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McCain/Lieberman "Snatch & Grab" Legislation

US Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain want legislation that would allow the government to snatch and grab any American, on any excuse, without charges, without a release date, and not having to tell anyone anything with no oversight. Have they gone crazy?

I, also, voice my opinions on this subject on the website here:


One of Congress’s most notoriously hawkish duos, Sen. John McCain [R, AZ] and Sen. Joseph Lieberman [I, CT], recently introduced legislation in response to President Obama’s decision to try Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Christmas Day airplane bomber, in a criminal court. Their proposal, which they are calling the Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention and Prosecution Act, would empower the U.S. military to arrest anyone, U.S. citizen or otherwise, who is suspected of terrorist associations and detain them indefinitely, without right to a trial.

Here’s my analysis with links to specific sections of the actual bill text and a few excerpts of key sections. I invite your fact-checking.

Terrorist suspects would be given over to military custody for interrogation:

(a) Military Custody Requirement- Whenever within the United States, its territories, and possessions, or outside the territorial limits of the United States, an individual is captured or otherwise comes into the custody or under the effective control of the United States who is suspected of engaging in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners through an act of terrorism, or by other means in violation of the laws of war, or of purposely and materially supporting such hostilities, and who may be an unprivileged enemy belligerent, the individual shall be placed in military custody for purposes of initial interrogation and determination of status in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

People would have to be given over to the military within a “reasonable time” (undefined) of their initial arrest. Miranda rights would be specifically waived, denying the detainee a right to a lawyer and a right to refuse to cooperate:

(3) INAPPLICABILITY OF CERTAIN STATEMENT AND RIGHTS- A individual who is suspected of being an unprivileged enemy belligerent shall not, during interrogation under this subsection, be provided the statement required by Miranda v. Arizona (384 U.S. 436 (1966)) or otherwise be informed of any rights that the individual may or may not have to counsel or to remain silent consistent with Miranda v. Arizona.

Once in custody, suspects would be interrogated by a “high-value detainee interrogation group” to determine whether the person is, in fact, “an unprivileged enemy belligerent” according to any of thecriteria below:

(2) CRITERIA FOR DESIGNATION OF INDIVIDUALS AS HIGH-VALUE DETAINEES- The regulations required by this subsection shall include criteria for designating an individual as a high-value detainee based on the following:

(A) The potential threat the individual poses for an attack on civilians or civilian facilities within the United States or upon United States citizens or United States civilian facilities abroad at the time of capture or when coming under the custody or control of the United States.

(B) The potential threat the individual poses to United States military personnel or United States military facilities at the time of capture or when coming under the custody or control of the United States.

(C ) The potential intelligence value of the individual.

(D) Membership in al Qaeda or in a terrorist group affiliated with al Qaeda.

(E) Such other matters as the President considers appropriate.

If there is any disagreement about a person’s unprivileged enemy belligerent according to the above criteria, the final determination goes to the President. Once determined to be an unprivileged enemy belligerent, a person, regardless of citizenship status, can be detained indefinitely, without trial, until terrorist threats against the U.S are determined to be over:


An individual, including a citizen of the United States, determined to be an unprivileged enemy belligerent under section 3( c)(2) in a manner which satisfies Article 5 of the Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War may be detained without criminal charges and without trial for the duration of hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners in which the individual has engaged, or which the individual has purposely and materially supported, consistent with the law of war and any authorization for the use of military force provided by Congress pertaining to such hostilities.

So far, the bill has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. It currently has nine co-sponsors, including the newly-elected Sen. Scott Brown [R, MA]. We’ll update on this blog if it gets a hearing or a mark-up in the committee.

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Pre 9-11 Abuse of American Citizens:

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Alex Breaks Down McCain-Graham S.3081 Indefinite Detention & Torture Bill on The Alex Jones Show

Sunday 20 June 2010

Come get your new video fix!

Dissenters To Be Detained As Enemy Belligerents? Paul Joseph Watson Monday, March 8, 2010 Since the establishment media is convinced that tea party members, 9 truthers, libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, and basically anyone with a dissenting political opinion is a likely domestic terrorist, they should be celebrating the fact that a new bill would allow the government to detain such people as enemy belligerents indefinitely and without trial based on their suspected activity. The Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010, introduced by Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman on Thursday with little fanfare, sets out a comprehensive policy for the detention, interrogation and trial of suspected enemy belligerents who are believed to have engaged in hostilities against the United States by requiring these individuals to be held in military custody, interrogated for their intelligence value and not provided with a Miranda warning, writes the Atlantics Marc Ambinder. The full bill can be read here (PDF). The bill does not distinguish between US citizens and non-citizens, and states that suspected belligerents who are considered a high-value detainee shall not be provided with a Miranda warning. A person is considered a high value detainee if they fulfil one of the following criteria. (1) poses a threat of an attack on civilians or civilian facilities within the US or US facilities abroad; (2) poses a threat to US military


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You would expect nothing less from these two imbeciles McCain & Lieberman. McCain is so frustrated from his humbling presidential run. That he became a vindictive idiot.

Sunday, June 27, 2010 1:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Spartacus, I am Gandhi, I am a Endowed By Creation To Freely Be Me, I am On the List.


The government derives its power from the Sovereign Individuals of this Nation. Those Individuals all share and make-up the Domain of the Sovereign Public. We Declared Independence, Fought on Our Own Authority, Won Our Independence and Created The Republic of the United States of America.

The reason that we created, organized and empowered a government is to ensure the sovereignty of the individual; that hard won Independence was protected and maintained. A Governed Protectorate to Ensure and defend Our Personal, Private Liberty, Property and Freedom; an Organized Safeguard for Our Unmolested Infinite Indivisible Individual Potential in Pursuit of Happiness.

Acts that have already passed, that can label, any Sovereign Individual’s Actions of Speech, Political Actions, Assembly, ‘Intentions’ and acquaintances as an Unprivileged Enemy Belligerent.
This is 'Un-Privileging' or our Individually Endowed Unalienable Fundamental Rights, beyond the 'UnPrivileeging' that has made us less safe and less free with HLS, JWDAA, and the Patriot Acts.

Full Article

Liberty and Justice for All.

As a Department of Justice the Officers are the Defenders and Guardians of the Justice portion of our Governmental Equation. They exist to Ensure that as the Agent of Justice the Government’s actions in carrying out the force of law, are only within its prescribed jurisdictions, within their justly limited and authorized powers, for their defined purpose and with equitable Justice for all.

Because the Government acts with Our Authority and with the Force of Law, The Justice Department is given the duty to ensure that the government’s activities, behavior, systems, processes, policies, actions, judgments, directives, partnerships, etc. are Just and Lawful.

To ensure Impartiality, to ensure no Corruption, To ensure Equity, to ensure justice within the system of the Public Domain.


To ensure policies, ordinances, methods and actions are within government purview and authority. To ensure the Justice between the Governments interactions and involvement with the prescribed protections of Individual Liberties and Personal Rights of the Private Domain for the Natural Person.

To Ensure That the Constitutional Contract requiring the Individual’s; Vote, Due Process, Redress of Grievances, Confront Accusers, Jury Trail, Innocent until Proven, Privacy, Property, Compensation, Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly, Arms, Protest, Expression of Belligerence toward Tyranny and Injustice etc, etc, etc, are inviolate and are sovereign unto the Individuals that grant the Authority of the Republic’s Justice Officers and Law Enforcement Expressly for the purpose of their Protection.

To call Grand Juries when the suspicion of corruption is present and Punishment when proved.

If the laws, policies and actions of the Government become unjust the Department of Justice is supposed to raise the alarm to call a halt to the observed injustice and investigate the government actions in grand jury investigations, for the people to judge the activities of the government they have authorized and judge the judges if needed, to return justice to the system.

Full Article

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 9:47:00 AM  

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