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Nutcase spokesperson for conspiracy theories?

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Citizens who aren't dittoheads, waving the flag, and reciting the party line, can be called crazy, conspiracy theorists wearing tinfoil hats. Those who don't look like movie stars, sound like radio announcers, and who are all about popular culture aren't taken seriously when they speak, for the most part.

This blogger doesn't believe in the Mason conspiracy, the [list of the Bilderberg participants], etc.

I believe those who are doing the most harm are loosely affiliated. It is in their best selfish interests to cover up their crimes and make money. They follow the path of least resistance.

The guy in the video below could have a legitimate argument and could be exposing a major issue. But his hair is long, he talks about playing chess, and might assume the grid will eventually go down to prevent the truth getting out to the masses. Should citizens only consider listening to those who are polished and plastic?

There are some real nuts out there. Some are legitimately crazy and the public should be protected from some of them. Can we make that assumption based on someone's speech pattern and first impression of how they are dressed, look, and present themselves?

Real "conspiracy" with PIMCO, Bill Gross

text with video:
PIMCO has over 1 trillion dollars in assets, and more than 8 million Americans have their pensions/retirements in PIMCO. PIMCO is heavily invested in Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, too-big-to-fails... politicians, FBI, CIA, teachers, unions rely on funds like PIMCO for their retirement... do ya think the bailouts will continue?

Bill Gross is more powerful than your senator and congressman. Do you think he will defend his fund, with 8+ million Americans backing him?

Politically, hyperinflation is the only way out of the situation... stack that silver mate!

Gold and silver are enemies of PIMCO's paper portfolio... there are more of them in terms of people and dollars than bullion holders. Do you think that would create pressure to keep gold/silver down?

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Is this guy a nut?:

Political News & Views 2004



posted at
Feb. 14, 2004

WASHINGTON, DC - John Buchanan, the Miami Beach journalist who ran as "the truth candidate" against President George W. Bush in the January 27 New Hampshire GOP primary, has issued a formal demand for a Congressional inquiry into his February 4 detention by the U.S. Secret Service at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

The incident is now being investigated by Republican staffers of the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary, with whom Buchanan met February

Buchanan, 53, charges in a detailed written presentation to the Judiciary Committee that his two hours of questioning at the airport, as he was en route to speak at The National Press Club last Wednesday evening, were the culmination of a still-unexplained series of false police reports filed against Buchanan between October 19, 2003 and last week as part of what Buchanan claims is "an ongoing program of harassment and political dirty tricks."

Buchanan's deputy campaign manager, Mimi Adams of Albuquerque, NM, agrees that the long-shot candidate is under attack. "His campaign has been sabotaged in every way imaginable, including an inappropriately aggressive interrogation by the Secret Service and a veiled threat to 'go back to Miami' and keep his mouth shut," says Adams, who worked on both Texas gubernatorial campaigns of Ann Richards. "The Bush administration is in for a shock, because John Buchanan won't quit until justice is done. He feels, and I agree, that everything this country has ever stood for is at stake right now."

Last September, Buchanan became the first journalist in U.S. history to see newly declassified government documents, at the U.S. National Archives and Library of Congress, that prove the 27-year history of Nazi collaboration by Prescott Bush, the grandfather of George W. Bush, and George Herbert Walker, his maternal great grandfather. In October and November, Buchanan published a series of articles in The New Hampshire Gazette, founded in 1756 and the oldest newspaper in America. Those
articles can be read online at

In mid-October, Associated Press (AP) ran a story worldwide that credited Buchanan with his scoop.

On October 19, Miami Beach Police knocked on the reporter's apartment door and questioned him based on a tip he was plotting to kill the President. The next day, Miami Beach detectives appeared at Buchanan's door, this time on a complaint from The Miami Herald that Buchanan might be a "terror suspect" plotting to blow up the Knight-Ridder newspaper's headquarters. Despite a phone complaint by Buchanan to the Washington and Miami offices of the FBI, no action has been taken to look into his allegations.

Miami Beach Police have apparently made no attempt to investigate the sources of the false police complaints, nor has Mayor David Dermer offered any help, according to Buchanan. "He has known me and my work for six years," says Buchanan. "Ever since this drama began when I found the Bush-Nazi documents, Mayor Dermer has been inexplicably silent. He has shown no courage, and is therefore, in my opinion, unfit for office." Buchanan is now calling for Mayor Dermer's resignation or removal from office by the Florida Attorney General.

While Buchanan campaigned for President in New Hampshire last month, the state chair of the New Hampshire GOP, Jayne Millerick, filed a false police report against him for "harassment" - after eyewitnesses including a Buffalo, NY newspaper reporter, a van driver, and two members of Buchanan's campaign team saw her instruct two "thugs" to force him from her Concord office. In turn, Buchanan alleges, Concord Police and the FBI refused to investigate.

But then Buchanan found a powerful ally - former Berlin, NH mayor Richard Bosa, a wealthy international businessman who beat Buchanan by three votes to end in a dead heat for second place in a 14-member Republican field.

"The Bush administration, Karl Rove, the Republican National Committee and the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, led by Jayne Millerick, have obstructed the entire electoral process and broken the law by filing false police reports against Mr. Buchanan and others," says Bosa. "Now they are using the U.S. Secret Service and Baltimore-Washington Airport Police to try to intimidate Mr. Buchanan into silence. It will not work. He is more determined than ever to expose the truth about this administration to the American people and the world."

Bosa says he intends to back Buchanan's demand for a full Congressional inquiry and U.S. Department of Justice investigation of recent events. Bosa has already been interviewed by House Judiciary Committee investigator Thad Bingel, who has also interviewed other key sources, such as Buchanan's Deputy Campaign Manager Mimi Adams in New Mexico.

Buchanan spent several hours on Thursday, February 5, with Congressional investigator Bingel and Rob Foster, a senior Republican counsel to the House Judiciary Committee.

Bingel has already begun interviewing key witnesses.

"I feel that I'm in good hands," Buchanan says. "I have finally found honorable Republican public servants who will help ensure that justice is done in the name of the American people, in full public view."

Buchanan says he will make a formal presentation to the judiciary committee by Wednesday. After that, he intends to return to Capitol Hill, along with other key witnesses, before formal hearings are held later this spring.

"My country has been subverted by a gang of criminals who can have me taken off an airplane as a possible assassin," says Buchanan. "History will record that the President was, in fact, assassinated by me, in the name of all honorable Americans - but with truth and the facts, not bullets or violence."

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If someone is trying to make a single point, should they expand their argument to include every conspiracy theory on the planet? I think to not use labels and assume the viewer will agree with a theory because the video tells him, or her, to would get much more traction. Are a few valid points masked, and lost, by all the labeling and links that go with the below video?

Bushes helped Hitler

Text with video:
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