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Israeli Bad Behavior?

When do good intentions go bad? Protecting one's national interests is considered good. When there are no real checks and balances, and anything goes, there is no stop to the downward spiral until there is an intervention.

'The Metastasizing Cancer Cell' photo [found here], post has references to Israel and Iran.

World condemns Gaza flotilla raid, Israel says aid convoy 'had weapons on board'

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RussiaToday May 31, 2010Follow latest updates at and at
International condemnation is growing after the Israeli Navy attacked a flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian aid and peace activists to Gaza. Reports say up to 20 people were killed and dozens injured as Israeli commandos stormed the vessels over a hundred kilometres off Gaza's coast. Some of the ships are now being towed to the Israeli port city of Ashdod.

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The Kenny's Side Show blog author on the Gaza incident:

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Other photos found on blog with the one above:

George W. Bush with a chainsaw. Did he help massacre freedom and liberty in the US?

'Hand with reflecting sphere' by M.C.Esher ca. 1935

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Gates to review allegations of Blackwater misconduct in Afghanistan
US Defence Secretary Robert Gates (pictured) will review a series of allegations involving misconduct in Afghanistan by the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater, the Pentagon said. The firm is now known as Xe.
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AFP - US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is concerned about possible misconduct in Afghanistan by the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater and has promised to review the issue, the Pentagon said.

Gates made the pledge to lawmakers after receiving a letter from Carl Levin, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, who urged the defense secretary to reconsider awarding a possible one billion dollar contract to the firm, now known as Xe, due to allegations of wrongdoing.

"He is looking into it and he takes it seriously," press secretary Geoff Morrell told reporters Friday.

Gates has told the senator that "he shares his (Levin's) concerns," Morrell said.

The letter dated February 25 and released publicly on Thursday notes that the Defense Department is reportedly preparing to give a contract to Xe for "highly sensitive work" to train Afghan national police, despite its controversial record in Iraq and amid fresh allegations of misconduct.

The letter cites a recent Senate hearing on a contract given to a Blackwater affiliate to provide weapons training in Afghanistan.

Levin's committee heard evidence that alleged that Blackwater may have used a front company for the contract, lied to Pentagon officials in its proposal documents, "misappropriated" government weapons, carried weapons without approval and hired staff with serious criminal records including larceny and substance abuse.

Blackwater's conduct may have "contributed to a shooting incident that has undermined our mission in Afghanistan," it added.

Levin has also written a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder in light of accusations that the firm gave false statements to the Justice Department.

While acknowledging concerns about Blackwater's conduct, Morrell said there were strict legal standards that applied to government contracts and that a company could not be excluded without adhering to the criteria.

He added that the firm had "technical expertise" that had to be taken into account for tasks that few companies were ready to take on.

"Like it or not, Blackwater has technical expertise that very few companies do have. And they have a willingness to work in places that very few companies are willing to work," he said.

Some Democratic lawmakers have called for banning the federal government and the US military from using subcontractors in combat zones, namely in Iraq and Afghanistan, where tens of thousands of troops are deployed.

The secretive Blackwater was thrown into the spotlight after five of its guards were accused of killing 14 unarmed Iraqis in a gun and grenade attack, and wounding 18 others during a September 2007 incident at the busy Nisur Square in Baghdad.

Earlier this month, Iraq expelled 250 former employees of the security firm.

The North Carolina-based firm lost its contract to provide security for US embassy diplomats in Baghdad in May 2009 after Iraqis and others repeatedly accused it of adopting a cowboy mentality to duties in the country.

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TV Lies, TV Lies & More TV Lies

Has CIA made fake tapes of Osama bin Laden?

TV Lies, TV Lies & More TV Lies - Sunday Update

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corbettreport May 30, 2010Sunday Update is brought to you by The Corbett Report.

Jeff Stein confirms CIA faked Bin Laden video

Road to Guantanamo contains Bin Laden footage

The same Bin Laden footage was then touted as new Al Qaeda footage several months later

Analysis of 2004/2007 videos show same lighting, same desk, same background and same camera angle...only the clothes and beard have been morphed.

Neil Krawetz approves a story for Wired based on his research showing that Intelcenter and As-Sahab watermarks were added to videos at the same time (and then "retracts" the story the next day)

Intelcenter links directly to Rumsfeld pentagon and psyops

CSI says questioning fluoridated water and chemtrails is "anti-American"

Fluoride and the thyroid

Fluoride and bone cancer

Fluoride and IQ

Second thoughts on fluoride

Acute Fluoride Poisoning from a Public Water System

Dr. William Hirzy testifies about fluoride before senate

"Conspiracy Theories" by Cass Sunstein

NBC's "Behavior Placement" Strategy

ABC News vs Marc Morano
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2010 Bilderberg Commentary [Videos] Scroll down

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Is the EPA just a spook organization whose mission is not to oversee corporations and the environment, but to really curb freedom, liberty, and sink US Small Business? Video:

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Stop U.S. Support of Israeli Terrorism

by Len Hart, The Existentialist Cowboy

'Aid' to Israel --better described as a 'rogue' or 'terrorist' nation than a 'state' --must end! Most recent among a series of 'false flag' attacks or so-called "incidents" of Israeli origin is a recent atrocity: Ten dead as Israel storms aid ships, an act of terrorism by 'Israeli commandos, an attack of a convoy of Gaza-bound aid ships'. The time has come to cut off all 'aid' to Israel. [more from source]

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