Saturday, March 20, 2010

Whacked out on the Internets?

The above photoshopped pic of Nancy Pelosi [found here].

If I find myself a little board, I admit, I have image searched some bizarre combinations of words. One such search allowed me to find a photoshopped picture of US President Barack Obama spanking Sarah Palin. So, I did a search on "Obama Nancy Pelosi sex" and nothing came up of interest to me. I tried just "Pelosi sex". Most images, I was afraid of opening to not burn horror on my brain. One image I did open was a heroin addicted street prostitute looking photoshop version of Pelosi. I then found the image above. The subject of this post is, "random, wandering thoughts", no real point.

I haven't been big on religion since a nun, who was bathing challenged, would set me on her lap during my first year of religion classes. The thought of having to deal with her wafting smell coming up from her black nun's outfit prevented me from allowing myself to go a second year. Enough on that, the point I will eventually make is I happened to view the below video from the link above, and it was religious music that I could see opening up for a major band doing a Jim Morrison and the Doors tune for a video.

Nick Cave - John the Revelator (Oct. 2006)

I got off on a tangent after stopping by the Kenny's Sideshow blog:

Even if Israel and the George W. Bush administration had something to do with the planning, or allowing, 9-11 to happen, most Americans wouldn't believe it possible no matter what the evidence. But, for the sake of argument, hypothetically, let's just say they did, to make a point. The core of America, mostly those listening to country music who would feel at home at a Tea Party would want Israel bombed into the stone age if there was overwhelming, irrefutable proof.

Anyone who had a relative or friend, loved one, or relative who has died at the Trade Centers in New York City, September 11, 2001, would be calling for heads. Any parent who lost a soldier in the fighting in the Afghanistan or Iraq Wars would also want heads to roll. and some major assholes polishing prison benches with their asses.

Average people, most of us have a sense of morality, and want to work for the common good of men, women, and families. If you can divorce yourself monetarily from having a conscience, and if you were just about wealth, keeping dirty secrets, and doing anything imaginable to get more money, keep from being found out, and getting more power, you can understand monsters who spend every waking moment plotting and acting out evil.

My focus, or moments of perseverating today has been on Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd. For me, I believe he is one of the main architects of the banking scandal, with the resulting worldwide Depression. Dodd, who long ago sold his soul, is comfortable taking millions in freebies and bribes, and is going to try and "do" us all one more time. Dodd isn't under arrest, isn't facing prison, and is still the ranking member on the Banking Committee in the US Senate. Just that one little "tidbit', tells me that if stuff like that isn't addressed, no issues in America are. Everything is, and always has been a farce, a show, and we little people have eat crow and like it. Defying evil does not make you evil ...

Why The Proposed Financial Reform Sucks

US Senator Chris Dodd is a scumbag and a bankster enabler:


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