Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Complaint to the USDOJ

"Dying for Liars"
Are US Troops who are told they are upholding the US Constitution, fighting for Freedom, and making the world a better place, being lied to? Are they lying down their lives and suffering horrifically for lying liars who think nothing of stepping over their corpses?

Click below link for video and link to text of Steven G. Erickson's complaint. Text mailed to the United States Department of Justice, Washington DC. Sent out March 11, 2010:

Should Enfield, Connecticut, US Senator John A. Kissel be arrested and prosecuted for seeing a constituent going to prison just for asking that Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan be removed, exposing Connecticut State Police misconduct? Kissel sent a letter to me in prison. I asked him what he was going to do about me being railroaded to prison for free speech and for redressing grievances to me. His response to me in a letter mailed to me in a Connecticut prison was, "Life is unfair".

Should Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd be arrested and jailed for selling you out and living like a king at the country's expense?

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Should judges be the guardian against free speech? Should Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan profit from abuse and the enjoyment of harming fathers and their families?:

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Do the FBI and Police use tax dollars to hire provocateurs to infiltrate protest groups to discredit and splinter them to be ineffectual? Do police and FBI hire "informants" to beat up, set up, and/or kill "Big Mouth" or target citizens? The answers:


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