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Is Israel the Puppetmaster of the US Gov?

Listening to "turned against them" insider Paul Craig Roberts seems to be saying that in a video found on the Kenny's Sideshow blog, the below re-posted in its entirety from that blog:

The Relationship

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A Special Relationship ...

Does Israel Rule the World?

We Are Not Alone

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From Steven G. Erickson's blog:

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BP to Israel running US Gov

Text with video:
SvenVonErick June 03, 2010More info:

Rob Kall of interviews Medea Benjamin of Code Pink. Topics include Israeli aggression, Gaza being the biggest open air prison, Hamas, BP Oil spill Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Gulf, Ocean, beach, seige, Jews, Jewish, patriotism, birds etc.

"US Jews stop the killing". Is Aipac an illegal, corrupt organization circumventing the US citizen control of their own government? Are US politicians bought and paid for by Aipac? Does Aipac decide US Middle East policy? Is Israel involved in genocide with the US being the pawn in the conspiracy? Why are Italians, South Africans, and citizens all over the world condemning Israel? Is it time to boot Aipac out of Washington DC? Is Aipac the real "Big Brother"?

Is the US Government merely a puppet for the Israeli Gov?:
Paul Craig Roberts weighs in.

Does Israel and Mossad prefer to kill protesters and dissenters? Are Jews who are critical of Israel barred entry into Israel?

Should the US taxpayers stop funding Israel?

Codepink Women for peace

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Taking away children from good parents brings in US Federal Tax Dollars to states. Falsely arrest and imprison citizens, and again, Federal Tax Dollars filter into states. States have financial incentives to disregard the US Constitution and maximally abuse citizens.

We have morons in the US Government now considering using nuclear bombs to seal the leaking oil a mile down in the Gulf. Are the Three Stooges running the US Government, or what? With corruption, this is now what is typical of US Courts and elected officials who refuse to actually represent the interests of the people:

US Courts are Breaking Families

(8 min +)
Judges in the US who get sadistic pleasure out of harming children and families are becoming more the rule, than the exception. Telling elected officials and presenting evidence can get your arrested and thrown in prison as a political prisoner.

A father complaining about an unjust system just wanting to see more of his kids can be treated more harshly than a criminal, a child molester. Legitimately complain about the court system in the US, and you are more of a target for arrest than drug dealers, prostitutes, vandals, thieves, muggers, and even rapists.

Chris Kennedy makes complaints against a judge and provided plenty of evidence and documents. Elected officials just ignored the evidence and allowed the judge, Jonathan J. Kaplan, to be reappointed to abuse the public another 8 years. If you are considering visiting the US, I advise against it. Cops can rape women and nothing is done, you can be ripped off and there is no one who will care to complain to. Judges can throw you in jail and you need not have done anything wrong.

A bankster, Tom Petters, can align himself with a judge, Minneapolis, Minnesota Judge Montgomery, and have law enforcement come out to a citizen's house after they stole millions, hold guns to his head telling him not to report the judge for ripping him off. Video of the victim, Richard Hettler speaks, scroll down in this post:

Barbara C. Johnson was a Massachusetts Attorney who ran for Governor in that State. She was disbarred and sent to prison for blogging about a Connecticut Judge who didn't follow rules. Judge Kaplan called Mass Judges to get Barbara disbarred and arrested to take her Free Speech off her website. Barbara wrote a book and is now in exile in Costa Rica. Barbara tells me that Australia is even more corrupt judicially than America. Judges put hits out on lawyers who inform on the corrupt system:

So, lawyers in Australia can get murdered for serving their clients against the wishes of corrupt judges. In America they just get disbarred, ruined, arrested, and some do prison time.

Police in Connecticut just won't leave former West Hartford former Attorney, James "Jim" Brewer, alone. He defended good cops against bad ones. Brewer could write a tell all book about the rampant police and judicial misconduct in the State of Connecticut. He is followed around, threatened, and harassed by police continually.

In America, the real terrorists aren't Al Qaeda and the like, it is rogue police officers and their corrupt judge enablers.

Connecticut sets precedents for all of America. A lot of the world's key abusers and banksters have ties to Connecticut. It is getting less safe in the US to live, own a home, work, raise a family and retire. I'm looking at earning what I can to get out while the getting is good.
-Steven G. Erickson

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What has the US Government getting away with right in our faces for over two decades?:

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[click here] for:

Separate and Unequal "Justice" System?


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