Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bankster Austerity Measures?

The Meaning of "Austerity"

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corbettreport June 22, 2010TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://ur1.ca/0balr

..."Austerity" is one of those Orwellian terms that has been injected into our political discourse precisely because it is a nice-sounding word for a very painful reality. "Austerity" implies discipline, self-restraint, even nobility. "Austerity" is prudent. "Austerity" is modest. "Austerity" is a virtue. It is an end in itself.

If the IMF or the European Central Bank come to the people of a collapsing European nation and tell them to sacrifice their pensions and their savings and their very standard of living all for a debt that their government has fraudulently racked up in their name, no one would go for it, and rightly so.

But tell those same people that they need to implement "austerity measures" in order to "get back on their feet" economically, and many will be willing to live in the harshest of conditions, content to put up with the dismantling of their nation itself in the vain hope that by giving more power to the international financial institutions they can somehow avoid economic collapse...

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This blogger's little world version of the above:




If the police union in the state of Connecticut will send out assassins to kill citizens who make police misconduct complaints or those who propose judicial reform and civilian oversight of police legislation, why is America considered a "Free" Country?


Those the Goon Unions don't contract to kill, they have other methods. Anne Kristine Blake blew the whistle on public corruption. Two other government employees were given advancement incentives to make up a false story about Ms. Blake. A Manchester Connecticut police officer was in on the plot too. Ms. Blake would have ended up in prison or a mental hospital if she didn't have a stamped passport proving she was out of the country during the "alleged incident". Her story:

Why would a US Marine, Stephen Murzin, face 6 months in prison for having caused a disturbance being stabbed, while a felon on probation isn't even violated on probation for almost murdering 3 people? Should police officers use tax dollars to have citizens killed? Prove positive the law enforcement and the court system is rigged from the inside for a very long time:


Andrea Wilson was fired for exposing Judicial Branch managers committing theft and their fraudulently spending taxpayer money, for exposing the rigging of court cases, and for exposing the rigging of government contracts. The Judicial Workers Union is also a sham:

Elected officials have been informed of the above. They choose to act with the abusers, not for the people.

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The Mafia, CIA, and George Bush


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