Monday, March 22, 2010

FBI Sponsored Racist Radio

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The Hal Turner subject can just burn your brain. The biggest burner could be that taxpayers paid for Hal Turner to go way beyond bounds with his racist rants on radio and on the Internet in the New York City/New Jersey areas. Any citizen not being paid and handled by the FBI, wouldn't dare say such things.

I posted a video on last night in the early AM. When I get comments on similar videos, they are fast and furious initially, and then just drop off. Others have videos on why, I posted more on that subject here:
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Turner seems to have broken ranks with his handlers. His website was allegedly hacked where hackers exposed Hal Turner as a FBI provocateur insighting violence, paid with tax dollars. If you want to know where $100,000 plus of tax dollars went, with lots more going to try and prosecute Turner for a possible 3rd time for the same offense, click:

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It is hard to imagine in a supposed civilized society, that tax dollars would be used to pay a provocateur with a radio show to spew racist hatred, inspiring others to commit acts of violence. Hal Turner said judges should be killed on the air. He was arrested and is facing a trial for a 3rd time for the same offense. The whole scene is a total zoo.

I can’t stand to listen to Hal Turner. The guy is an admitted paid FBI informant and provocateur. I have included Hal Turner from his radio show after my narration. Be warned, it is very racist, unpleasant, and you might not be able to get through it all. I suggest you check out the link to this case provided with this video. If you truly want to know the depths of sleaze the US Government, courts, FBI, and police have sunk to, check it out.

This very case is a shining example of what Americans are facing to have to clean up. Americans need to clean their own toilet bowl of their own government, law enforcement, courts, and intelligence before any thoughts of interfering in other countries business should even be contemplated.

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These same people pretend to care about us. I think the whole health care scam is about having a back door way to a national ID card. If you can be fined for not having health insurance, they can stop anyone and say, "Papers please."

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The Scumbag Trail is obvious in this old tape of George H. W. Bush debating Dukakis in a Presidential debate.

Dukakis-Bush on Noriega

Noriega, former Dictator of Panama, was supposed to be released from a US prison in 2007. An appeal to the US Supreme Court failed.

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US "No-Release" Political Prisoners?


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