Saturday, March 06, 2010

Federal Take Over of Internet?

Photo of former Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, Director J. Edgar Hoover [stolen from here]

Big Brother's Watching: Is cyber threat overhyped by US government?

Text with video:
The U.S. government wants to pry deeper into people's internet activities - even down to reading their email before they do. The ''Einstein Cyber Shield' is aimed at defending government systems from hackers. But it's upsetting many who say it's a massive infringement of civil liberties.

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Can Judges in the US blatantly commit perjury to cover up citizen abuse, breaking laws, retaliation, and using the US Constitution as toilet paper? Vernon Rockville Connecticut Superior Court Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan re-appointment transcripts with videos at bottom of post
[found here]

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Great stuff, feel free to use content from anything I write!

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Mr. Mathewson,
are you saying I posted some of your writing, or you would like me to look at your writing. Please clarify. Please email me.

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