Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blacklisted in the USA

It's hard to imagine, just talking with certain groups of people, breaking no laws, going to a political party meeting, exercising US Constitutional rights, and getting years in prison, unable to earn a living for life. To understand current blacklisting going on now in the US, you have to understand a little of its history.

Actress Joan Allen Image [found here]

Actress Joan Allen didn't an excellent job in the documentary, "Trumbo". Her reading of a letter really conveys the message.

Kirk Douglas in the movie, "Spartacus" image [found here]

Trumbo Movie Trailer 2008

Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo profiled on IMDb:

"Trumbo" documentary:

2 Dalton Trumbo images [found here]

Actors reading Dalton Trumbo letters and text in documentary, "Trumbo", released 2008:

Joan Allen Dalton Trumbo
Michael Douglas Dalton Trumbo
Paul Giamatti Dalton Trumbo
Danny Glover Dalton Trumbo
Nathan Lane Dalton Trumbo
Liam Neeson Dalton Trumbo
David Strathairn Dalton Trumbo
Donald Sutherland Dalton Trumbo
Kirk Douglas Himself
Walter Bernstein Himself
Victor Navasky Himself
Josh Lucas Dalton Trumbo
Brian Dennehy
Emanuel Azenberg
Peter Hanson
Dustin Hoffman
Lew Irwin
Kate Lardner
Helen Manfull
Jean Rouverol (II)
Christopher Trumbo

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Kenneth Krayeske, the Green Party Campaign Manager for Connecticut Governor was arrested on sight after being blacklisted, having his name placed on the Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies list. Courts are rigged, so if there is nothing covered in mainstream media, citizens by the scores, are railroaded to prison to be held as political prisoners. This is current America. If you sue for violation of your rights, and a Connecticut judge, or one from a similarly corrupt state, your case will be disposed of with a lame ruling such as "Summary Judgment for Defendant", meaning a connected judge will prevent you from suing his cronies for wrongdoing.

The Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies List, one example:

click image to make image larger

Ken Krayeske was the Green Party Campaign Manager for Connecticut Governor, rival for Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell's seat. Ken was placed on the "arrest on sight" list and arrested for standing on a public sidewalk taking digital pictures as a journalist. If this isn't a major Police State foul, I don't know what one is.

More information:

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Is Alex Jones being paranoid thinking CNN might set him up to look like he's causing acts of violence to protest the current goings on in the US Government? Video and post:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

1979 I read 'Johnny got his gun'
The biggest reason I can come up with for not being fooled again.
The Zios have seemingly limitless capacity for sucking the oxygen out of a room. Impossible to relax in their presence. Even Jesus would be reaching for an AK47.
Treason inc.

Sunday, March 28, 2010 2:12:00 AM  

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