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"Jews go Home"?

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Morning Joe - Commentary on Helen Thomas' Stance on the State of Israel/Jews

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"Never tell anyone the real reason you did something unless it is useful to do so"


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'Deep Throat' betrayed murdered policeman in 'Omaha Two' case


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Lantern Spike, Garden Plot, Palmer Raids, Martial Law

So, if it happened before, was planned for before, it isn't happening right now, right?


Rex-84 was written by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, who was both the NSC White House Aide and NSC liason to FEMA, and John Brinkerhoff, the deputy director of "national preparedness" programs for FEMA. They patterned the plan on a 1970 report written by FEMA chief Louis Giuffrida, at the Army War College, which proposed the detention of up to 21 million "American Negroes", if there were a black militant uprising in the United States.[3]
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I expand my thoughts on above subjects on [here]

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A former Mossad agent, now living in the US, married to an FBI agent, with alleged organized crime/state government connections, running a bar?


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Will US President Barack Obama see to it that journalists are held as political prisoners as the internet and press gets government imposed censorship?

Obama censors whistleblowers

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RTAmerica June 07, 2010The Obama administration has been accused of attacking the press' freedom. James Rison a Pulitzer Prize winner is being prosecuted and has been told to give up his sources or face going to jail. The Obama administration originally came into office declaring transparency as an important factor in President Obama's White House.

Helen Thomas can be seen in above video. Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd who is on the Banking Committee, can be seen standing behind Obama in this video. Dodd took bribes from banksters. Banksters bankrolled Obama's campaign. Do the math. Is secret society elitist, Chris Dodd, also behind global censorship of journalists and the internet? Why hasn't Dodd been arrested and jailed as a criminal for his crimes? Just the tip of the iceberg:

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jbranstetter04 November 17, 2008The little Democrat Weasel Chris Dodd is a crook and a scoundrel who should be thrown out of congress head first just like his Fannie Mae buddy Barney Frank; they're like two peas in a pod. Although if you are ever caught in a pod with Barney Frank, you had better watch out for your peas, if you know what I mean.

Bill O'Rielly interviews Tom Scott about the radio interview that he had with the Honorable Senator Chris Dodd, honorable, ha ha.

Politically Charged Radio Interview Goes Viral

Published: November 16, 2008

Internet rule of thumb: When something goes online, it spreads fast and keeps spreading, whether you like it or not.

A striking example came last week, when Clear Channel Communications tried to force a Web site in Connecticut to take down an audio recording, only to have the recording pop up on dozens — if not hundreds — of other sites within days.

On Oct. 28, Tom Scott, a talk radio host at a Clear Channel station, WELI-AM in New Haven, recorded a heated interview with Senator Christopher J. Dodd, Democrat of Connecticut. Mr. Scott, a former Republican state senator, accused Mr. Dodd of misconduct in getting a mortgage, which Mr. Dodd vehemently denied.

The station did not broadcast the interview as scheduled. Mr. Scott said the station had withheld the recording because of repeated clashes between him and a producer. He does not accuse the station of censorship, but does say that the producer wanted to be easier on Mr. Dodd.

Clear Channel confirms the dispute with the producer, and says WELI did not broadcast the interview because Mr. Scott quit. Mr. Scott said he left by mutual agreement, but after the station held up the broadcast.

Last Tuesday, the recording turned up on a local Internet news site, The New Haven Independent, along with an article about the episode at WELI.

The site received a letter from a lawyer for Clear Channel, stating that the recording belonged to the company and demanding that it be removed from the site, but that went about as well as the music industrys early attempts to stop file sharing.

Political Web sites, bloggers and other radio stations quickly picked up on the story, including at least one Clear Channel station, and some charged censorship. (That would have meant Clear Channel, known for mostly conservative talk radio, protecting a liberal Democrat.) They downloaded the recording from The Independent and posted it online or played it on the air, or simply posted links to The Independents site.

It crashed our server, said Paul Bass, managing editor of The Independent. Its by the far the heaviest traffic weve had.

Mr. Scott said, I got calls from all over the country from people wanting to interview me about what happened.

On Thursday, WELI broadcast the Dodd interview after all — to put to rest talk of censorship, a Clear Channel spokeswoman said.

This was just an attempt to protect intellectual property, she said. But it speaks to how incredibly hard it is to do that on the Internet.

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"Hanging: it concentrates the mind wonderfully"


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