Monday, May 03, 2010

Before, and After, 9-11

Jason Bermas photo found in post called, "Jason Bermas speaking about the Baxter Pharmecutical Company distributing avian flu"

No matter how you feel 9-11 came about, there is general agreement in how the American Government, policing, and the courts changed virtually overnight. This blogger is no big conspiracy theorist but does believe the path of least resistance is the one taken. Citizens should look around and not give elected officials and their puppet masters the least resistance when it comes to stealing us blind, wrecking our lives, breaking up our families, and causing worldwide havoc and harm for their own personal benefit.

I like James Corbett's style of reporting. Check out the below video if you haven't seen him before. Jason Bermas of the "Loose Change" fame is interviewed on the New World Order, Obama, George W. Bush, and the subject of the change of live, before and after, 9-11. [This blogger's change, after being attacked 10-11-01, and being railroaded to prison]

Jason Bermas on making Invisible Empire

Text with video:
corbettreport April 30, 2010Jason Bermas of joins The Corbett Report to discuss his latest documentary film, Invisible Empire. We talk about the making of the documentary and how so much information on the New World Order was crammed into such a compact (and well-documented) film.

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