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Israeli Bad Behavior?

When do good intentions go bad? Protecting one's national interests is considered good. When there are no real checks and balances, and anything goes, there is no stop to the downward spiral until there is an intervention.

'The Metastasizing Cancer Cell' photo [found here], post has references to Israel and Iran.

World condemns Gaza flotilla raid, Israel says aid convoy 'had weapons on board'

Text with video:
RussiaToday May 31, 2010Follow latest updates at and at
International condemnation is growing after the Israeli Navy attacked a flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian aid and peace activists to Gaza. Reports say up to 20 people were killed and dozens injured as Israeli commandos stormed the vessels over a hundred kilometres off Gaza's coast. Some of the ships are now being towed to the Israeli port city of Ashdod.

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The Kenny's Side Show blog author on the Gaza incident:

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Other photos found on blog with the one above:

George W. Bush with a chainsaw. Did he help massacre freedom and liberty in the US?

'Hand with reflecting sphere' by M.C.Esher ca. 1935

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Gates to review allegations of Blackwater misconduct in Afghanistan
US Defence Secretary Robert Gates (pictured) will review a series of allegations involving misconduct in Afghanistan by the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater, the Pentagon said. The firm is now known as Xe.
By News Wires (text)

AFP - US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is concerned about possible misconduct in Afghanistan by the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater and has promised to review the issue, the Pentagon said.

Gates made the pledge to lawmakers after receiving a letter from Carl Levin, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, who urged the defense secretary to reconsider awarding a possible one billion dollar contract to the firm, now known as Xe, due to allegations of wrongdoing.

"He is looking into it and he takes it seriously," press secretary Geoff Morrell told reporters Friday.

Gates has told the senator that "he shares his (Levin's) concerns," Morrell said.

The letter dated February 25 and released publicly on Thursday notes that the Defense Department is reportedly preparing to give a contract to Xe for "highly sensitive work" to train Afghan national police, despite its controversial record in Iraq and amid fresh allegations of misconduct.

The letter cites a recent Senate hearing on a contract given to a Blackwater affiliate to provide weapons training in Afghanistan.

Levin's committee heard evidence that alleged that Blackwater may have used a front company for the contract, lied to Pentagon officials in its proposal documents, "misappropriated" government weapons, carried weapons without approval and hired staff with serious criminal records including larceny and substance abuse.

Blackwater's conduct may have "contributed to a shooting incident that has undermined our mission in Afghanistan," it added.

Levin has also written a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder in light of accusations that the firm gave false statements to the Justice Department.

While acknowledging concerns about Blackwater's conduct, Morrell said there were strict legal standards that applied to government contracts and that a company could not be excluded without adhering to the criteria.

He added that the firm had "technical expertise" that had to be taken into account for tasks that few companies were ready to take on.

"Like it or not, Blackwater has technical expertise that very few companies do have. And they have a willingness to work in places that very few companies are willing to work," he said.

Some Democratic lawmakers have called for banning the federal government and the US military from using subcontractors in combat zones, namely in Iraq and Afghanistan, where tens of thousands of troops are deployed.

The secretive Blackwater was thrown into the spotlight after five of its guards were accused of killing 14 unarmed Iraqis in a gun and grenade attack, and wounding 18 others during a September 2007 incident at the busy Nisur Square in Baghdad.

Earlier this month, Iraq expelled 250 former employees of the security firm.

The North Carolina-based firm lost its contract to provide security for US embassy diplomats in Baghdad in May 2009 after Iraqis and others repeatedly accused it of adopting a cowboy mentality to duties in the country.

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TV Lies, TV Lies & More TV Lies

Has CIA made fake tapes of Osama bin Laden?

TV Lies, TV Lies & More TV Lies - Sunday Update

Text with video:
corbettreport May 30, 2010Sunday Update is brought to you by The Corbett Report.

Jeff Stein confirms CIA faked Bin Laden video

Road to Guantanamo contains Bin Laden footage

The same Bin Laden footage was then touted as new Al Qaeda footage several months later

Analysis of 2004/2007 videos show same lighting, same desk, same background and same camera angle...only the clothes and beard have been morphed.

Neil Krawetz approves a story for Wired based on his research showing that Intelcenter and As-Sahab watermarks were added to videos at the same time (and then "retracts" the story the next day)

Intelcenter links directly to Rumsfeld pentagon and psyops

CSI says questioning fluoridated water and chemtrails is "anti-American"

Fluoride and the thyroid

Fluoride and bone cancer

Fluoride and IQ

Second thoughts on fluoride

Acute Fluoride Poisoning from a Public Water System

Dr. William Hirzy testifies about fluoride before senate

"Conspiracy Theories" by Cass Sunstein

NBC's "Behavior Placement" Strategy

ABC News vs Marc Morano
Category: News & Politics

2010 Bilderberg Commentary [Videos] Scroll down

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Is the EPA just a spook organization whose mission is not to oversee corporations and the environment, but to really curb freedom, liberty, and sink US Small Business? Video:

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Stop U.S. Support of Israeli Terrorism

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

'Aid' to Israel --better described as a 'rogue' or 'terrorist' nation than a 'state' --must end! Most recent among a series of 'false flag' attacks or so-called "incidents" of Israeli origin is a recent atrocity: Ten dead as Israel storms aid ships, an act of terrorism by 'Israeli commandos, an attack of a convoy of Gaza-bound aid ships'. The time has come to cut off all 'aid' to Israel. [more from source]

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Note: just because I post it, doesn't mean I agree, or disagree, just that I find it interesting for debate. This blogger's email:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Israel model for a new United States?

Click image to make larger. Image [found here]

I read an interesting piece by Stephen Lendman, called, "Israel's Specialty: Targeting Civilians" [click here for text]

The most resourceful, cunning, militant, and suspicious escaped Nazi Germany during the second World War. The Israeli military and spy organizations are now legendary. Has America now adopted Israel's, no holds barred, in obtaining its leadership's objectives?

Friday, May 28, 2010

US Gov Fuck ups, incompetence, and/or plain corruption?

Image [found here]

The American public now just assumes no one will be punished over the BP spill in the Gulf. BP seems to run the US Coast Guard, courts, investigations, and has undue influence in the American Government. A government that is bought and paid for by corporations won't adequately investigate and punish powerful, connected corporate entities and their staff. Maybe a head, or two will role, but the major conspirators will continue, business as usual.

[Remember Enron].

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

“Electronic Gold and Silver Technology”

I'm about midway through watching, "Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic - FULL MOVIE":

I believe the Federal Reserve system is corrupt. An Alex Jones documentary commentator talks about Electronic Gold Technology. That to me just sounds hokey.

Some interesting points are made in the video.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Truth is a lie yet undiscovered"

is a famous quote. Try to report any crime in the US. Try to get any service for your tax dollar. Try to propose laws to an elected official. Try making a public corruption, police, or judicial misconduct complaint. You may then be enlightened.

Photo [found here]

I get an email like the one below, daily, text of one:

We encountered a problem with our database and a lot of records were lost, we are restoring our database to enable us serve you better. Your Windows Live! Account details are required so as to store in our database to keep your account active. Failure to do this will lose his or her account permanently.

To update and enable us restore your account details in our data base to keep your account active, you are required to provide us the details below urgently. Click the reply button to enter details below.

Username: ……………………..
Password: …………………….
Date of Birth: …………………
Country or Territory: …………

After Following the instructions in the sheet, your account will not be interrupted and will continue as normal. Thanks for your attention to this request. We apologize for any inconvenience
Windows Live Alert Team
Microsoft Corporation

If the government "cared" I wouldn't be getting the above emails each and every day. They're too busy pulling more deviant scams raking in larger amounts of cash and don't have time to deal with petty thieves, US Government juniors.

The EPA is just one on the organized crime testicles of the American Government. A clerk getting a temporary job at any town hall in America probably sees more than she wants to see. Once you done favors, allowed little crimes and thefts to go on, you've sold your soul. Promotions in government are based on family connections, friends, organized crime, bribes, and sexual and other favors.

The EPA is after people like me, not BP. I've done nothing wrong. [my rant on this subject in a video, click here]

[my beef]


Sunday, May 23, 2010

24/7 Surveillance with Implanted Medical Monitors?

Random Image to make a point [from here]

Another Random Image [found here]

It will be sooner, rather than later, that governments will "care" enough to want to monitor our health 24/7. Have sex, the monitor will know, and the GPS will tell who else is there too. Have sex alone, that will be recorded. Drink, use any kind of drug, the monitor will know. Will there be fines for eating fatty foods where fees are taken from your bank account in real time. Will the implant have the ability to disable you for law enforcement, or worse, to remotely terminate. With governments operating with less, and less, ethics we the people should consider such issues before it is too late.

We could be integrated with computers. There would be no need for a monitor, keyboard, speakers, microphones, USB, batteries, cables, or any of that stuff. Eyes and ears could go, and holes drilled in sculls could sport mini-cameras and microphones. There would be no need for sunglasses, corrective lenses, hearing aids etc. If the you are driving in fog, you could have heads up for infrared or heat sensing. Seeing and hearing through walls might be a future option. There would be no need for a cellphone. You are the cellphone, and conversations with others around the world, would be like you are right there. No need for a movie theater or television.

If you've read 1984 and how 50 years into the future was fantasized about. Imagine every word you speak, hear, everything you see, and think is recorded forever. Do we really trust the American Government with that type of power, now or in the future? Think about it, act now.

This is my pet peeve of the day. [video]

I expand on the theme of this post, on A blog there is called a "Diary", mine is [found here]

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus Manufactured?

Was Plum Island really a Bio-weapons research and manufacturing facility, not an animal disease laboratory? I narrate this post, here:
Warning: images in above video to some, might be offensive.

The 4 photos immediately above and the text below [found here]

Lab's move begins to lift mystery around NY island

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. – Hannibal Lecter, the fictional villain in "Silence of the Lambs," said it sounded "charming." Author Nelson DeMille made it the centerpiece of his 1997 thriller about deadly viruses and hidden treasure.

Since the infancy of the Cold War, Plum Island has been the site of an animal disease laboratory; access is limited to scientists, support personnel and, on rare occasions, invited guests. Because of its remote location a mile and half off the eastern tip of Long Island's north fork, it frequently has been the target of rife speculation about what really goes on there.

The general public could someday get access to the 840-acre pork chop-shaped oasis now that the federal government is moving its animal disease research functions to a new lab in Manhattan, Kan. With a "For Sale" sign about to go up at Plum Island, the General Services Administration is seeking community input on what should be done with the property. A hearing was held Wednesday in Connecticut and another is scheduled for Thursday on Long Island.

Besides the laboratory, the island is home to a defunct U.S. Army base and a charming little lighthouse that looks out onto Long Island Sound. And, as Agent Clarice Starling told Lecter: "There's a very, very nice beach. Terns nest there."

DeMille, whose 1997 book "Plum Island," about a fictional detective investigating the murders of two biologists who worked at the lab, said in an interview with The Associated Press this week that he'd like the government to retain ownership.

"The most obvious thing to do would be to make it into a federal park and nature preserve," he said. "You could turn the lab into a visitors center."

DeMille is hardly nostalgic about the lab moving to Kansas, calling Plum Island "a terrorist target waiting to happen."

His concerns were shared by federal officials. The U.S. Government Accountability Office told Congress in a 2007 security report that Plum Island's vulnerability was apparent after the 9/11 terror attacks. The GAO said new laws and rules were enacted, tightening access to the facility to help protect animal health and reduce the possibility of bioterrorism. Plum Island was transferred from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to the Department of Homeland Security and plans were begun to replace it with a "higher-level biosecurity facility."

The GAO said Plum Island scientists research such pathogens as foot-and-mouth disease, which is highly contagious to livestock and could cause "catastrophic economic losses" and imperil the nation's food supply.

"Other pathogens known to have been maintained at Plum Island could also cause illness and death in humans," the GAO said.

Amy Kudwa, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security, which operates the island, declined to provide specific details of security, but said it includes security patrols, checkpoints, cameras, radar, locks and fences.

"The closer you get to the items you want to protect, the more intense the security becomes," she said.

Before any discussions about development at Plum Island can proceed, officials must first determine the extent of any damage to the soil and water, environmentalist Adrienne Esposito said.

"Any time a government facility is cloaked in secrecy, you have to wonder about what went on," said Esposito, executive director of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment. "The more you look, the more you find. This would be the first time a comprehensive examination of the island would be pursued."

U.S. Rep. Timothy Bishop, whose district includes Plum Island, is not convinced the move to Kansas is a good idea. He said in a letter to a House homeland security subcommittee this week that the sale of Plum Island could fetch $50 million to $80 million — not counting cleanup costs. Bishop said that would hardly cover the costs of building a new $650 million lab in Kansas.

"Before we cross a point of no return, I want everyone to open their eyes and look at what we're doing here," Bishop said. "Rather than pour hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars down a sinkhole in Kansas and open the Pandora's Box of decommissioning Plum Island, we should ... make use of existing facilities that continue to serve this nation well."

Last year, Congress appropriated $32 million for a new 520,000-square-foot National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility in Kansas, most of it for planning and design, though it did order a safety study. The new lab will allow research on diseases that can be passed from animals to humans, something currently not done at Plum Island.

The safety study was prompted by some who questioned the wisdom of opening an animal disease lab in the so-called Beef Belt because hoof and mouth and other contagious diseases are researched by Agriculture Department scientists.

But for now, the move to Kansas appears on track, which leaves the future of Plum Island an open question.

The town supervisor in Southold, where the lab is located, said he would like to replace the 300 or so scientists working on animal research with some type of renewable energy center.

"I'd like to keep a research component," Scott Russell said. "Another high-end subdivision development there seems unrealistic."

Longtime north fork real estate broker John Nickles agrees with DeMille that the best use of the island would be as a nature preserve.

"It's always had a type of stigmatization, especially if you listen to the idiots who speculate about what goes on there," Nickles said. "I have always thought it was a great addition to our community. Some people are happy to see it go, I'm not."

Gary DePersia, a top real estate broker in the Hamptons on Long Island's south fork, said once issues concerning environmental cleanup are settled, the possibilities for the island are nearly unlimited.

"It could make an awesome resort, with condos and room for a golf course," DePersia said. "We don't really have a major destination resort on eastern Long Island."

Esposito, the environmentalist, said the island's current management may not be aware of possible transgressions from previous decades.

"There could have been mishaps or illegal dumping or the unreported disposal of materials around the island," she said. "It's going to be fascinating to look and see what's there."

On whether she thinks germ warfare research ever happened, Esposito said: "Rumors are rampant, but the evidence is scarce."

The facility began as Fort Terry, established in 1897 as an artillery post during the Spanish-American War. It was used on and off until the end of World War II and was operated by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps from 1951 to 1954, when it was officially deactivated.

In the book, "Deadly Cultures: Biological Weapons Since 1945," Piers Millett wrote in a chapter on anti-animal biological weapons that Fort Terry's mission was "to establish and pursue a program of research and development of certain anti-animal (BW) agents."

John van Courtland Moon, an author and history professor emeritus at Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts, said his research has found that animal testing for germ warfare was conducted at Plum Island in the 1950s.

"The problem is the stuff that went on is not available in the public record," he said. "Exactly what took place? I would imagine sheep, I would imagine goats and rats and rabbits" had been tested.

A spokesman for the U.S. Army at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, where the U.S. Army Chemical Corps is based, said they were looking into the historical record but had no immediate comment.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said the agency could not speak to the U.S. Army's time on the island. The current lab is focused on foreign animal diseases and emphasizes research of foot-and-mouth disease, she said.

Ret. Col. David Huxsoll, a veterinarian who served as the lab's director from 2000 to 2003, said anthrax was among the diseases studied at Plum Island. "It was done in containment," he said, adding there were concerns anthrax could be used as a weapon to target the livestock industry.

"If it ever broke out in the cattle industry in this country, it would be disastrous," he said.


Associated Press Writer Cristian Salazar in New York City contributed to this report.

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The Skippy on Lyme Disease Fraud

Text with video:
SvenVonErick November 12, 2006Connecticut Officials and/or Yale University are allegedly involved in one of the biggest scams ever, involving Big Pharma, Corporate Fraud, racketeering, obstruction of justice, and running a state like a Mafia organization. A State and corporations should not be able to operate as a syndicate defrauding citizens and the world. The numbers tell the story. Kathleen Dickson shows the Patent numbers, the dates, and the percentages for accurate testing of Lyme Disease. Someone would have to disprove the math and all the claims that have documents to disprove her case. There is no personal attack or conflict of personalities when "just the facts ma'am" are produced. Applaud a woman sick with Lyme, a former research scientist at Pfizer for having the courage to speak out. She tool LymeRix off the market after testifying in front of the FDA. She has been retaliated against as a whistleblower ever since. You now have the facts, pass them on to others, let law enforcement know that you expect them to go after the bad guys.

US Immunization Scam

Text with video:
SvenVonErick June 01, 2008Whistle blower to the FDA saves the taxpayer billions and averts the suffering of millions by helping take a dangerous drug off the market.

More information:

Kathleen M. Dickson's reward for her public service was to be falsely arrested and to be held as a political prisoner. Her kids were removed.

Lisa Masterson in the UK also has a scientific background, was also spied on by Connecticut corporate and official spy goons and also was falsely arrested, also confined in a mental institution for a time, and also had her children removed.

Getting facts to the public should not end up in arrest and jail, there should be some type of humanitarian award with financial compensation given.

Other videos on liveleak:

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In the past the Ku Klux Klan ran every aspect of a town and state's Police Departments, Legislature, Executive Branch, Courts, Prisons, where people could live, and controlled business. Organized Crime ran cities like New York. The power structures and money have morphed into what we have now. Allies now would make their Grand Daddies turn in their graves.

In the Nicky Barnes case and other famous one, as many as three quarters of the police force investigating drug crimes were on the take. Federal and State Governments must be using the same playbook.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871

The below [found here]

or shall conspire together for the purpose in any manner impeding, hindering, obstructing or defeating the due course of justice in any State or Territory, with intent to deny to any citizen of the United States the due and equal protection of the laws, or to injury any person in his person or his property for lawfully enforcing the right of any person or class of persons to the equal protection of the laws, or by force, intimidation, or threat to prevent any citizen of the United States ..."

I wonder if I, and other citizens abused in Connecticut by the Connecticut State Police, in the Courts, by DCF, and other authorities, violated by an organized bunch of lawbreakers paid with tax dollars, can be brought to justice using the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871.



Some of the above subjects covered in a different way on a past Kenny's Sideshow blog:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Obama, Health Care, FDA, Big Pharma Scams

Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Disastrous Daschle-Obama strategy to "fix health care

[click here for above post on the Kenny's Sideshow blog]

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Is there a link between Operation Paperclip, Lyme Disease, and Gulf War Syndrome, an alleged manufactured illness?

Lisa Masterson is mentioned in this post:

Spend 100's of thousands of dollars acquiring and fixing up property in Connecticut, come with a contracting business built over two decades, bring your family, and Official Connecticut wants to wreck your business, wreck and break up your family, make you lose your home, put you in prison, rip you off, and then kick you out of the state to be homeless. [story]

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The WWE and Connecticut Senate Race

Vince McMahon, CEO of the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment franchise, the WWE.

Linda McMahon is running for Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd's seat.

I intend on exposing Connecticut Attorney General Richard "Dick" Blumenthal for the piece of crap that he is. Dick wants Dodd's US Senate seat.

[click here] for more info


[click here] for:

The Connecticut State Police "100 Club"

Former Connecticut Congressman Rob Simmons photo [found here]

I, Steven G. Erickson, had campaigned hard for Rob Simmons in his races. I told him about the below. He didn't act on the below. I didn't call all those I know to vote for him, I didn't research his rival, and stayed out of it. Simmons lost to Courtney by about 20 votes. I may have gotten Simmons hundreds of votes with my efforts. I am going to ask the McMahon camp to look into the below and cases of other victims of Connecticut's rampant judicial and police misconduct.

[click here] for:

Attn Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle:

Former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle

Former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada [more]

This blogger's email:

Spend 100's of thousands of dollars acquiring and fixing up property in Connecticut, come with a contracting business built over two decades, bring your family, and Official Connecticut wants to wreck your business, wreck and break up your family, make you lose your home, put you in prison, rip you off, and then kick you out of the state to be homeless. [story]

Police told to arrest innocent people to meet quota

Are New York City Police Officers and officers from all states required to make quotas? Do they file false reports and commit perjury at trials to cover up police misconduct?

Police told to arrest innocent people to meet target

text with video:
dosghost1 March 25, 2010Police told to arrest innocent people to meet target


[This new lead law] may virtually end independent, self-employed people in various trades.

State Police in Connecticut celebrate false arrests, filling out bogus police reports, committing perjury, and making you lose your job, your family, and your home with taxpayer funded golf outings for the "100 Club", where officers with a 100 arrests or more for drunk driving, laugh at you, drink, and probably should be subject to a DUI arrest themselves, thumb their noses at "little people" and "Big Mouths". [story about the Connecticut State Police 100 Club]

The Coast Guard, brought to you by BP?

Bird victims from the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska [found here]

Do corporations own America and dictate policy? Well, that seems to be the case.

The below [found here]

Karl Burkart

Coast Guard and BP threaten journalists with arrest for documenting oil spill

Meanwhile, oil washes up on shore as Louisiana governor says he was unable to get funding for an emergency retaining wall.

IT'S HERE: Parish County, Louisiana. (Photo: CBS)
I never thought I would say this, but for once I actually agree with Rush Limbaugh. The right-wing radio host is attributed with calling the Gulf Oil Spill "Obama's Katrina." It was an odd statement at the time, but now nearly four weeks later, Limbaugh's brash statement is not at all off the mark.

Today, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal dispensed with his laid-back attitude about the spill and in a local radio interview said that he had made repeated, increasingly desperate pleas to get the Army Corps of Engineers to approve an emergency retaining wall project that would have protected the fragile marshlands of Louisiana from the onslaught of thick oil now oozing out of the Gulf.

These marshlands are often referred to as "the nursery" for good reason — they are the breeding ground for hundreds of species of birds and marine animals and the womb of Louisiana's fishing industry. They are also the state's primary buffer against hurricanes. But sadly Jindal's pleas fell on deaf ears, and this morning around 8 a.m., oil washed up onshore.

The Obama administration, it appears, has higher priorities ... namely helping BP in its frantic efforts to keep the public in the dark about what is almost surely the worst environmental catastrophe in U.S. history.

Contacts in Louisiana have given me numerous, unconfirmed reports of cameras and cell phones being confiscated, scientists with monitoring equipment being turned away, and local reporters blocked from access to public lands impacted by the oil spill. But today CBS News got it on video, along with a bone-chilling statement by a Coast Guard official:

"These are BP's rules. These are not our rules."

But wait ... isn't that a public beach? From my viewpoint, it looks as if the Coast Guard* has been given direct orders to protect BP's PR interests above safety concerns over air and water quality, above the outcries of local governments in need of aid, and (worst of all) above the need for the American public to be informed about what is really going on in the Gulf.

The Coast Guard, as one of the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, answers to the commander in chief — President Obama. Despite Obama's half-hearted attempt at displaying anger over the government's "cozy relationship" with BP, I believe Obama is aiding and abetting a foreign oil company as it perpetrates an environmental crime on American soil, a crime which fortunately (thanks to Sen. Barbara Boxer) is now being taken to the Justice Department.

It's a well-known fact that President Obama received a hefty campaign contribution from British Petroleum (the largest of any of the candidates) and in the oily aftermath of a thoroughly un-American corporate cover-up, Obama's credibility as the people's president is quickly eroding. In the next few days — as the Gulf current pulls miles of black ooze up the Eastern seaboard (the first tar balls landed today in the Florida Keys) — BP's federally subsidized media containment operation may soon become impossible to maintain.

At that point, the president will have to ask himself if his allegiance to the polluting petroleum giant was worth it.
Follow all of Karl's posts on Twitter @greendig or Facebook /greendig or RSS.
* WRITER'S NOTE: Please join's Facebook page 1,000,000 Strong against Offshore Drilling

* EDITOR'S NOTE: The U.S. Coast Guard contacted MNN today with this update:
CBS Evening News reported they were denied access to oiled shoreline by a civilian vessel that had clean-up workers contracted by BP, as well as Coast Guard personnel on board. CBS News video taped the exchange during which time one of the contractors told them (on tape) that " ... this is BP's rules not ours."

Neither BP nor the U.S. Coast Guard, who are responding to the spill, have any rules in place that would prohibit media access to impacted areas and we were disappointed to hear of this incident. In fact, media has been actively embedded and allowed to cover response efforts since this response began, with more than 400 embeds aboard boats and aircraft to date. Just today 16 members of the press observed clean-up operations on a vessel out of Venice, La.

The only time anyone would be asked to move from an area would be if there were safety concerns, or they were interfering with response operations. This did occur off South Pass Monday which may have caused the confusion reported by CBS today.

The entities involved in the Deepwater Horizon/BP Response have already reiterated these media access guidelines to personnel involved in the response and hope it prevents any future confusion.

* * * *
* * * *

[click here] for:

Federal Permit Required to be a Tradesmen, $37,000 fine

This post is narrated in a video:


Is the EPA more concerned with putting your local handyman out of business, more so than regulating out of control corporations?

US War on Handymen?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What the worlds see about the US everyday

The abuse is coming home to America. I'm not saying soldiers are bad, unless they've committed war crimes, I am saying the leadership is bad, and many soldiers come back to become US law enforcement.

The above photo [found here] videos shot in Iceland and Afghanistan found here:

Wave your American flag after viewing the below video:

American-British war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan - spsyed analysis

Text with video:
spsyed April 07, 2010American-British war crimes against humanity spsyed analysis. This video shows how American and British soldiers and politicians give Iraqi children lessons in democracy; freedom; liberty; human rights; justice; peace; nation building; Christian values; animal and human welfare, love; and how to win hearts and minds. This 2004 video clip was made in Al-Amara in Iraq by British war veteran Martin Webster who also provided voiceover. Webster left army after making the video that exposed the US-led invasions and occupations, but he still continues to lie in order to justify the war crimes. This video clips shows there is no damage to the British soldiers fortress base. Webster demands the soldiers should be compensated for killing civilians in Iraq. The video also show the impact of over 320-tons of uranium bombs used in Iraq since 1991. Since 1945, more than 92-percent of war victims remain civilians, a third of them children, all paid for by American and British tax-payers and voters. US-led killers are banned from filming their war crimes that would incriminate the killers and their governments. All victims of post-traumatic stress disorder and all survivors should be adequately compensated to repair the lives of who were tortured and bombed in Iraq for almost 20 years since 1991, in Afghanistan since 2001 and in Pakistan since 2003. Please email leaked videos clips to tyneham at boxbe dot com.

Make your votes count: The main British political parties are trying to avoid the issue of the war in the general election. Since 1991, British voters and tax-payers have had nine years of politicians imposing wars, invasions and occupations that most people in Britain do not support. British voters have a right to know the views of parliamentary candidates on this key issue when considering how to cast their votes. Enter your postcode to send a message to all the candidates in your area. Use the online model letter or write your own. It only takes a minute or two to find out if your local candidate would cut health and education or increase tax by four billion sterling pounds to fund the wars abroad. Copy-paste and use this link ; to ask local candidates:

1) Do you support the immediate withdrawal of British and NATO troops from Afghanistan?
2) Did you support the war in Iraq?
3) Will you oppose any military attack on Iran by the United States or Israel?
4) Do you support the immediate closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison?
5) Are you opposed to the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons?
6) How would you oppose the attacks on Muslims and the growing Islamophobia in British society?
7) Do you agree that the use of anti-terrorist laws to restrict the right of protest is an attack on civil liberties?
8) Have you seen the following short videos about British and American war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan?

British-American war crimes ;
Camera capture US war crimes ;
Reel Bad Arabs ;
Why We Fight ;
War Made Easy ;
Terrorism Frauds ;
Stop wars, racism, hate ;
Blood and Oil ;
American War Song ;
TerrorStorm ;
Hijacking Catastrophe ;
Time-Spirit ;
Israel attack USS Liberty ;
Dubai Murder ;
Missing Links ;

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Can Americans have their citizenship stripped by politicians such as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Can US Officials order the killing of American citizens?

Countdown: President Obama Authorizes Killing Of Anwar al-Awlaki - 04/07/10

Text with video:
PoliticsNewsNews April 07, 2010Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann: President Obama Authorizes Killing Of Muslim Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki - 04/07/10

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Getting F'd by a US State

Should a state pay make you pay $800 to $1000 to ride one of these?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Free Speech banned in Israel?

Is Israel denying Jews who are critical of Israeli State Policies entry into the country? Check out video.

Noam Chomsky pic [found here]

Norman Finkelstein: Israel being exposed and feels threatened

Text with video:
RussiaToday May 17, 2010Israel has refused to permit Noam Chomsky, the linguist and icon of the American left, to enter the occupied West Bank from Jordan. Some argue that Chomsky, an 81-year-old professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, could pose a risk to Israel. Norman Finkelstein says that Israel has been exposed to the world during the Gaza conflict and now feels threatened.

Noam Chomsky on US media, military and nuke-free Middle East

Text with video:
RussiaToday May 18, 2010Noam Chomsky, linguist and icon of the American left who has been denied from entering Israel, talked to RT days before the incident about his views, background and US domestic and foreign policy.

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Is CT Atty Gen a lying coward lawyer?

Connecticut Attorney General Richard "Dick" Blumenthal

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Pedicure or Toenail Painting?

Richard "Dick" Blumenthal, the Connecticut Attorney General.

Blumenthal responds to Chris Shays about

Text with video:
radiovice May 18, 2010Former Congressman Shays said that he thought someone might eventually check Mr. Blumenthals record and find that he was in Vietnam, but in a desk job

Is the US, now acting like Israel, treating segments of population, mostly ethic minorities, so bad that they aren't having children? Is that the plan? Is the US Government on the "harm the Palestinians plan" with its own populations of outsiders? Does the Israeli Government exert a major amount of control on the US Government, because a high percentage US Government insiders have more loyalty to Israel than to the general American public?:

Monday, May 17, 2010

WikiLeaks Founder Retaliated Against?

Julian Assange pic [found here]

The below found:

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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has passport confiscated

The Australian founder of the whistleblower website Wikileaks had his passport confiscated by police when he arrived in Melbourne last week.

Julian Assange, who does not have an official home base and travels every six weeks, told the Australian current affairs program Dateline that immigration officials had said his passport was going to be cancelled because it was looking worn.

However he then received a letter from the Australian Communication Minister Steven Conroy’s office stating that the recent disclosure on Wikileaks of a blacklist of websites the Australian government is preparing to ban had been referred to the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Last year Wikileaks published a confidential list of websites that the Australian government is preparing to ban under a proposed internet filter – which in turn caused the whistleblower site to be placed on that list.

Mr Assange, 37, told The Age newspaper that half an hour after his passport was returned to him an AFP officer searched one of his bags and questioned him about a previous criminal record for computer hacking offences when he was a teenager.

He was then told his passport status was classified as “normal” on the immigration database.

In 1991 Mr Assange, described by Wikileaks as “Australia’s most famous ethical computer hacker”, was charged with 30 offences over the alleged hacking of police, Telco’s and US military computers. He admitted to 24 charges and was fined and placed on a good behaviour bond. Mr Assange told the Dateline program that Australia is one of a few countries he is wary of travelling in as a result of documents published on the Wikileaks website.

“There are places … Dubai, who is trying to have us arrested, Switzerland under the bank secrecy laws, Cayman Islands,” he said. “Australia had the federal police in relation to its censorship list so there are some jurisdictions that from time to time it wouldn’t be sensible to go there.”

Wikileaks, which publishes anonymously sourced confidential documents from governments and corporations, was launched in January 2007.

The site has since exposed secrets about corruption in Kenya, Nato’s plans for the war in Afghanistan and the operations manual for the US detention centre at Guantanamo Bay.

Last month Wikileaks created international headlines when it published classified US military footage of an American attack helicopter gunning down Iraqi civilians and a Reuters photographer in 2007.

Until recently Mr Assange has kept a very low profile, rarely granting interviews or making public appearances.

He is believed to have boltholes in Iceland, Sweden and Kenya, but does not have an official home base. He says he travels every six weeks, running his Wikileaks empire from a laptop and a backpack while on the road.

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