Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Obama Questionable Timing

Image [found here]

Just about a half hour ago, US President Barack Obama came on live. A number of miners in West Virginia were killed after a methane explosion. The timing of Obama coming on live is suspicious.

Whatever Rod had to say live, was blocked by Obama coming out live on television, for the exact amount of time Rod came out live.

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was trying to sell Obama's vacated Illinois Senate seat to the highest bidder after Obama was elected US President. Blagojevich was being broadcast live on "The Ellen Show" about a half hour ago. If Obama doesn't come out live for every multiple death incident, it is suspicious. Blagojevich, for a man facing multiple felony counts, is really out there in the public. Does Barack Obama have something very major to hide?

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Images of Ellen Degeneres [found here]

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WikiLeaks.org video, "Collateral Murder" about the journalists and children killed in Afghanistan by US Troops shooting from a helicopter, scroll down in this post:
Above link has other WikiLeaks videos shot in Iceland explaining what they are doing, and what they are about.

Above video found here:

Music in above video is from the group, Insurgents, song is "Be My Foe"

Music from a Birdsong Valentine, "The One" in this video:

Text with satirical video:

Join the Plastic Fork Militia

(4 min) Militias in the US are under attack from the US secret government. The FBI is out to infiltrate any group they can. It is more about controlling American voices than anything about safety. I suggest citizens of the world join the non-violent plastic fork militia, a proactive political action party.

More info: http://thesrv.blogspot.com/2010/03/join-plastic-fork-militia.html

Plastic forks don't cost much and can be easily thrown away before boarding an airplane. I don't suggest plastic forks be used for scooping out eyeballs or anything nefarious.

If you pack a plastic fork, it mean you might hike, camp, eat healthy ... and might show up at political events to be heard. More political mileage can be gained by just sitting down to strike, doing and buying nothing, or having a passport and crossing a border, voting with one's feet if it gets that bad. If a government knows this in advance, there is bargaining power.

I don't suggest anyone bomb, kill, or act inappropriately. Let's take back our government, meaning let's get actual representation for our taxation, legally. The quickest way to reform would be to abolish judges and replace them with average people serving on Grand Juries for a defined time. There also needs to be worldwide Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement and any spying or investigative agencies.

Live Free or Die.


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