Monday, May 17, 2010

ET on Public Radio Vermont

Note: I was tuned to 107.7 while in Brattleboro, VT. I don't know if that is technically considered Vermont Public Radio, or not.

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I absolutely couldn't find anything I wanted to listen to while in Brattleboro, Vermont, earlier today. They played the audio of the below youtube video on the radio. I started listening and thought what kind of nut, tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist is talking. An alleged former covert IRS collections agent claims to have been abducted by aliens. I figured I would listen a bit to tease a friend of mine who is into interviewing NSA NASA astronauts about extraterrestrial life and believes there are ET ruins on the dark side of the moon and on Mars. I heard the name [Richard Hoagland] and it kept me from tuning to another station after only having listened for a little bit.

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Text with below video:
BlitzAce322 October 13, 20081)


Please visit and support the above listed websites I have provided for all of you wonderful people out there in the World to further educate yourselves on the entire subject matters discussed within this extraordinary, life changing lecture.

In this extremely educational lecture performed by Mr. Alexander Collier we will be thrust forth into his own life experiences and his ET contacts throughout his entire lifetime. He has had contact with a group of Extraterrestrials known as "The Andromedans" whom which reside in our nearest neighboring galaxy called Andromeda. this series of incredible videos, Mr. Alex Collier, a Psychologist, University Astronomical professor, and an Andromedan ET being contactee tells his story of his various contacts and interactions with these beings of pure love and passion. He is told by them of the different species of Aliens in our Galaxy that are manipulating our political leaders and using them to gain permission to abduct humans and build bases underground for there own usage. He warns of the terrifying outcome of The Reptilian Agenda if us humans do not heed these warnings and open our minds and hearts and just take charge and love one another for who they are, we are all the same, we live on Earth as a whole race, skin color or ethnicity does NOT matter, we ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS AND ARE ALL EQUALS. LOVE is the true answer to our survival. This man is an absolute hero to many individuals who are simply searching for the truth of our past, present, and future. Please visit snd support the following website for A ALOT more information on many of the subject matters discussed within this beautiful lecture; Please also research for your own sake on Exopolitics if you do not believe a certain topic discussed within this incredible lecture, THE TRUTH WILL SET US ALL FREE!

The Most Important Lecture on ET Civilizations (Part 1)












Note: this blogger, Steven G. Erickson, posts videos and text from various authors. It doesn't mean that I agree, or disagree with the point of view of the original poster, it just means I find the subject interesting for debate.

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