Saturday, May 08, 2010

Soon to come, Americans Rioting to Protest Banksters?

Above photos with story found on the Daily Mail [here].

Citizens are sick of the Bankster Bullshit in Greece. They're protesting about the poor banking policies. When Americans finally wake up, will they be rioting in the same way?

Greece riots: 100,000 fight against harsh cuts in Athens financial crisis protests

Text with video:
RussiaToday May 05, 2010Follow RT at and at
At least three people have been killed during protest in Greece, as rioters set fire to a bank building. Thousands are on the streets of Athens in opposition to harsh spending cuts which are part of a new austerity package aimed at saving Greece from bankruptcy. Workers marched to the parliament and clashed with police, with many blaming the government for cutting wages and pensions. The draft bill of the new austerity package will be voted on by the end of the week.

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