

In any case, there are a ton of people leaving who are in those categories and the government just laughs at them when they try to get a passport to leave. That means that there are many ways to leave without a passport.

I'm not going to tell you how here in a public post because that just gives a list of things for the government to attack and it will make it harder for you and others to escape.

After you get your passport (if you can), your next step is to get the clothing and equipment for your new life. You will need a backpack, a tie die t-shirt, blue jeans, a sleeping bag and good walking shoes. Shoes are the most important item. Get two pair.

You will now hitchhick to San Diego or take a greyhound bus if you still have the money and have no fear of "them" tracing your greyhound ticket.

Now, go to the beach and find the people who look like you now look. They might not be wearing tie die, but they may have dreadlocks or be wearing hand made jewelry made out of seeds or beads. They will often be selling something... maybe hand made jewelry. Most will be in their 20s or look like they are in their 20s. Others will look like they are in their 50s though. The fact is that they are all different ages. Their new lifestyle just makes them look young. That will happen to you too.

They are friendly. Talk to them. Tell them your back story and tell them you need to get to Mexico without papers. Ask them if they know anyone who can help you. Hang out in San Diego or on the beaches south of San Diego until you get to know a few people who want to cross without papers and have a guide. It might take a month or more. Or you might be able to find your group the first day. Many have. I did.

During that time, ask about how to survive, where to sleep, how to earn money, where and what to eat. Your new friends will show you the ropes. You won't believe how friendly your fellow exodus partners will be.

If you have money, just hide it and pretend you don't. You will be able to use it later when you rejoin the peer group you are more use to associating with.

Once you cross, get the heck out of Tijuana and get down to Ensenada. Tijuana isn't safe and it's just nasty. You can stay on the beaches in Ensendada as long as you would like. It is a tourist destination and you can make a good living just off selling to the tourists coming off the carnival cruise ships. Your new friends will show you how all that works. You will probably have an elder in your group who has gone back and forth across the border escorting and training escapees for years.

You will also see members of your group leave the group or new members join it from other locations other exciting places. One will eventually strike you as being pretty cool and you will leave with a group headed that direction.

That destination might be:



Costa Rica









Pacific Isles

Caribbean Isles

The choices are numerous. They are all wonderful destinations that people pay thousands of dollars to visit on vacation.

You will learn to make and sell hand crafted jewelry and other items. You will learn how to give full body massages and teach yoga classes. Making cheese, soap and preparing organic foods will probably also be part of your income training. Don't worry. It's all temporary unless you fall in love with that lifestyle.

At your destination, you will start a real business with less than $500. Maybe it will be a spa for tourists or a bar or restaurant. It's up to you. Once you find your destination, you just ask the ex-pats there who are doing what you want to do how to get started. Almost all ex-pats are very friendly and helpful and will be happy to tell you how to get started doing what you really want to do with your new life.

You can also tap into the U.S. economy on the Internet. Just team up with someone with a PayPal account and start a site just like this one. Your experiences are worth a lot to others who want to know about how to live completely off the grid in an island paradise like Roatan Honduras. Write about it from an Internet cafe and charge for more information.

That's one of the ways I make my living.

You can get access to my other subversive posts for a one time fee of $10 here:

Uncle Franks Private Posts

I also personally answer any questions you leave in the comments on my private posts. I'll even personally give you the training you need starting right now to disappear without a trace when you are ready to join us in paradise.

I get to an Internet cafe at least once a week and promise to answer all of your questions. Also, over half of your contribution goes to help others who are escaping. That's just the way I roll.

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Nancy Flint says:

Hello Uncle Frank,

I am writing to you in order to seek some help from you. I am in need of getting a passport, but not sure if the Government will issue me one on account of my prior record. I do not even have the money to get a passport but need to relocate to Central London Immediately. I am supposed to be over there with my fiancee but I can't be there at all right now on account of my situation here. I am still on probation but will be off in 2 years time. I already served 55 days in jail in 2007. from july to september 2007. 4 years of probation on a 1st offense F3 felony and an old simple assault / battery charge in 2005 and I got 1 year probation for that 1. I want to go over there and to suprise him and his daughter. We were supposed to have been married in 2007 but things got put on hold here for me. Please help me to figure out what to do in order to take the next step in getting out of here.

I have even thought about talking with people that work the black markets and finding out if they have anyone that they use to get to overseas without a passport. You know like being smuggled over there to get to be with my fiancee and his daughter. But from what I am told, they check for fingerprints etc.. when you get there in london england. What do you think that I should do Uncle Frank?

Please get back to me as soon as you possibly can. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you very much for all of your time and attention to this question. I greatly appreciate it all very much.

Have a great week. :D

Betty Jane says:

I'm sorry. Uncle Frank's plate is full with helping paid members. It only costs a one time fee of only $10 to get access to Uncle Frank personally inside the "member's only" area.

Once you have paid, you can post your questions inside the "member's only" area and Uncle Frank will answer them personally.

george says:

Kind of sensitive there omniscient one. Can't take your own criticism. Did you help Al Gore invent his amazing internet? May your yacht sink under the weight of your bullshit

Betty Jane says:

It's nothing personal at all George.

Uncle Frank has helped hundreds of people escape. People who know him and have worked with him know he is extremely generous with his time and his money.

$10 really isn't much to ask at all especially since Uncle Frank uses over half of that donation to help those trying to escape.

Your comments are very immature and not called for at all. Those who work with Uncle Frank are very grateful that he offers this valuable service for such a small token amount.

If you don't want the service, then just move along. Nobody is forcing you to make a donation. Your comments aren't warranted.

John Friend says:

Way out of line partner!

S.U.F. is a real giver. He literally saved my life.

Complaining about $10 is just dumb. How much does Uncle Sam steal from you every year? I guarantee it is a LOT more than $10.

I also guarantee that you will get more than $10 worth of Uncle Frank's help just from the private posts even if you never ask Uncle Frank anything directly.

I don't even know why S.U.F. would let comments like that stand except that he loves freedom of speech.

I sure wouldn't if it were my site. Your kind aren't wanted around here... or anywhere else. Scram cockroach!

Nancy Flint says:

Hello Betty,

Thank You so very much for all of your information here. I will be sure to get a paid membership soon. I am still looking forward to hearing from Uncle Frank, and do truly hope that he will be able to help me out or at least to help me figure out what to do and how to do it all.

Betty Jane says:

Uncle Frank helps a lot of people. I have never heard of a case that stumped him.

Be sure to post your situation and ask your question again inside the membership area after you join.


THanks for the info, don't have anything run from but don't have anything left to stay for, just tired of watching everything go down the crapper with no where to go or means to get their, i'll keep your words in mind, sounds like away out this tranny that's coming soon.. stay safe

suspicious mind says:

how can someone know you are serious???

Subversive Uncle Frank says:


I was in the same boat. I didn't really have much to run away from. Maybe I did a little. I had a nagging fear that my children weren't safe. I also had a nagging fear that the U.S. economy and political system would lead to the U.S. not being a safe place to live. I suppose that is "running away" in some ways.

Once you make it out though, you feel more like it is "running to" something wonderful. The nagging feeling that the U.S. is being flushed down the toilet sometimes feels like it is affecting the entire world while you are still stuck in the U.S.

Let me assure you that it isn't. Smiles on faces and friendly handshakes are still common in many (most) countries and people are generally happy and hopeful about the future. You don't have to live in fear and dispair.

Let me know if you decide to get out and I'll be happy to help you in any way I can.

Or you can just take the route I detailed in this article and you will meet many, many other people who are already on the exodus and will be willing and happy to help you.

@suspicous mind

You can't. But you can get out and see that fear and suspicion are a localized phenomenon. Trust and helping other people are the normal human nature. People really are good deep down inside. Get out of the country and meet some ex-pats or even some locals. You'll be able to see for yourself that being suspicious is part of the plague of fear that is gripping the United States.

See you inside... or outside as the case may be.

Dick says:

Not really running. have passprt and a great sailboatt! Want to know if I can get residence status in CENTRAL AMERICAN COUNTRY WITH A FELONY ON MY RECORD.

Subversive Uncle Frank says:

The vast majority of Americans who live in Central America use the tourista visa. You simply leave every 90 days for three days.

You can hop over the border from Panama to Costa Rica, Costa Rica to Nicaragua, etc. That becomes trivial on the Pacific side if you have sail boat.

On the Carib side, you may not be able to sail during parts of the hurricane season, but you only need to leave every 90 days for 3 days.

A felony conviction is never looked at.

Now if you really want true residency status, it depends on the felony and how much money you have.

Most Central American countries blow off a majority of U.S. felonies because they don't consider the action a crime. If the felony is possession of a couple of ounces of pot when you were a teenager, then you don't have a problem. If it was kidnapping your own kids after a U.S. court awarded sole custody to your spouse, you don't have a problem (Costa Rica recently awarded citizenship instead of extraditing in such a family kidnapping case).

If the crime was violent (murder, rape, assault with major injury), then you have a problem on paper, but paper problems can be resolved with paper in Central America (meaning green paper).

Obviously, I can't tell you more out here. It just isn't the kind of information that you post on a public web-site. Pay your $10 and I'll talk to you on the inside about your situation specifically and which countries would be best and how much it will cost you.

gypsyjohnny says:

Hi, Uncle Frank: Interestingly enough, I have an actual Uncle Frank - but that's another story. Here's my situation. I have two legal and legitimate passports, Euro and Canadian. No actual crimes, clean drivers abstract, never used drugs, don't drink, technically no problems. I am a passionate outdoorsman, a remarkably well educated man (three university degrees and an ongoing, advanced reading schedule)

a combat expert, and a mixed martial arts fighter. My short story - in Canada, even more than the US, real men with masculine values are now persecuted, abused, killed by the police, or driven underground or imprisoned for nothing. I was charged and convicted in 2008 (possible 100,000 $CA fine and six months in jail) of a natural resources crime for 'trapping out of season' for putting a trap outside of my chicken coop to protect the chickens from predators, after the natural resources officers refused to give me a permit to shoot the predators that attacked my chickens three times - even though I had a current trapping and hunting license. Canadian justice, kangaroo court style. Guns, weapons, mixed martial arts fighting, all banned or ridiculously controlled in many parts of Canada and Australia. Northern Europe is even worse. I am banned from most Canadian work out gyms, because I refuse to wear perfumed deodorant, or put on shoes while training. Once, I pulled a shot gun to keep from being robbed on a hunting trip, within two years the entire Canadian town shunned me, based on the rumours, started by the thieves, that I carried a shotgun at all times, even in my gym bag! The lies I have put up with in this ridiculous country are beyond belief. I love crafts and primitive skills, I can make just about anything, and I can live in just about any environment. I have a ski town hobby farm, with superlative clean water and air, yet I live in total isolation, and total misery. No-one in this country will pay me one dollar, for anything that I make - bows, knives, tanned clothing, hand carved grain buckets, water troughs, canoes, etc, because their corporate masters perceive me to be a threat to their China import businesses, with the high markup/lower quality overhead value. I live on debt piled onto the house that I built with my own hands. I have to sell this beautiful place in order to pay my debt, and the sale will leave me with nothing but my tools and a bit of cash. When I leave the house to work, no-one will take care of my cows or chickens or sled dogs. When I go to fight, I have to give the animals three days of feed and water and hope that the bears won't attack them when I am gone. When I leave to go to work in the oil fields, the local real estate agents call the government to say that I am not the 'resident owner/builder' any longer and I will then have to pay tax on a sale because my home isn't my real home (this is the only house I have ever owned). Corporate Canadian towns have only judgement, and constant persecution for any individual who is not a submissive, stooge who eats at Tim Hortons, makes his payments, and surrenders his dreams. Escape from the US, heck, I would love to return to the US! At least they would let me hunt and defend myself. My family has paid taxes in New Mexico for 40 years, and my grandfather only left because my father and his brothers were all first round draft picks for the Vietnam infantry meat grinder. I have searched the rest of the world for twenty years for a place where I will be left alone, to simply be myself, to no avail. All I have ever wanted is to live close to unpolluted, unincorporated nature with other like minded, people who share my passion for a more primitive life, an excellent, self-taught education, and a clean, incorruptible life. I became a gypsy simply for my own survival. After six months, tops, in any Canadian area - the calls start going out to various government bodies reporting on me for being 'weird,', ie, making clothing without chemicals out of furs or skins, crafting anything out of wood, eating wild meat, milking a cow by hand, and not eating cancer causing corporate garbage. So, where in this world will I be left alone? Homeland Security won't let me in because I refuse to get a corporate job, and I refuse to get new vaccinations for diseases that I don't have and will never get. How could a country that gave birth to the beautiful novel, The Yearling, regard a man plucked from the pages of that book as a threat? My general plan is to sell my place, pack my gear in a boat, and take all of my tools and equipment 'somewhere else.' But I love a wilderness, especially a cool temperature, mountain wilderness. I do not want to be fighting despicable polluting corporations for another 20 years, I do not want to 'informed upon' for doing nothing by pathetic stooges, and I do not want to be persecuted by revenue raising enforcers trying to justify their jobs. I am open to any good destination ideas, and I am also open to other cool people who believe that life should be like playing. I like to make stuff with my hands, and I believe that a 40 year old man should be able to relax and enjoy his life in a childlike way, without being an abused slave. Let me emphasize, I have a graduate degree/plus education, I was a top student, I am the oldest of seven children who I, in good part, raised, I did my time in the army, I served my family, my country, and everyone else and I received nothing but constant, never ending criticism, and abuse. I now hate, to the depth of my soul, Canada. Are there any others out there like me, who have any ideas on destination spots for an honorable man who simply wishes to live a traditional life, in peace? I am leaning toward ranching in Brazil; would Brazil leave me alone to settle down and raise a family? Crime does not bother me, as long as I have the right to be armed and defend myself with no fear of persecution from the law. Please send me any info you might have. I can pay the 10 dollars, if you think you might have some useful information. I have never done a mean or despicable action of any kind in my life, and I am eminently tired of being abused by the mean and despicable, who project their own vile corruption onto the few who refuse to submit.



Subversive Uncle Frank says:

I personally prefer "warm" weather, so I don't have a lot of personal experience to share.

I do know Brazillians and I think you are on the right track there. All of South America is still relatively free. Avoid parts of Columbia because the U.S. is waging drug war there with cooperation from the Columbian government, but that isn't a problem for you because you want colder weather.

Two other countries in South America that might fit your criteria even better are Chile and Argentina. Brazil can be quite a culture shock for anglos. If you want to live out in the country and not have much to do with other people, then that's fine. Brazil has a TON of options.

But if you want some western conveniences, Chile can't be considered third world at all. It has everything the U.S. and Canada has and MUCH more. Also, if you have to learn another language, I think Spanish is a lot more practical and universally useful than Portuguese.

Argentina is interesting because of modern conveniences being available in Buenos Aires (which may be too warm for you in the summer, but you can find your cool weather to the south in the summer and visit Buenos Aires only in the winter. It is also populated almost entirely by european stock. So the culture is almost identical to Spain. Other than Spanish being spoke, a white European ancestry Canuck would feel right at home with people looking like you and thinking like you culturally.

Another area that Americans and Canadians normally don't consider because of cold war brainwashing is the Black Sea area and the Eastern European countries in general. You can get your cold weather and people who love hunting and fishing and trapping and having their own livestock. Language is an issue, but that often protects you from some of the things you are complaining about. If you don't even know what your neighbors are saying, it can't hurt your feelings that they are shunning you. With the generally friendlier attitude of people in those countries, you are more likely to miss the clues of a shunning and think everyone around you likes you being there. And of course, that is most likely to be true. Most of those countries still have warm feelings for Americans even. Those who have some bad feelings for Americans will still accept you when they find out you are Canadian.

Over time, you may find out that the country you have chosen now falls within the Euro zone. And if you ever need to be within one of your citizenship countries because all hell is breaking loose, then you will be close to Euro-zone Europe.

Did I mention that the women of that area are stunningly beautiful?

I don't like Russian because Russians in Moscow and Saint Petersburg are extremely rude... and their food really sucks. But rural Russians are nice and their values completely match up with your values. Believe it or not, they are now a completely free economy with very little regulation (way less than the U.S./Canada). And Russia is the ultimate safe place to be if Canadian/American governments decide to round up ex-patriots for whatever reason and you don't want to go. But... the food really sucks.

The Ukraine and Georgia both have very similar values and the people are extremely friendly... and the food isn't bad (not great either).

I hope that gives you some food for thought.

Subversive Uncle Frank says:

If I read your desire for cooler weather wrong and that really isn't all that important of a critera, then also consider San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

This sleeping fishing village is about half Canadian ex-pats. Rural areas around there have lots of opportunities for the lifestyle you describe.

You never have to worry about the law in Nicaragua. As far as I can tell, it's pretty much lawless... at least for ex-pats living there. There is a Canadian organization called Amigos de Policia formed by the Canadian business owners. They bought four new police officers and a pick up truck for them to ride around in. If you join the association for $20/month, you can start a business without paying the normal taxes to the mayor. You just give a bag of rice and a bag of beans to the policia once a month instead. You get extra police protection and a walkie talkie to be able to call them.

Even without joining the association, gringos are never bothered by the police in town or out in the rural areas. If you want to drive to Managua, you will be pulled over numerous times. If you want to get on your way fast, you tip them 100 cords (about $5). If you don't want to tip them, you let them look in your trunk and chat with them in a friendly way for ten minutes or so until they realize you aren't going to tip them so they wave you on.

It's a great community mostly because the ex-pats are almost all Canadian because Americans have been taught that Nicaragua is dangerous and bad and run by a dictator. American ex-pats are a lot more pleasant to live around than Americans still in the United States, but I think Canadians make better ex-pat neighbors. Perhaps you would agree.

If warm weather isn't a problem, I think you would love this area. There is a huge lake (one of the largest in the Americas, pacific coast access, hunting, ranch lifestyle everywhere and zero hassles from the law unless you are driving to Managua. Even then you have zero chances of a violent encounter with the law. They know they work for you and not the other way around.

gypsyjohnny says:

gee Frank, I appreciate the info. I have lived in Sweden, and it sucks. Total corporate conformity, and the Dutch are close. The only good thing about Holland is that the press is free and the police cannot shoot you for talking back or traffic offenses - unlike Canada. Which one of the Baltic states is the best? People tend to be protective of hunting rights. Do you have any ideas about how I would find out more about these places without having to travel to each one for a prolonged period? I would like to hear more, how do I pay you the 10 bucks regarding disappearance? My main goal here now is to leave. I just fought another totally corrupt mma fight last night - I am a lightweight, I agreed to fight a last minute welterweight fight, and I arrive in Vancouver to see that I am the main event, fighting a very heavy middleweight, with no-one in my corner. - an assassination attempt, in effect. I was 168 lbs on fight day, he was well over 200, and the ref said that I was kicked in the head about as hard as he had ever seen. Still, I kept it going until we were on the ground and I couldn't move him enough to get him in a triangle - I could have moved 190, but not 205. Ultimately, I tapped out after 4 minutes, and today I have a big shiner from a forearm and a super sore neck. After a while, the evil just gets too much, and a man cannot take it anymore. Now I have to fly home and see if the bears have killed my cows or not. Top priority, get my house sold, talk to uncle frank, and leave this evil country to the evil ones. I am sure there are many expats who feel the same. Honestly Frank, I would like to ask a heap of questions, and I don't mind paying more than 10 bucks. I know, personally, how much it costs to learn any real information, and travel is so darn expensive these days, and much experience is learned 'the hard way.'

Betty Jane says:

Just click on the link that says "Uncle Franks Private Posts" to get the payment page.

I think Uncle Frank is at sea right now, but he answers questions at lease once a week (and usually much more often) for members.

Subversive Uncle Frank says:

I'm still connected even underway... a little lower speed connection, but I'm still here.

Jonico says:

I'm in Australia and I'm scared for Americans. I try to get people to watch what's happening on the net, but I'm laughed at. Best of luck to you all.

daniel b jacobson says:

any way i could take some weapons with me??if i could take a few along with me i would come join you??

Subversive Uncle Frank says:

I'm sorry. I can't have anyone join me. I live on a boat and there is really only enough room for my family and me.

Check with the embassy of whatever country you want to visit or live in. Guns aren't a big deal in any of the countries I've lived in. Costa Rica asks you if you have mental problems and charges you $5 for a permit to carry a pistol in the city (concealed or open... no matter). I doubt the permit is ever enforced though. No problems with pistols or rifles at home.

No problems in Nicaragua either. No permits. I saw someone waving a gun around in front of four policia once in Managua and they hadn't even drawn their own pistols. They were just standing there looking a bit bored listening to this guy rant and rave about something. Maybe they would have been a bit more alert about a gringo waving a gun since gringos are known to be a bit unstable and might actually start shooting at people.

Buying guns and owning guns isn't a big deal in most desirable countries in the Americas. Bringing them with you may or may not be. Check with the embassy before you leave to find out and see what the proper procedure for transportation and declaration are. U.S. airport procedure is changing all the time so you need to check there too. Most times, you just lock them unloaded in your checked bags and declare them to the ticket agent.

There are two reasons you may not want to bring guns (I didn't):

1) Violent crime is very low in most desirable countries. There is very little need for self-protection. Guards are cheap to hire for property protection and are much more effective than owning a gun because they will be there when you are gone. It is routine in Central America.

2) Most desirable countries won't let you hunt unless or until you are a legal resident.

So there really is no reason for weapons unless you are moving directly to a boat. In that case, it is no problem at all. Maritime tradition has always recognized the right of sailors to have weapons on board and to be able to defend their boat.

john smith says:

You talking a lot of bullshit Frank and you know you are. If a person is looking to escape the last thing he wants to do is make it known on the Internet. Your not trying to help these people and many of these people are probably wanted for serious crimes. To me you sound like a cheap con man or a bounty hunter.

Subversive Uncle Frank says:

Did you have a question John?

You'll need some local help for paranoia. I can't help you with that over the Internet.

If you (or any reader) is a murderer, rapist, seriously injured someone or is even guilty of grand theft, then seriously... I actually really don't want to help you. I hope everyone understands that the 1st paragraph was a joke.

I'm here to help women escaping an abusive spouse, those who are being prevented from getting a passport because they are back on taxes or child support (real or imagined by the governemnt), and people who are just tired of it and want to get out.

95% of the "crimes" people are harrassed for in the U.S. aren't crimes out here... and aren't crimes to me. I have a lot of fugative friends out here with stories like that. You can read their stories in that post (or slightly changed versions of their stories to protect them).

If you are truly scared and don't want to post here... then don't. That is the purpose of this post. It tells you how to get out safely even if you have no money. You don't have to post here to read it. It contains all of the information you need to find your kindred spirits and get out on your own and restart your life without ever ever posting here or taking any risks.

I can't guarantee your anonymity if you post here. I host this site on the Internet with an ISP. They can turn over your IP information and anything you enter. If you've been watching the news and analyzing recent raids, you know that the feds don't even need to call my ISP to get that information. You are right. They are watching. That's not paranoia.

So if you are really scared whether it's from an abusive spouse or you think the government is trying to hunt you down and kill you because you know too much... don't post here. Don't buy anything from me. Don't even lurk here. Read this post and get out. Visit 1,000 other random sites to make your visit here not look important. If you need to visit again for a refresher, do it from an Internet cafe or a library computer and do it quick and get out.

In all liklihood, most of your fears probably are paranoia. You will find that will clear up after you have been out of the country eating better food and away from the constant stress of fear in the U.S.

But paranoia doesn't mean they aren't also out to get you. Be careful. If you are in one of those situations, then don't post here like you just did, don't buy anything from me and don't even hang out here any longer than you have to in order to get the information you need.

In either case, I hope you get better. If it is delusional paranoid schitzophrenia... trust me... it will improve once you get out. I was never really prone to paranoia, but I know enough ex-pats have confided in me that they suffered from paranoia and constant fear before they left. It could be a factor in your current feelings.

If it is a legitimate danger, then I pray that you are kept safe and make it out.

If you really feel that i'm pointing you the wrong way out, then take another way. There are many. The one I point out is just the most common that is used.

I am certain there are ways in the middle of the country away from the coasts. How am I certain of that? Because Mexicans are crossing INTO the U.S. every day so there must be ways. But drug gangs and hot deserts guard that path. I advise against it for that reason, not because I'm really a bounty hunter who hangs out on the San Diego beach. Because I'm not... and surely you can think it through and see that the scenario you are proposing really wouldn't work very well for a bounty hunter; can't you?

Good luck to you! You won't be the first John Smith to make it out. It's actually a very popular name out here for reasons you can probably guess.

Dave says:

Is it possible to ship a truck from Panama to Columbia without using the usual shippers? It's such a short distance, a landing craft would make more sense than a ship. I don't mind going through customs, but $2-3000 one way, for shipping and airline ticket really eats into the gas fund.I would just take the bus, but I want to bring a gold dredge and a few other things. Thanks for help.

Subversive Uncle Frank says:

Yes. I suppose you could use unusual shippers. Of course, they will cost more... not less. The usual shippers are the usual shippers because they are the cheapest and best at getting that job done. If someone else was cheaper or better, then they would become the usual shippers; right?

Going without a vehicle makes passage from Panama to Columbia free and easy. You just sign on to help out on a boat. The listings are in all of the hostels and many of the restaurants. If you sign on to a pleasure boat, your duty often ends up being watch duty or cooking. It's not very hard and it's a fun way to go to Columbia.

Read the gold article in the private posts. You won't want to attempt to bring a dredge. Standard equipment is usually confiscated in customs. It's not legal for you to dredge in most countries without a license. Licenses are for the huge companies, not hobbiests. Read the article to see how it is done instead. There is an INCREDIBLE amount down there! Many, many ex-pats make their living that way. But you don't bring a dredge. That's not the way it's done. Read the article.


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Citizens in Iran will show up on the streets protesting for freedom in great numbers. Why won't Americans do the same thing to preserve theirs? Very few Americans seem to not care, no matter what the US Government does.

Protest in Iran:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time of War Crimes

Image [found here]

Media Mutes General's Afghan Admission

By Rory OConnor (about the author) Permalink

"We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat," says top American commander.

President Obama's sneak visit to Afghanistan this weekend, although shrouded in secrecy, still received lots of prime press coverage.

At the same time, an astonishing open admission of possible US war crimes by Obama's man on the ground in Kabul, senior American and NATO commander in Afghanistan General Stanley A. McChrystal, was reported by Richard A. Oppel Jr. in the New York Times" and then promptly ignored by the rest of the mainstream media.

"We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat," McChrystal said during a recent video-conference to answer questions from troops in the field about civilian casualties.

According to the military's own figures, American and NATO troops firing from passing convoys and military checkpoints have killed 30 Afghans and wounded 80 others since last summer, but as McChrystal noted, none of the victims proved to be a danger to the troops.

Despite new rules put in place by McChrystal, aimed at reducing the killing of innocents, such shootings have not dropped off. Although fewer in number than deaths from air strikes or Special Forces operations, their continuance, as the Times noted, "has led to growing resentment among Afghans fearful of Western troops and angry at what they see as the impunity with which the troops operate -- a friction that has turned villages firmly against the occupation."

These persistent "escalation of force" episodes have "emerged as a major frustration for military commanders who believe that civilian casualties deeply undermine the American and NATO campaign in Afghanistan."

A case in point: the murder of Mohammed Yonus, a 36-year-old imam killed two months ago while commuting to a madrasa where he taught 150 students. As Oppel noted, "a military convoy raked his car with bullets, ripping open his chest as his two sons sat in the car. The shooting inflamed residents and turned his neighborhood against the occupation, elders there say."

Although General McChrystal has reduced the number of civilians killed overall -- deaths from aerial attacks, for example, fell by more than a third last year -- shootings from convoys and checkpoints involving American, NATO and Afghan forces continue to plague the coalition. Shooting deaths caused by convoys guarded by private security contractors not part of the calculation -- make the total number of "escalation of force deaths" far higher than just those decried by McChrystal.

As noted by blogger Allison Kilkenny one media observer who wrote about McChystal's statement -- what the general admitted to may be a war crime:

"Military brass and the warmongering elite usually skirt war crimes accusations by saying the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations aren't conventional warfare. That is to say, the US is not at war with an official army, so anyone picked up on the battlefield (which is the entire world in the War on Terror) isn't a POW. They're an enemy combatant who does not have access to the protections afforded to enemy soldiers under the Geneva Convention.

This is a tricky way to circumvent accountability, but even this clever interpretation of international law can't cover the stink of McChrystal's admission. The US is occupying Afghanistan, and while there, they are killing innocent civilians, says the highest ranking military official in the country."

So, to recap: the President of the United States visits Afghanistan to deliver personally "pointed criticism to President Hamid Karzai in a face-to-face meeting," after flying in "for an unannounced visit that reflected growing vexation with Mr. Karzai as America's military commitment to defeat the Taliban insurgency has deepened."

The president's visit comes only days after his highest ranking military official confirms in the "Paper of Record" that his military forces have killed dozens of people, none of whom posed a threat and other media doesn't see fit even to mention that fact?

Filmmaker and journalist Rory O'Connor writes the 'Media Is A Plural' blog, accessible at

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plu·toc·ra·cy (pl-tkr-s)
n. pl. plu·toc·ra·cies
1. Government by the wealthy.
2. A wealthy class that controls a government.
3. A government or state in which the wealthy rule.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Someone who knows enough to explain it to the rest of us?

Image [found here]

Text with below video:
What is the largest sector of the US Economy? it has to be the "Racketeering Sector!" We see regulations PLAYING INTO widespread racketeering in the delivery of healthcare and insurance. We see regulations WORKING AROUND legalized loopholes in the provisioning of endless (and useless) financial products. As long as racketeering remains pervasive we will draw down on our future prospects in terms of freedom as well as wealth. We need to design our society-culture-systems so they are free from the forces of racketeering.

The Racketeering Sector

John Stossel talks in plain English about the crisis were in. Should future generations pay for current greed? Should America "monetize" the national debt, meaning, "keep printing dollars until they are worth pennies", to avoid paying the piper? Video:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blacklisted in the USA

It's hard to imagine, just talking with certain groups of people, breaking no laws, going to a political party meeting, exercising US Constitutional rights, and getting years in prison, unable to earn a living for life. To understand current blacklisting going on now in the US, you have to understand a little of its history.

Actress Joan Allen Image [found here]

Actress Joan Allen didn't an excellent job in the documentary, "Trumbo". Her reading of a letter really conveys the message.

Kirk Douglas in the movie, "Spartacus" image [found here]

Trumbo Movie Trailer 2008

Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo profiled on IMDb:

"Trumbo" documentary:

2 Dalton Trumbo images [found here]

Actors reading Dalton Trumbo letters and text in documentary, "Trumbo", released 2008:

Joan Allen Dalton Trumbo
Michael Douglas Dalton Trumbo
Paul Giamatti Dalton Trumbo
Danny Glover Dalton Trumbo
Nathan Lane Dalton Trumbo
Liam Neeson Dalton Trumbo
David Strathairn Dalton Trumbo
Donald Sutherland Dalton Trumbo
Kirk Douglas Himself
Walter Bernstein Himself
Victor Navasky Himself
Josh Lucas Dalton Trumbo
Brian Dennehy
Emanuel Azenberg
Peter Hanson
Dustin Hoffman
Lew Irwin
Kate Lardner
Helen Manfull
Jean Rouverol (II)
Christopher Trumbo

* * * *

Kenneth Krayeske, the Green Party Campaign Manager for Connecticut Governor was arrested on sight after being blacklisted, having his name placed on the Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies list. Courts are rigged, so if there is nothing covered in mainstream media, citizens by the scores, are railroaded to prison to be held as political prisoners. This is current America. If you sue for violation of your rights, and a Connecticut judge, or one from a similarly corrupt state, your case will be disposed of with a lame ruling such as "Summary Judgment for Defendant", meaning a connected judge will prevent you from suing his cronies for wrongdoing.

The Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies List, one example:

click image to make image larger

Ken Krayeske was the Green Party Campaign Manager for Connecticut Governor, rival for Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell's seat. Ken was placed on the "arrest on sight" list and arrested for standing on a public sidewalk taking digital pictures as a journalist. If this isn't a major Police State foul, I don't know what one is.

More information:

* * * *

Is Alex Jones being paranoid thinking CNN might set him up to look like he's causing acts of violence to protest the current goings on in the US Government? Video and post:

* * * *
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Video to go with this post:

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

"DCF killed my son"

Is this DCF worker behavior?

Connecticut Department of Children and Families is famous for knowingly taking false statements to illegally official kidnap kids so Connecticut collects as many federal tax dollars as is possible. They're defrauding you of hard earned tax dollars to ruin families and harm children. Should taxpayers be out to harm America, one family at a time?

A comment by a distraught parent was left in an older post on DCF talking about false allegations and police shooting his son, blaming them [click here] scroll down in post

[click here] for entire post including the below:

Chris Kennedy on Fatherlessness

Christopher Kennedy being interviewed by Channel 3, CBS News, Hartford Connecticut, 12-8-2008, at the Fatherhood Task Force meeting with Bill Cosby as a guest speaker:

[click here] for more images and video from that meeting.

[more of the fatherlessness and abuse of families theme, click here]

click below title for post:

Connecticut NAACP seeks probe of racist e-mails, bias in State Police Dept

Publishing Addresses and Death Threats

Narration for post:

Palin & Fed Hate Baiting

Sarah Palin look alike [found here]

Young Sarah Palin beauty contestant photo [found here]

Hal Turner "Mr. Hate". Steven G. Erickson video about Mr. Turner [found here on title FBI Sponsored Racist Radio]

Photoshop of Jerry Springer [found here] video to go with the above, "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" theme playing in the background, click:


This bogger's email:


Theme from HBO's "The Sopranos":

Alabama 3 - Woke up This Morning

the original video from "exile in cold harbour lane"

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Click title below for full post of the below from Kenny's Sideshow blog:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Local Little False Flags?

* * * *

"KBR's New America?", Robert Steele speaks in a video series about the CIA, Dick Cheney cross-dressing, "House Negro" Obama, former Connecticut Congressman Rob Simmons, the scam and fraud that is intelligence and Homeland Security, solutions and more.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Police State Domestic Spy King?

The Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies List, one example:

More info:

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell nominated Connecticut State Police Commissioner, John A. Danaher III to be a judge. Is this just a sign of more citizen abuse, court case rigging, and more of a police state? Can Rell and her cronies expect to be immune from prosecution with Danaher in as a judge? Danaher has police, investigation, and Fed connections.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FBI, Police, and Smoking Marijuana

Un-directly related photo [stolen from here]

Nashua NH Police Arresting People at 4:20 Celebration

Text with video:
A group of liberty activists decided to host a 4:20 Celebration in the center of Nashua, NH on Saturday, March 20th, at 4:20pm. The event was well received by the general public.
When the crowd began questioning and pleading with the police to think about what they are doing, police call for backup, resulting in over a dozen cars responding including an attack dog. Police make a hasty exit after discovering many in the crowd are open carrying firearms.
:end src

I am all for legalization but this video is being propagandized as "police attack freedom celebration". Un eventfully I do not consider this to be an attack. The police seemed very very gentle as compared to other police incidents around the globe. They were actually more "mellow" that the pot heads.

The source of the below video is, if you would like to go directly there to view comments posted to video:


Steven G. Erickson video response to the above. It includes pictures of $5000/night prostitute Ashley Dupre, Eliot Spitzer, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Jesus giving the finger, George W. Bush flipping the bird, Bill Clinton with a beard from his youth, and more:

* * * *

This blogger's opinion:
If there are those out there who truly want to make a difference, no drug use at all would be best. The easiest way for you to get you arrested, and to be off to prison, is the use of drugs. Your kids and property can be taken away merely with the accusations in place. My personal opinion is that whatever adults do in the privacy of their own home is their business, as long as they aren't harming others, especially children. There are much bigger issues, We the People should be protesting about than just legalizing pot.

The State makes a lot of money off of "crime". So, farming crime is a business for the state. Cash, assets, and property can be confiscated if there is any links to drugs. The State would be going through serious financial withdrawals without drugs.

When I worked at a 24 hour convenience store in Massachusetts while in college in the beginning of the 1980's, the FBI set up to listen in on all calls going in and out of "the projects" near where I worked. They hadn't gotten a warrant and the purpose was not to bust people, but to recruit informants. Law enforcement had names of who had committed murders, rapes, assaults, break-ins, and other crimes and would often do nothing. The public would then scream to give police more money for their budgets, more power, and less oversight. It was win-win for police by not doing their perceived "Protect and Serve" jobs. Police officers breaking ranks on the Blue Wall of Silence were quickly removed as officers and severely ruined where they didn't dare say "boo", in total fear of more retaliation. At that time Springfield, MA, city officers were being drug tested. Maybe 32, or so, out of 50, initially tested, tested positive for cocaine. In order not to have most police officers removed, the drug tests had to be suspended.

Whether you do drugs, or not, anyone who agrees to meet, and there is to be a group of about 25, or more, assume you have gotten the notice of law enforcement. Maybe all phone calls and emails are monitored. Doing something triggers reviewing those. I agreed to meet 3 other divorced fathers in Connecticut at a law library, and my discussing police misconduct and public corruption was enough for me to be on Connecticut Secret Police Arrest on Sight List. [video]

The protesters in New Hampshire were recording police officers with video cameras. In Massachusetts police officers guilty of brutality, or misconduct, caught on tape will often not be punished, but citizens with cameras face serious charges for videotaping police in public. [story]

My opinion is that the pretend Drug War is just an excuse to do across the board domestic spying and for revenue collection beyond what is legally collected in taxes. [story] and

FBI sponsored "Racist Radio", starring Hal Turner? (Video):

Protected Free Speech?

1950's Tar Baby

Image [found here]

* * * *

The History of PNAC, "Project of a new American Century"

One of the most thought provoking videos that I have even seen, posted right above this text. It is an hour and a half well spent. If you have questions of why things are the way they are, maybe the above video will answer it for you.

* * * *

Pro-Marijuana Video starring Jesse Ventura:

* * * *

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From the Getafilm blog:

300 Words About: Green Zone

March 23, 2010

"Look, man, we had to know this would flop after DiCaprio couldn't even carry Body of Lies. At least we got paid up front, right?"

Green Zone is like Glenn Beck, or Keith Olbermann, or even Jon Stewart. It's incredibly loud, incredibly loose-tongued, and incredibly lacking in moderation or nuance of any kind. Incredibly, Universal Pictures wagered $100+ million that cash-strapped audiences would want to see cable news-styled hysterics within the context of one of the most unpopular film genres of our time: the Iraq War movie (remember that The Hurt Locker is the lowest-grossing Best Picture winner in history).

Granted, Universal did have the "Bourne in Baghdad" angle to lure audiences (how has no one made a mash-up trailer yet?), and Paul Greengrass previously directed United 93, one of the best films of the last decade. But as much as Green Zone had on its side in terms of star power, nothing can make up for an extremely dated and painfully retread screenplay by Brian Helgeland - one that overflows with Big Grand Statements, both said and unsaid by its caricatures.

I figured something was wrong when Universal kept pushing the release date for Green Zone later and later (eventually past the 12/31/09 Oscar eligibility deadline), but wow, I haven't been this disappointed since about 10 minutes ago, when I saw that Brian Helgeland also wrote the upcoming Robin Hood reboot starring Russell Crowe.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hillary Clinton, Untried Felon?

Did Hillary Clinton commit the biggest election fraud ever and not get prosecuted? Should she step down as Secretary of State? Does Hillary Clinton regularly obstruct justice, involve herself in racketeering, committing perjury, making false statements under oath, and creating false documents? Is Hillary Clinton immune from investigations and prosecution, no matter what? If so, why ? Could a "Conspiracy Liability" Law be used to address Clinton's behavior?:

Video 1

Video Part 2

Hillary Clinton and former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer election fraud?:

Steven G. Erickson interviews Elena Sassower, Jan. 2008. The above video was turned over to the FBI in Jan. 2008, requesting that Hillary Clinton's and Eliot Spitzer's finances be looked into for election fraud. What happened to Eliot Spitzer soon after? Why would Hillary Clinton allegedly have her New York Senate constituent, Ms. Sassower arrested to serve 6 months of jail for legally trying to inform her of public corruption and judicial misconduct? Should Ms. Clinton be looked into for rigging federal courts along with George W. Bush? Watch the full interview.

* * * *

The banking scandals involving Hillary Clinton, should have, in my opinion resulted in Hillary Clinton being arrested, hauled away in handcuffs, processed, having her mugshot taken, and prison if convicted. That is if real justice actually existed in the US.

Whitewater Vince Foster Suicide Documents Linking Hillary Clinton 1 11 1996

Text with video:
This is apart of the 9/11 archive from the Core of Corruption creators

The Strange Death of Vincent Foster

Text with video:
What really happened on the day Vince Foster was found dead? Howard Phillips, host of Conservative Roundtable, interviews Attorney John Clark and Patrick Knowlton - a Whitewater Grand Jury witness - on the questionable proceedings related to the death of Vincent Foster. Mr Knowlton was an unknowing witness to events in Fort Marcy Park in Virginia on the day Vince Foster's body was found dead; the same day his office in the Clinton White House was discovered ransacked--and the same day the FBI was supposed to conduct a search of his office for Whitewater evidence. Watch as Mr. Knowlton describes the strange campaign of intimidation against him before he was scheduled to testify. Essentially he was being "urged" to testify that what he "saw" was not what he really saw.

Foster had been the deputy White House counsel & also the personal attorney to Bill and Hillary Clinton during Whitewater.

Partick Knowlton's website:
More info:

A production of The Conservative Caucus; Art Harman creator and showrunner.

The current scandal involving Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd:

* * * *

US Pot Smoking Hypocrisy:

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