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WikiLeaks Release 1.0 (1/7)

Scroll down to bottom of post for rest of videos. Video # 4 got up to 25 times more hits than other videos in the list. If the Internet is to be censored, Google and Youtube brass, would first remove videos and websites of whistleblowers. WikiLeaks is probably the biggest threat there is in the world to banksters, operatives of war corporations, and their corrupt politician friends.

I would love to be asked to work for, or with, these individuals.
-Steven G. Erickson

Text with video:
waynix December 30, 2009Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:

WikiLeaks Release 1.0

Insight into vision, motivation and innovation

During the last 12 months WikiLeaks representatives have been talking at numerous conferences, from technology via human rights to media focused, in an effort to introduce WikiLeaks to the world. WikiLeaks has had major document releases that have spawned attention in all major newspapers by now, it has triggered important reform and has established itself as part of the accepted media reality.

Little did we have the chance though to talk about a bigger picture, especially of how we perceive the future and its constraints.

We therefore would like to talk about our vision of the information society, journalism's role in that society, as well as our role in it. Along this vision we will introduce new features for WikiLeaks Release 1.0, that will be no short of changing the world as we all know it.

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Combating the poor from 9-11, a secret program

Image from Huffington Post w/ story [found here]. The text messages sent on 9-11, a major amount of them tell a startling story.

The US Government might fear what happened in Iceland will happen in America. The banksters raided the banks and made off with billions. The currency crashed and there was rioting in the streets. WikiLeaks has the potential to expose the White Collar corporate criminals, internationally. WikiLeaks wishes to find a safe haven to have their computer servers to keep from being hacked and gagged by governments and their criminal corporate friends.

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Kenny's Sideshow blogs on WikiLeaks, his story, click title:

Is WikiLeaks a CIA/Mossad Front?

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Video # 4, as of this posting, has 137,521 hits

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How much privacy do you really have? Is every bit of information you text, email, surf the internet with, and talk over cell phones captured by unknown entities in the government, in corporations, for spying, and by who knows who? The below video should concern you if you believe the government is putting up cameras on every street corner not for your protection, but for some sort of unimaginable abuse. When is Big Brother, Police State Surveillance a good thing?

Wikileaks Releases Thousands Text Messages From September 11, 2001

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Text with "Judicial Branch Rigging Exposed" video uploaded Dec. 2009:
SvenVonErick December 23, 2009More information:

Although the video exposes abuse of the public in Connecticut, this is a nationwide problem. What can be gotten away with in Connecticut gives abusers in other states an idea of how far they can go ripping off the public and corrupting the system. It seems the US Constitution does not apply.

Without properly running, ethical courts, there are no checks and balances. Without a venue for citizens to lodge legitimate complaints and to get justice, there is no justice, and citizens are slaves to a Police State.

Links to go with above:

The above video may accuse the Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of obstructing justice and racketeering. Blumenthal calls himself the "People's Lawyer" on his webpage. He is willing to defend the state against lawsuits AND takes complaints of public corruption???!!! Isn't that a conflict of interest? A post on the CT Atty General:

When court workers bilk the public out of money and then pocket the cash, are these thieves arrested and prosecuted? The answer found her:
may surprise you.

A link to the above video was sent to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee legislators by email Dec. 23, 2009, to:;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Will there be any action at the Hartford Capitol in Connecticut?

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Collateral Murder (Video, US "Baby Killin' in Iraq)

Scroll down for alarming video of murdering of unarmed cameramen and children. This is type of murdering is probably going on daily during the wars of occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan. Be patient and let the video set up the scenario, and then you'll see the gun camera footage later on in the video. Listen to the troops laugh after killing children, lying about cameramen and children having weapons. This is murder caught on tape.

Were Iraqi citizen better off with Saddam than with the American occupation? There were lies about weapons of mass destruction for the ground war in Iraq. The lies cost millions their lives, and the Iraqi people have a country in ruins. -Thank you America

sunshinepress April 03, 2010Wikileaks has obtained and decrypted this previously unreleased video footage from a US Apache helicopter in 2007. It shows Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen, driver Saeed Chmagh, and several others as the Apache shoots and kills them in a public square in Eastern Baghdad. They are apparently assumed to be insurgents. After the initial shooting, an unarmed group of adults and children in a minivan arrives on the scene and attempts to transport the wounded. They are fired upon as well. The official statement on this incident initially listed all adults as insurgents and claimed the US military did not know how the deaths ocurred. Wikileaks released this video with transcripts and a package of supporting documents on April 5th 2010 on

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Blogger kenny's sideshow said...

I'm hoping that Wikileaks is legit and not part of some bigger psyops but as we've found so many times, hope doesn't always give us truth.

Madsen has always been somewhat suspect as so much of what he says from his sources cannot be verified.

It will be interesting on the 5th to see how this Wikileaks video release falls out.

Thursday, April 01, 2010 8:21:00 AM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

thanks for stopping by. I left a comment on your blog post on this subject, the url to your site, above.

Thursday, April 01, 2010 10:04:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure whether or not this lawfirm:

The Law Firm of Kolesnik and Norris in Woodbury and Waterbury Connecticut is either good to go to for when you are fucked over in Connecticut, or they might be the bad guys in such situations. I don't know, just know their name is coming up about DCF misconduct and Americans with Disabilities ADA cases.

Thursday, April 01, 2010 1:55:00 PM  

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