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US "Abuse the Public" Policy

Is this how Connecticut and too many states treat divorced fathers when they want to be part of their children's lives, barbecued in court? Muzzled and left out in the cold to suffer.

I am watching CNN as I'm typing this. A piece about and the video, "Collateral Murder", just aired. CNN seems to be the government mouthpiece doing damage control. There was no real mainstream media coverage of the Ron Paul version of the Tea Party. [Naomi Wolf Video]

This blogger's post on the aftermath of the WikiLeaks media reaction blitz. [post]

Some of the callers in to the Alex Jones Show today, video posted below, are really pretty annoying and ignorant. The talking about praying and the Earth only being 6000 years old is so ridiculous it can make your brain melt.

The talking about Department of Children and Families, CPS, mainly being a cruel government program to make lawyers more money, while stripping citizens of political power, by breaking up families, is just Big Brother at its worst. [post] Is DCF, like the one in the State of Connecticut, just an official kidnapping ring? Are there pedophile workers for the State, abusing these kidnapped children? Are police using these kids to work as child prostitutes and drug dealers?

If you can bare the 2, or so, minutes of idiots talking, most of the interviews below are pretty compelling, regarding the above subjects.

If states in the US start taxing by the mile, it means we all have GPS devices hooked to our vehicles, and we are be watched 27/7. If our mileage is used to tax us, I will want to leave the US for anywhere else I can be free.




[click here] for:

Deval Patrick wants to end America for Americans

Having a GPS device as a license plate decal would mean being taxed by the mile, fined for parking at will, and stalker police would be able to get away with even more in the current US Police State. When is America going to wake up?

GPS and Gas Tax -- Good and Bad Ideas from the State of Massachusetts

(Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is proposing both a GPS driving tax and a gas tax.) [click here for entire post]

Connecticut State Police Misconduct brutality

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Is the same crap as below being pulled in the US?

The below found:

Australian government admits less than 32% of secret censorship list is related to underage images

May 26, 2009


The Australian government told a Senate estimates hearing this week that less than 32% of the country's secret internet censorship list is related to underage images.

During the hearing, the government also stated that the WikiLeaks publication of the full list in March has now been officially referred to the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) "blacklist" is slated to form the backbone of a national, mandatory, internet censorship system.

ACMA admitted that:

* A mere 32% of the secret censorship list is related to a category covering potentially sexually provocative images of persons appearing to be under the age of 18, pages with links to these images or other "child abuse" information. The list is claimed, by the government, to be for tackling child pornography.

* After an unusual delay, the Australian government have now officially referred the publication of the list to the Australian Federal Police. It is alleged that WikiLeaks' release of the censorship list is illegal under Australian law.

* Subsequent to revelations by WikiLeaks that the secret list contained many harmless or political sites (including WikiLeaks itself) around 150 have been removed from the list. At the time ACMA admitted the list held over 1100 URLs. ACMA now claims the censorship list has 977 URLs.

In light of the Senate testimony, it is worth repeating what WikiLeaks stated when it released the censorship list on the 18th of March, 2009:

"While WikiLeaks is used to exposing secret government censorship in developing countries, we now find Australia acting like a democratic backwater. Apparently without irony, ACMA threatens fines of upto $11,000 a day for linking to sites on its secret, unreviewable, censorship blacklist — a list the government hopes to expand into a giant national censorship machine.

History shows that secret censorship systems, whatever their original intent, are invariably corrupted into anti-democratic behavior.

This week saw Australia joining China and the United Arab Emirates as the only countries censoring WikiLeaks. We were not notified by ACMA.

In December last year we released the secret Internet censorship list for Thailand. Of the sites censored in 2008, 1,203 sites were classified as "lese majeste" — criticizing the Royal family. Like Australia, the Thai censorship system was originally pushed to be a mechanism to prevent the child pornography.

Research shows that while such blacklists are dangerous to "above ground" activities such as political discourse, they have little effect on the production of child pornography, and by diverting resources and attention from traditional policing actions, may even be counter-productive. For a fascinating insider's account, see "An insight into child porn".

In January 2009, the Thai system was used to censor Australian reportage about the imprisonment of Harry Nicolaides, an Australian writer, who wrote a novel containing a single paragraph deemed to be critical of the Thai Monarchy.

Most of the sites on the Australian list have no obvious connection to child pornography. Some have changed owners while others were clearly always about other subjects."

Children depend, even more than their parents, on the quality and viability of government. Corruption of those traditions which keep government honest and accountable - public oversight, natural justice, and protection from state censorship - is not just an affront to Enlightenment ideals, but an assault on the interests of children.

The full Senate transcript follows:

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[Elena Sassower video on the subject of Hillary Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, George W. Bush and court case rigging] post on and censorship:

Interview with Michael Medved : The 5 Big Lies About American Business

Text with video:
aimaccuracy December 28, 2009Accuracy in Media talks with Michael Medved about his new book, The 5 Big Lies About American Business. He discusses the misconceptions about for profit and not for profit entities and how many Americans need to learn the truth about those entities.

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Kati Marton Recalls Parents' Arrest in Communist Hungary

Text with video:
ForaTv March 24, 2010Complete video at:

Journalist and author Kati Marton reads an excerpt from her latest book, Enemies of the People: My Family's Journey to America. The passage recounts Marton's childhood memories of the Hungarian secret police arresting her parents.


When award-winning journalist and author Kati Marton went to Hungary to research her family's life there, she expected to find some good material. After all, her parents were reporters for the AP and UPI during the heart of Hungary's Cold War past.

Still, it was a bit of a shock when the archivists brought her "shopping carts full of documents about my family." In fact, Marton's parents were among the most investigated people in all of Hungary.

In her latest book, Enemies of the People: My Family's Journey to America, she discusses her memories of growing up in Cold War-era Hungary, and describes her efforts to uncover her family's buried past. - Aspen Institute

Kati Marton, an award-winning former NPR and ABC News correspondent, is the author of Hidden Power: Presidential Marriages That Shaped Our History, a New York Times bestseller, as well as Wallenberg, The Polk Conspiracy, A Death in Jerusalem, and a novel, An American Woman.

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Tim Weiner exposes CIA operations

Text with video:
TurnHereFilms July 12, 2007Tim Weiner's "Legacy of Ashes" is the hidden history of the CIA: why eleven presidents and three generations of CIA officers have been unable to understand the world; why nearly every CIA director has left the agency in worse shape than he found it; and how these failures have profoundly jeopardized our national security. Tim Weiner is a reporter for The New York Times. He has written on American intelligence for twenty years, and won the Pulitzer Prize.

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Former CIA Spy Speaks Out

Text with video:
CBS February 25, 2009CBS News' Kimberly Dozier speaks with Robert Baer, who recounts his unique experiences as a CIA operative and discusses the future state of diplomacy between the U.S. and Iran.

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