Monday, March 22, 2010

Hillary Clinton, Untried Felon?

Did Hillary Clinton commit the biggest election fraud ever and not get prosecuted? Should she step down as Secretary of State? Does Hillary Clinton regularly obstruct justice, involve herself in racketeering, committing perjury, making false statements under oath, and creating false documents? Is Hillary Clinton immune from investigations and prosecution, no matter what? If so, why ? Could a "Conspiracy Liability" Law be used to address Clinton's behavior?:

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Hillary Clinton and former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer election fraud?:

Steven G. Erickson interviews Elena Sassower, Jan. 2008. The above video was turned over to the FBI in Jan. 2008, requesting that Hillary Clinton's and Eliot Spitzer's finances be looked into for election fraud. What happened to Eliot Spitzer soon after? Why would Hillary Clinton allegedly have her New York Senate constituent, Ms. Sassower arrested to serve 6 months of jail for legally trying to inform her of public corruption and judicial misconduct? Should Ms. Clinton be looked into for rigging federal courts along with George W. Bush? Watch the full interview.

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The banking scandals involving Hillary Clinton, should have, in my opinion resulted in Hillary Clinton being arrested, hauled away in handcuffs, processed, having her mugshot taken, and prison if convicted. That is if real justice actually existed in the US.

Whitewater Vince Foster Suicide Documents Linking Hillary Clinton 1 11 1996

Text with video:
This is apart of the 9/11 archive from the Core of Corruption creators

The Strange Death of Vincent Foster

Text with video:
What really happened on the day Vince Foster was found dead? Howard Phillips, host of Conservative Roundtable, interviews Attorney John Clark and Patrick Knowlton - a Whitewater Grand Jury witness - on the questionable proceedings related to the death of Vincent Foster. Mr Knowlton was an unknowing witness to events in Fort Marcy Park in Virginia on the day Vince Foster's body was found dead; the same day his office in the Clinton White House was discovered ransacked--and the same day the FBI was supposed to conduct a search of his office for Whitewater evidence. Watch as Mr. Knowlton describes the strange campaign of intimidation against him before he was scheduled to testify. Essentially he was being "urged" to testify that what he "saw" was not what he really saw.

Foster had been the deputy White House counsel & also the personal attorney to Bill and Hillary Clinton during Whitewater.

Partick Knowlton's website:
More info:

A production of The Conservative Caucus; Art Harman creator and showrunner.

The current scandal involving Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd:

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US Pot Smoking Hypocrisy:

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