Monday, June 07, 2010

Was the BP "Spill" an inside job?

BP chief Tony Hayward sold shares weeks before oil spill

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BP Spill an Exxon/Mobil/CIA Plot?

(20 sec) Have US Banksters, the CIA, heroin and cocaine cartels, and companies like Exxon/Mobil been taking over UK companies using clandestine dirty tricks? Post:

BP might now be bought for pennies on the dollar. Was the oil spill in the Gulf pouring crude oil onto Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and other beaches all a conspiracy for "important people" to get even richer?

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The "American Spook Factor" is when someone anyone in the world says something against American Covert Corporate interests. Lisa Masterson tried to blow the whistle on the Lyme Disease testing and treatment Big Pharma scam. Big Pharma in the UK and US is also involved in Bio-weapons research. Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, is also tied in. [more]

Is there any tie to the Gulf War Illness Syndrome?

Lisa Masterson conducted the dots in the UK. She was then arrested, her kids taken away, and she was whisked off to the mental hospital. Kathleen Dickson connected the same dots in the US, and then became an expert witness for the FDA, exposing a Lyme Disease testing and treatment scam that would have brought in hundreds of millions of dollars, if not more than a billion to Big Pharma. After tipping the FDA, Kathleen Dickson was arrested, had her kids taken away, and then was whisked off to a mental hospital.

Both Masterson and Dickson had Connecticut's Department of Administrative Services, and alleged domestic and international spying and covert operation center looking into their activities just before their separate arrests in the UK and US. Try exposing any Big Pharma fraud or any malfeasance having to do with Yale University and see who pays attention.

So, if the head of BP did something to upset the unseen spooks, he'd be toasted.


Plum Island, the Bio-Weapons research facility. Lyme Disease was an African Disease first discovered when British soldiers came down with it during the second world war. It was carried by soft body ticks in Africa. So, how did it end up in the US in hard body ticks in the US, ground zero, Lyme Connecticut? Some think that experiments escaped the lab, infected sea birds who flew with ticks into Connecticut then infecting the world with Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease was thought to have military use as a "Stealth Disabler". Goat and other infected livestock can have their urine collected, it is dried, and sprayed as an aerosol in desert environments from airplanes. So, is their a connection between Gulf War Illness and Lyme Disease?


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