Sunday, May 23, 2010

24/7 Surveillance with Implanted Medical Monitors?

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It will be sooner, rather than later, that governments will "care" enough to want to monitor our health 24/7. Have sex, the monitor will know, and the GPS will tell who else is there too. Have sex alone, that will be recorded. Drink, use any kind of drug, the monitor will know. Will there be fines for eating fatty foods where fees are taken from your bank account in real time. Will the implant have the ability to disable you for law enforcement, or worse, to remotely terminate. With governments operating with less, and less, ethics we the people should consider such issues before it is too late.

We could be integrated with computers. There would be no need for a monitor, keyboard, speakers, microphones, USB, batteries, cables, or any of that stuff. Eyes and ears could go, and holes drilled in sculls could sport mini-cameras and microphones. There would be no need for sunglasses, corrective lenses, hearing aids etc. If the you are driving in fog, you could have heads up for infrared or heat sensing. Seeing and hearing through walls might be a future option. There would be no need for a cellphone. You are the cellphone, and conversations with others around the world, would be like you are right there. No need for a movie theater or television.

If you've read 1984 and how 50 years into the future was fantasized about. Imagine every word you speak, hear, everything you see, and think is recorded forever. Do we really trust the American Government with that type of power, now or in the future? Think about it, act now.

This is my pet peeve of the day. [video]

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