Saturday, July 24, 2010

Obama and Chris Dodd out to "SAVE" People?

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Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd seems to be the one whispering in Obama's ear, telling Obama what the banksters told him they want for policy. Obama is bought and paid for by the banksters, and Dodd has been outed for taking forms of bribes. Dodd is on the Senate Banking Committee. Do you see how ridiculous this is? The Fed, a private banking corporation, rips off the American people and then loans them money to bail them out. [Bankster History]

Gerald Celente: 'This isn't reform, its depression'

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RTAmerica | July 21, 2010

Earlier today US President Barack Obama signed a bill that is the most comprehensive financial law to be enacted since the Great Depression. The law, which got final approval from the Senate last week, targets the kind of Wall Street risk-taking that helped trigger a global financial meltdown in 2007-2009. Gerald Celente says that this is only going to harm and will not do enough to change Wall Street.

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Charlotte Dennett's father Daniel Dennett died under mysterious circumstances. He was a key instrument in the precursor of the CIA. The modern CIA is basically an offshore bankster thug service. Why should the CIA be able to withhold most of their files even 60 years later? Is what they did long ago, going to give us a real hint of what is really going on now? Without the alphabet soup of thuggery departments doing as they please without oversight, corporate banking gangsters would not be ripping off the average American wholesale. Dennett's fight,
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Prosecuting Bush, Charlotte Dennett marches on


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