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Why fire your lawyer?

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Many of us who have been in any US court, at anytime, for anything, might think of lying lawyers as blood sucking clowns, parasites on humanity. If you think that your lawyer is not defending you, is just sucking dollars out of your wallet or purse, or worse is doing a favor to another lawyer, or corrupt judge, I advise you to fire your lawyer. Disclaimer: Don't construe anything on my blog as legal advice as I am not a paid lying lawyer.

I was upset with 14 to 16 year old prostitutes selling ecstasy and taking off their cloths, flashing traffic, near the rental properties I used to own in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. I found out that the Connecticut State Police pay informants to lie, make false reports, and set up targets for property and asset confiscation, for fines, for false prosecution, and for retaliation jailing and even for [murdering citizens who make police misconduct complaints]. If I had video cameras recording the behavior of police officers with the underage prostitutes, I worried that I would be arrested for having possession of child pornography and serving time as a felon, having to register as a sex offender for documenting Connecticut State Police misconduct, brutality, and improper sexual conduct with minors. Why should it be a crime for a citizen to record police sexual and other misconduct, but not a prosecuted crime when White male police officers rape, rob, beat, assault, and murder?

Okay, back to the subject. If I had fired my Stafford Springs, Ellington Connecticut area lawyer who represented me at my Rockville Vernon Superior Court case, GA #19, where I resisted being mugged on my own property with no previous criminal record, I may not have been railroaded to prison, sentenced to a year. Attorney Michael H. Agranoff told me he had had an improper relationship with an underage female client and had owed [Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan] a favor, and therefore had agreed to throw my case while in chambers with the judge.

So when Agranoff acted as a 2nd prosecutor in my case where his legal fees were for over $17,000 for my having resisted being mugged, I should have fired him. So, if your lawyer is selling you short, lying, cheating you blind, fire him or her.

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Letter Complaining to CT Atty Gen about Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

Attorney Michael H. Agranoff

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Attn Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle:

Former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Leonard C. Boyle who is now reportedly FBI

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Say you have have 20 million dollars in cash and assets, should lawyers put a hold on 20 million dollars figuring their legal fees could reach 20 million dollars in a divorce case? [click here] for:

Tauck V. Tauck: No End In Sight

Nancy Tauck

Peter Tauck

In Connecticut, and I assume in most states, legislators are overwhelming lawyers. If they're not, their aids and advisers are legal students and paralegals. Lawyers make their money in the Judicial Branch. Should they be legislating in the Legislative Branch pretending to serve average people? We the People will continue to be screwed over by lawyers as long as we continue to elect them to "represent us".

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Ritt Goldstein testified in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee during a special legislative hearing Dec. 1996. After finding international experts to tesify at the hearing, Ritt fled to Sweden seeking political asylum. He exposed gross judicial and police misconduct in the State of Connecticut and then fled for his life after making this video:

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