Saturday, March 27, 2010

"DCF killed my son"

Is this DCF worker behavior?

Connecticut Department of Children and Families is famous for knowingly taking false statements to illegally official kidnap kids so Connecticut collects as many federal tax dollars as is possible. They're defrauding you of hard earned tax dollars to ruin families and harm children. Should taxpayers be out to harm America, one family at a time?

A comment by a distraught parent was left in an older post on DCF talking about false allegations and police shooting his son, blaming them [click here] scroll down in post

[click here] for entire post including the below:

Chris Kennedy on Fatherlessness

Christopher Kennedy being interviewed by Channel 3, CBS News, Hartford Connecticut, 12-8-2008, at the Fatherhood Task Force meeting with Bill Cosby as a guest speaker:

[click here] for more images and video from that meeting.

[more of the fatherlessness and abuse of families theme, click here]

click below title for post:

Connecticut NAACP seeks probe of racist e-mails, bias in State Police Dept


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