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Dumbass Pot Smoker Video

The above [found here]

Above [found here]

Have you ever pondered why the US no longer has a valid Constitution?

Well, if you have to rely on citizens like the one below to also care, you get what you've got ...

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Do you expect Americans like the one below, to care about issues [like these]?

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In Layman's Terms

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You can't do basic math if you're stoned ...

From the Kenny's Side Show blog:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Joe Meadors Interviews

Joe Meadors was on the same Free Gaza boat that Israel seized in the Mediterranean on Monday. He is also a survivor of the 1967 attack by Israel on the US military ship the USS Liberty. Meadors says that the attack on the flotilla was illegal and that Israel needs to be held accountable for its actions.

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Did former CIA Director George H. W. Bush as US President have his "flamboyant buddy", the former dictator of Panama, arrested after the US invaded Panama over a cocaine deal gone bad? Was Bush spurned in "another way" ... ?

As head of the CIA, was Bush, the top world Drug Lord for smuggling Cocaine and Heroin?

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Panamanian General Manuel Noriega [more]

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Geraldo Rivera and Heroin in Afghanistan

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What the worlds see about the US everyday

The abuse is coming home to America. I'm not saying soldiers are bad, unless they've committed war crimes, I am saying the leadership is bad, and many soldiers come back to become US law enforcement.


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I found the below video on [this blog]

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Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Over A Million Innocent People Perished In A War Based On A Lie

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CIA Secret Wars Killed 6 Million People - Government Coverup - Attacks on 3rd World Nations - Third World War

Text with video:

Some might deny it, but they CAN'T ignore it!

The CIA has been the source of many wars in out recent history. Millions of innocent people were killed. Millions more families were destroyed. Imagine if this were to happen to you! We can't ignore this! And we should not ignore the pain and suffering these people have endured.

We must all wake up to reality and stop letting these people destroy our brothers and sisters. Those who spread hate for a fellow human beings should not be allowed to walk among us. We need to spread love amongst ourselves. Take care of each other despite of our differences.


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DoD abruptly stops an interview about civilian deaths in war !!!

Text with video:
SayNoToTorture November 30, 2008Why is it wrong for dictators and terrorists to kill innocent civilians and right or excusable for the United States to do exactly the same?
Well The United States doesnt do it, and if we did it, it will as reprehensible as the the terrorists do.

You The United States doesnt kill innocent civilians?

Ahh No, the United States does not target civilians.

Those from the outside who look at September the eleventh where 3000 people died in that tragedy but then look at the thousands who died since, wonder about double standards here.
I I I think that the I think that the numbers that youre talking about are questionable, so lets leave aside your numbers.

Why are they questionable?

I I mean I dont accept your assertion that weve killed thousands of innocent people, but
There are a lot of studies and examinations of facts on the ground that suggest indeed thousands, I mean in Iraq at the moment, there are studies that are talking about ten thousands, but I dont want to get into numbers, but certainly thousands seems a fair figure.
I I dont I dont know if thats true and I dont accept the assertion.

If you ask an American student, how many people died in Vietnam, he will tell you 58000, because they dismissed the two, three maybe four million Vietnamese who were killed by the US and its allies in that war, so this is an ongoing issue; Mr Colin Powell is quoted to having said: hes not interested in civilian casualties in Afghanistan, its not his concern, and thats their attitude in Iraq, whether its 5000 or 10000 its not an issue.

Well I think Americans like most people are mostly concerned about their countrymen, I dont know how many Iraqi civilians were killed but I can assure you that the numbers are the absolute minimal that is possible in modern warfare. One of the stunning things about the quick coalition victory was how little damage was done to Iraqi infrastructure and how low Iraqi casualties were.

Thats quite high if its 10000 civilians!

Well I think its quite low if you look at the size of the military operation that was undertaken.
Its practically inevitability in war that there are going to be innocent people who get hurt no matter how much care a professional military, a properly behaved military, puts into avoiding damage to non combatants and to civilian infrastructure.

That sounds fine sitting here in Washington, but in Iraq and in Afghanistan which is my most recent experience, thats not how it looks at all!

Interview was stopped by a Colonel of the department of defense

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The Blood of Cu Chulainn

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The below is an excerpt [from here]

Daily U.S. Military Aid to Israel and the Palestinians
Fiscal Year 2009

Chart showing  that the United States gives Israel about $7 million per day in  military aid and no military aid to the Palestinians.

During Fiscal Year 2009, the U.S. is providing Israel with at least $7.0 million per day in military aid and $0 in military aid to the Palestinians. (View Sources & More Information)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

israel is more of a threat to world peace than iraq ever was !!!!

Sunday, June 06, 2010 5:43:00 PM  

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