Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blatantly Racist Blog?

The below, mostly inappropriate, and inflammatory pics, found:

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This blogger has never knowingly been a target of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or the bogus weapons of mass destruction pointed at the US out of Iraq. My property, my freedom, my family unity, and everything I hold dear and owned, are and were, a target of the US out of control regime. This blogger has never worried about a dirty uranium nuclear bomb being deployed in the US. This blogger does worry that another false flag plot could be hatched in the future. This blogger believes Obama is a mere puppet with no real power. What, and how, I feel can be summed up in the next couple posts here on this blog. This blogger is considering being "Free" and "American" at the same time outside the US.

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“Dying for Liars” – My Anti-War

(3 min 32 sec) Music with text message. More info: “Collateral Murder” has really stirred a controversy. Many people are now questioning what America is doing in two wars of occupation. Why are trillions being spent and why is so much not accounted for? If Americans are paying more than half of their taxes for wars, the military, and killing, should they be?

Should US Troops fight for lying, liars, out to rip off and kill all they can?

If the US had a viable justice and investigation system would the US have been lied into two wars of occupation?

Naomi Wolf interviewed by Rob Kall:

Paul Craig Roberts interviewed by Rob Kall:

Steven G. Erickson pictures and beginning of saga:

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