Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tony's Pentagon Worldwide Narcotics Delivery Service

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Is the Afghanistan invasion and occupation really about guarding the breadbasket of heroin, not about saving the world from terrorism? US troops are in charge of "protecting" heroin and marijuana fields. How ridiculous do the lies have to get before Americans get a clue? The rest of the world has already connected the dots.

Marijuana as big as trees, miles of poppies - destroying it will kill the Afghan economy

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RussiaToday June 11, 2010Afghan veteran and "Rethink Afghanistan" activist Jake Diliberto talks about how fighting drug production may bring quite unexpected results

Afghan's opium war, the other war

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RTAmerica June 10, 2010Afghanistan produces twice as much heroin as the entire world produced 10 years ago. Consumption of opiates in the EU topped all last year, and drugs kill 10 thousand people in Europe annually. IPS Fellow Sanho Tree joins Priya Sridhar, he is the director of the Drug Policy Project, which works to end the domestic and international "War on Drugs" and replace it with policies that promote public health and safety, as well as economic alternatives to the prohibition drug economy. He says that the worst thing the US Military could do right now is forced eradication because the farmers will turn to illicit crops to feed their families

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If you stop listening to rhetoric and do the math, something emerges. Before there were US boots on the ground in Afghanistan, heroin was about 4% strength on American streets and a bag went for about $20. After there were US boots on the ground heroin is about 70% strength and is $5 per bag on American streets. The problem is now global, is America the world's main illegal drug supplier/middleman? A former narcotics detective told me the facts.

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George W. Bush's 2010 Inaugural Address on Facebook - HD

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Public corruption in the United States caught on video

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1pcdoc March 27, 2009Public corruption all over the United States this makes you wonder why people do not trust our justice system the police officers in this video you'll see a Tennessee sheriff and some more stuff

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U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey talks for over an hour in the video link below. The Culture of Corruption that has long been normal operating procedure is described in stunning detail in the video link below.

He was a judge in one of the most corrupt districts in the US. It is ironic that he talks about public corruption. Read in between the lines, watch his facial expressions, and then imagine how much more, thousands times more corruption, that he, himself, is directly involved in. Mukasey comes off as likable, knowledgeable, and on the right side in the video. Knowing the real story, it is business as usual. How to bribe an elected official is described well by Mr. Mukasey, I will purposely fail to call him, "Your Honor".


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