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Blogging, the Personal Online Scrapbook

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I used to blog when there weren't many blogs. I got 5000 to 10,000 hits a day on what I wrote on a blog called, "Free Speech". My desktop computer, my 2 laptops, and then my friend's desk top, the website host's home in Atlanta Georgia, a friend's entire home's electronics in Ellington Connecticut, a horse farm where I stayed in Wales Massachusetts, all electronics all fried around the time of [this video]. "Free Speech" went down and all that I wrote there, as a journalist, went down. With the proliferation of blogs, and mindless drabble on the internet, I now regard my blog as an online scrapbook, mainly just something I do for me, my online therapy.

I question the value of my continuing to blog on the internet. Writing a fictional screenplay, and somehow getting the production made, would send out a basic political message to a wider audience. Making a documentary, and mainly offering it for free, on the internet might work too.

I wrote letters to the editor printed in Connecticut newspapers critical of Connecticut State Police misconduct and brutality, judicial misconduct, and [public corruption] from the late 1990's. I was then forced out of my home, my family broken up, credit ruined, railroaded to prison, and told I would spend the rest of my life in prison, after being released from a Connecticut prison, if I didn't just shut my mouth and leave that state. I became 10,000 times as vocal after that, if not more.

Prison can impale one's spirit, do to the mind, what is pictured above.

Prison is the new official torture of choice. In my estimation ten times more people in American go to prison than should. The same goes for the number of children taken away. Former Connecticut Governor [John G. Rowland] bragged on his official website that child abuse went down 45% and at the same time 445% more children were taken away by the state! "Johnny", as he was known to both Presidents Bush, was taking bribes from organized crime to see to it that as many children as was possible were taken away to build "Kiddie Max" prisons for children. Rowland, the head of DCF, other officials, and organized crime could profit in building, running, and in the supplying of these torture humanity and wreck the United States, institutions.

From your local US town hall, all the way up to the US President, or even a Supreme Court Justice, no official in the US acts as advertised, for justice, or in the best interest of the general public. Not only am I considering whether I wish to blog anymore, I am questioning if I wish to continue residing within the borders of the US, which to me is becoming, or is, the new Soviet Union.

-Steven G. Erickson

[click here] for:

“Dying for Liars” – My Anti-War

It is time for all Americans and all Soldiers to go on strike.

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Tom Petters, pictured below, allegedly has billions stowed away. Why couldn't he just bribe his way out of prison, having a helicopter show up, to whisk him out of prison to some foreign tropical paradise? Petters ripped millions off from my friend, Richard Hettler, of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Why should Richard, and other Americans, live in poverty, and be railroaded to prison, when the banksters, politicians, Minnesota Judge Montgomery, war corporation profiteers, and others who don't want to be exposed while living the lifestyles of the rich and famous?

Imagine having millions of dollars and a judge, a bankster, and federal and state law enforcement conspire to rip you off and railroad you to prison. Imagine getting out of prison and having law enforcement storm your house and hold guns to your head to terrorize you into shutting your mouth about being ripped off and to prevent you from filing judicial misconduct charges against a judge, such as Minneapolis, Minnesota Judge Montgomery?

Tom Petters


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[click here] for this blogger's OpEdNews.com post called, "The US, the Country that Rips You Off"

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"Liar-Man", US Mossad Police State?

Can the US Government accuse a natural born US citizen of being a terrorist, with or without proof, and then strip the US citizen of citizenship? Well, if Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman has his way, the US will be Nazi-fied.


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