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FBI, Police, and Smoking Marijuana

Un-directly related photo [stolen from here]

Nashua NH Police Arresting People at 4:20 Celebration

Text with video:
A group of liberty activists decided to host a 4:20 Celebration in the center of Nashua, NH on Saturday, March 20th, at 4:20pm. The event was well received by the general public.
When the crowd began questioning and pleading with the police to think about what they are doing, police call for backup, resulting in over a dozen cars responding including an attack dog. Police make a hasty exit after discovering many in the crowd are open carrying firearms.
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I am all for legalization but this video is being propagandized as "police attack freedom celebration". Un eventfully I do not consider this to be an attack. The police seemed very very gentle as compared to other police incidents around the globe. They were actually more "mellow" that the pot heads.

The source of the below video is, if you would like to go directly there to view comments posted to video:


Steven G. Erickson video response to the above. It includes pictures of $5000/night prostitute Ashley Dupre, Eliot Spitzer, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Jesus giving the finger, George W. Bush flipping the bird, Bill Clinton with a beard from his youth, and more:

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This blogger's opinion:
If there are those out there who truly want to make a difference, no drug use at all would be best. The easiest way for you to get you arrested, and to be off to prison, is the use of drugs. Your kids and property can be taken away merely with the accusations in place. My personal opinion is that whatever adults do in the privacy of their own home is their business, as long as they aren't harming others, especially children. There are much bigger issues, We the People should be protesting about than just legalizing pot.

The State makes a lot of money off of "crime". So, farming crime is a business for the state. Cash, assets, and property can be confiscated if there is any links to drugs. The State would be going through serious financial withdrawals without drugs.

When I worked at a 24 hour convenience store in Massachusetts while in college in the beginning of the 1980's, the FBI set up to listen in on all calls going in and out of "the projects" near where I worked. They hadn't gotten a warrant and the purpose was not to bust people, but to recruit informants. Law enforcement had names of who had committed murders, rapes, assaults, break-ins, and other crimes and would often do nothing. The public would then scream to give police more money for their budgets, more power, and less oversight. It was win-win for police by not doing their perceived "Protect and Serve" jobs. Police officers breaking ranks on the Blue Wall of Silence were quickly removed as officers and severely ruined where they didn't dare say "boo", in total fear of more retaliation. At that time Springfield, MA, city officers were being drug tested. Maybe 32, or so, out of 50, initially tested, tested positive for cocaine. In order not to have most police officers removed, the drug tests had to be suspended.

Whether you do drugs, or not, anyone who agrees to meet, and there is to be a group of about 25, or more, assume you have gotten the notice of law enforcement. Maybe all phone calls and emails are monitored. Doing something triggers reviewing those. I agreed to meet 3 other divorced fathers in Connecticut at a law library, and my discussing police misconduct and public corruption was enough for me to be on Connecticut Secret Police Arrest on Sight List. [video]

The protesters in New Hampshire were recording police officers with video cameras. In Massachusetts police officers guilty of brutality, or misconduct, caught on tape will often not be punished, but citizens with cameras face serious charges for videotaping police in public. [story]

My opinion is that the pretend Drug War is just an excuse to do across the board domestic spying and for revenue collection beyond what is legally collected in taxes. [story] and

FBI sponsored "Racist Radio", starring Hal Turner? (Video):

Protected Free Speech?

1950's Tar Baby

Image [found here]

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The History of PNAC, "Project of a new American Century"

One of the most thought provoking videos that I have even seen, posted right above this text. It is an hour and a half well spent. If you have questions of why things are the way they are, maybe the above video will answer it for you.

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Pro-Marijuana Video starring Jesse Ventura:

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