Saturday, April 03, 2010

Obstruction of Justice 101, Richard M. Nixon

Republican Vice President Spiro T. Agnew (left) and Richard M. Nixon (right).

Agnew was the Governor of Maryland. He would have an overcoat hanging in his office. The coat had large pockets. Those he allowed to visit him were expected to have bundles of cash to put in the coat pockets hanging in this office. Not much changed when he became US Vice President. Agnew didn't pay his fair share of taxes and committed all sorts of felonies and wasn't prosecuted and jailed and so did Nixon. Officials from the US President on down who don't fear arrest, prosecution, and prison, will continue to do as Nixon did, and worse.

Executives at Enron had gambled away huge assets. For executives to continue to pilfer billions, paying themselves millions, stealing from Americans, especially in California, they would cause "rolling blackouts" when there was plenty of power to power up the grid. By shutting off power, rates could be raised as much as charging four times more for power. Most of the organized criminals weren't prosecuted, citizens who loudly complained were after being ripped off. Enron executives paying hugely to George W. Bush's campaign might have meant that Bush's election was fixed for him to become US President. They got the complete scumbag they paid for, as he continued to award the biggest corporate excuses for humans for doing as they pleased. The rich, are richer, the rest of us are paying their bills, maybe for centuries.

Frost Nixon Interview Clip 2 of 6 - The Million Dollars In Cash Issue Frost/Nixon

Text with video:
libentvideo November 11, 2008 -€“ Frost Nixon Interviews -€“ Clip 2 -€“ Sir David Frost asking Nixon about The million dollars in cash issue, Keeping Hunt under control, Buying time, The Hunt problem needs to be handled, Mitchell can provide the money, Nixon gets angry & says "€œLet me stop you right there, you are doing something that I am not doing" "You are reading there, out of context, out of order, because I have read this, I know it better than you do, And I should know it better because I was there."

When discussing the legacy of a failed presidency, nothing could be more relevant, engaging or important than the series of interviews that David Frost conducted with Richard Nixon in 1977. Following a three-year political silence, the series drew the largest ever TV news audience and granted the American people a tacit admission of guilt from the former president.
With the Ron Howard film (adapted from the Tony Award® winning play) opening in theaters on December 5th, there will be unprecedented interest in the real thing. Frost/Nixon

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