Thursday, April 22, 2010

Father of 5, Cat Killer

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Gregory W. Lesco, an allegedly married man, father of five children, faces prison, according to a Hartford Courant piece [found here]. Scroll down in post

There are trillions of tax dollars unaccounted for. Contractors for the US Government are charging us $25/meal for soldiers, $500 per week for washers and dryers, and billions in no-bid contracts for what is the fiasco of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars of occupation. Millions of non-whites have been killed in such US wars. Rape, murder, theft, torture, illegal detention, and war crimes are the daily ritual. So, what is a major news story in a State, such as Connecticut?

In this climate should the rarity, an intact family, be a target over a dead cat. Mr. Lesco tried to dislodge a pet bird from the family cat's mouth. The cat was then injured. Mr. Lesco allegedly humanely took the cat's life in the shed, telling his children the cat had run away. Who in their right mind would find it compelling to "inform" authorities about this "crime"? I'm an not saying what Mr. Lesco did was honorable, but I do think it is "understandable". Mr. Lesco is not a danger to his family, or to the public. The processing in court, the embarrassment, financial ruin, and pending break-up of the family is far more worse punishment than would be equitable for the alleged "crime".

Big Brother, truly has many helpers.

In Connecticut the judiciary is at least double the size it is supposed to be. It has illegally enriched its members, and "preferred" contractors. There are so many state workers hired at 6 figure incomes, who know someone, or who are completely unqualified, whose job it is, to take away children, process, abuse, fine, and confine people. There is shrinking manufacturing and businesses producing products in the US, so government work abusing the populace is a growth industry. If the dollar does fall in the US, the number one culprit would be the kangaroo courts and the thuggery that passes for policing.

There are no checks and balances. There is no real representation for our taxation.

Silence, and inaction, signifies acceptance.

-Steven G. Erickson

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When the head of police is notified of police misconduct, brutality, racketeering, and obstruction of justice, with police officers being the perps, what is done? When top investigators are notified of rigged courts, what is done. The answer is nothing.

The State of Connecticut is the best example of what is wrong with the entire country.

Former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle

Currently, in Connecticut, and in other states, teens sexting each other, can face prison, and having to register as felon sex offenders for live. [more]

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Hartford Courant photo of Greg Lesco:

Video leading others to this post:

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Police Conspiracy to Kidnap Kids?

40 Billion US Dollars transferred from parents to others, lawyers, and to the states is controlled by corrupt judges according to Nancy Schaefer. She went to testify about the abuse of children and families, going to a special hearing in the Netherlands.

Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer, former Republican Candidate for LT Governor, pillar in the Baptist Church. [more]

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Illinois “Pre-Crime” Prosecution?

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Framing citizens, perjury of FBI, police, their informants, and false flag terrorism, videos and more:

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