Friday, June 25, 2010

US Garrisons of Death all over the World and Robot Drone Killers

Why are US taxpayers paying for wars on civilians? If the US is waging perpetual covert war against its own citizens and citizens of the world, when will the "perps" be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and for war crimes?


Author Tom Engelhardt talks about these subjects in a video [found here]

Is the US covertly at war with Pakistan? Are the wars of occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq really about cornering the Heroin Trade and about Oil and Natural Gas?


These planes are probably already flying at night all over the US. It will then be easier to kill civilians more efficiently inside the US. If there are 1 in 24 covert government informants in the US. The drones might be a cheaper way of spying on and eliminating citizens.

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Average American individuals, to entire countries, are being harmed by the puppeteers behind the scenes making US policy:

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[click here] for:

Deep Throat' betrayed murdered policeman in 'Omaha Two' case

Larry Minard

William Mark Felt, the infamous ‘Deep Throat’ of Watergate fame, was no hero. Sometimes portrayed as heroically risking his job at the Federal Bureau of Investigation to expose President Richard Nixon’s illegal ‘Plumbers’ unit that burglarized Democratic National Committee headquarters, Felt coveted the job as director. Felt, who had engaged in and covered up dirty tricks and illegal conduct of FBI agents for years, was making a move to become the new boss.

William Mark Felt 1958


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Does, or did, the US Government have a plan to detain and/or kill all dark skinned minorities? Is there a plan to hook as many as possible on hard drugs and use prisons as birth control? Is Domestic Spying, Espionage, and Covert Harassment, Raping, Beating, railroading to prison, and Murder of American Civilians business as usual for decades? Answer:


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