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Police Conspiracy to Kidnap Kids?

40 Billion US Dollars transferred from parents to others, lawyers, and to the states is controlled by corrupt judges according to Nancy Schaefer. She went to testify about the abuse of children and families, going to a special hearing in the Netherlands.

Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer, former Republican Candidate for LT Governor, pillar in the Baptist Church. Image [found here]

Nancy was recently a victim of murder. Her husband is said to have been the killer in a murder suicide. Some may think it is a murder-for-hire, paid for by police, or insiders in Georgia Government allegedly involved in officially kidnapping kids for federal tax dollars. Are children being trafficked for White Slavery, sex exploitation, for bogus adoptions, and to give political insiders 6 figure salaries paid for with taxes? Are the police in some states involved in drug dealing, prostitution, racketeering, obstruction of justice, murder, rape, extortion, and other crimes? Are American Courts, a scam?

Nancy was pretty high profile, making serious allegations and ends up dead. Do the math. Points made in the below video are pretty hard hitting. States such as Connecticut, are probably doing the same thing in the same way. Department of Children and Families, DCF, is often a cruel scam breaking up families to enrich lawyers. Judges will barbecue citizens and railroad them to jail just for exposing judicial, police, DCF misconduct and brutality. The State of Connecticut and too many others states are repeat offenders.

Nancy Schaefer exposes the EVIL CPS

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renagade12 April 01, 2010hey guys Vaughn here....... i know instinctively that Nancy Schaefer was murdered...... please send this video ...copy her right and get out her message !!

A speech given by Nancy Schaefer on Child Protection Services The System Can Not be trusted It does not serve The People of USA

Nancy Schaefer Found Dead: Suicide Conspiracy Murder?

Former State Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were found shot dead in their Georgia home. Police reported that the couple was both found at what looks like a murder-suicide.

Schaefer, 73, was a powerful Republican that represented North Georgia district twice in her life. Her husband was struggling against cancer at the time and was nearing his end of days. Authorities think its possible that the couple decided to end their lives together to rid themselves of their daily pains, but the facts aren't adding up.

Authorities say they are investigating the scene as if it were a murder-suicide and are not sure what exact action led to their deaths. Police are conducting an investigation to find the exact cause of death. Police did not report any break-ins at the home.

In her last days, she was actively exposing the system of corruption and making the public aware of CPS (Child Protective Services). A government organization that she believes kidnaps children for money. CPS does not have over-sight Schaefer claims; she also claimed that young parents with no money were being targeted. There have been rumors that Schaefer was being targeted and murdered by CPS.

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Nancy Schaefer "The Unlimited Power of Child Protective Services" Part 1 of 2

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CPSSucks March 31, 2010"After 4 years of viewing the ruthless and unsparing actions of CPS... I wrote a scathing report, entitled 'The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services." The report cost me my senate seat."

As we now know, Nancy Schaefer lost more than her senate fighting CPS. Let's keep her spirit alive, and keep fighting against the "ruthless and unsparing" gang of thugs known as CPS. This video is Part 1 of a 2, a powerful speech, given by Nancy Schaefer in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, August 15, 2009.


Nancy Schaefer, former Georgia State Senator and President of Eagle Forum of Georgia and Eagle Forum's National Chairman of Parents' Rights, spoke at the World Congress of Families in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on the subject of "The Unlimited Power of Child Protective Services."

Nancy Schafer explained to over 4,000 attendees from some 60 countries how CPS is a threat to children and families not only in the U. S., but in many other countries that have patterned their Child Protective Services, Foster Care, Family Court and Adoption Services after the U.S. and supplied, with taxpayer dollars, the financial incentives to turn all Child Protective Services into a lucrative business.

Nancy Schaefer, as always, was on the cutting edge of how to take the family back from the "social gestapo" made up of judges, caseworkers, court appointed attorneys, investigators, guardian ad litems, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and more.

Nancy Schaefer encouraged immediate change to State and Federal policies and the abolishing of Federal and State financial incentives that use taxpayer dollars to separate families for money.

"The family is the natural foundation for marriage and home relationships. The family deserves and should always be protected by the state, the culture and by society."

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord
Psalm 33:12

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Nancy Schaefer Exposes Corrupt Business of CPS on The Alex Jones Show 1-4




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"DCF killed my son"

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Bankster, Chris Dodd

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Millions are being paid out to bank regulators in bonuses. So, who isnt being bribed that isnt responsible for the worldwide banking crisis? Why are the Foxes in charge of guarding the Hen-house?

Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd has been caught taking maybe a million dollars, or more, from those hes supposed to be regulating as ranking member of the Banking Committee.

I am no New World Order conspiracy theorist, but Dodd is known to be a Bilderberg member.

Dodds legacy is that he made himself and his friends rich. He did so at the expense of average people worldwide.

On his way out, Dodd might do the most damage he can to the worldwide economy. Dodd proposes that 500 billion of taxpayer dollars be used to start a brand new all powerful financial regulating agency. It has no oversight, and there is no control of the agency by the Senate, Congress, or the US President. In other words, the people, in black and white, have no representation for their taxation. If trends continue those getting the regulator jobs will have paid the largest bribes and are, or have been, the biggest perpetrators in worldwide corporate and banking fraud.

Connecticut is the Wild West of obeying any laws and doing any kind of honest investigations. Just look into Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthals dirty deals and awarding millions to former law partners in no-bid contracts. Many of the richest banksters, Big Pharma executives, Bio-Weapons company owners, war corporation, insurance, and other corporate complete assholes live in Connecticut.

Has Chris Dodd done more financial damage to the world than the aftermath of 9-11 or any serial killer? If a citizen who steals a candy bar more than once can get prison, why shouldnt Dodd get prison for allowing banksters to steal trillions? Dodd took bribes from Bank of America, Countrywide Home Loan, and others. Why is Dodd still on the Banking Committee? If a clerk at a candy store allows merchandise from the store, and profits from it to be stole, he, or she, is fired, arrested, handcuffed, processed, wrapped in chains and leg irons, locked up to await trial. Dodd has done something more than one million times more serious, why is he not in prison instead of getting a cushy retirement AND a huge pay out from organized corporate banking criminals?

If you love liberty and honest government anywhere in the world, DEMAND THAT DODD BE ARRESTED, HANDCUFFED, AND MADE TO STAND TRIAL

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Standing up to the "Judencia", The Attorney Mafia

One of the alleged Connecticut Kingpins of the Judicial and Attorney Mafia, the "Judencia", Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. What does Blumenthal know, and when didn't he know it?

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Added April 3, 2010:
Alex Jone interviews William Fain, documentary producer, Nancy Schaefer family friend, and NASCAR ethusiast. Fain seems to think, if there aren't other motives, that Nancy's death was a straight up murder/suicide. Fain is to gain financially for exposing what he plans to do in a "shockumentory". Maybe he's a good guy, and is, as advertised. Maybe his rich and powerful friends in Tennessee and Georgia are shepherding the message or doing damage control from behind the scenes. We are talking about a lot of sleazy people with incredible power who don't want to be exposed ...

[click here for William Fain/Alex Jones videos]


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This is NOT new Viking. I took my kids away from this country because someone called CPS on my kids when I complained that the bus with my daughter was nearly an hour late. They hated the nosy mom that I was at her school as well.

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