Sunday, July 04, 2010

Banskter G20 Global Goons



Police use their own provocateur agents to give police an excuse for mass arrests and beatings of peaceful protesters.

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G20 Wrap-up, Iran War Build-up - Sunday Update

Text with video:
corbettreport | July 04, 2010

Sunday Update is a public service of The Corbett Report podcast.


On the eve of the G20 Summit, the Globe tells Canadians that police are gods

G20 Five-metre fence rule never existed

Footage of police abandoning decoy cars

Footage of black-hooded "anarchist" running past police line

Dan Dicks on The Corbett Report

G20 Protestors Threatened with Rape

Charlie Veitch arrested for impersonating a police officer

Medieval enthusiast arrested for toy weapons

Israel suspected in forged iran nuclear trigger documents

CIA affirms Iran has no nuclear weapon program

CIA reaffirms that there is no proof of an Iran nuclear weapon program

CIA Director Panetta fearmongers over Iran on ABC News

Paul Craig Roberts on The Corbett Report

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The US and UK want to take away as many children out of families as is possible. This is "official kidnapping".

Social Scare: Cops take kids away in 'forced adoption' racket

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RussiaToday | July 04, 2010

With 10,000 children in care of the UK government, taking kids from their parents is seen as a last resort. But some British families have been torn apart by social workers who remove children over minor domestic issues.

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DCF and Connecticut's Official Whore House


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If corporate banksters aren't punished for crimes committed, we'll continue to have illegal wars of occupation paid with American Taxpayer Slave Labor:

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Depleted Uranium Munitions

Is it a war crime to use depleted uranium in war?

more info:

Is using depleted Uranium Rounds to kill tanks from ground weapons and from aircraft such as A-10 Warthog jet aircraft a war crime? Is using such weapons the equivalent to using a dirty nuclear bomb?

Depleted Uranium may have a have life measured in billions of years. Radiation causes cruel deaths with lots of suffering. It causes birth defects. Why has the US been using this weapon since the first Gulf War in countries such as Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and other countries?

When there is such disregard for laws at the top level, the abuse goes all the way down to the street level. The US and UK are taking away maybe ten times more children than they should. It is about creating a police state with corrupt kangaroo courts.

Former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland allegedly conspired with former DCF head Kristine Ragaglia and the Connecticut Mafia to officially kidnap as many children as possible. States get federal tax dollars to do this. The mob gets tax dollars to build, run, and supply facilities such as "Kiddie Max" prisons for kids. Politicians such as Rowland got kickbacks, bribes, and freebies. So did Ragaglia. The Connecticut State Police and FBI went after investigators trying to expose these crimes to cover them up.

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Excerpt: Anna Chapman is a rather common name and as it was a pseudonym, it was chosen for that fact. Anya Kuschenko is her real name.


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