Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obama's RightHaven ploy to Censor Internet?

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I received an email from Nancy Lazaryan, a Judicial Reform Advocate from Minneapolis, Minnesota. [Her video] explaining Independent Grand Juries and the need for them is a must see. Nancy eludes that Obama will use his corrupt Chicago attorney connections to censor the internet. [Nancy's link sent to me on RightHaven]

[A list] of publications that may sue you if you quote them or link to them.

"Fair Use" is for bloggers, teachers, journalists, political activists, and others who aren't making a profit to inform others using the copyrighted work of others, giving the authors/creators credit for their work. Eliminating "Fair Use" would censor the internet and would be the final Obama/Bush nail in the coffin of Liberty and Free Speech.



[click here] for:

Anatomy of Blacklisting in the USA and UK

If you have children, they're targets, and if you're reading this, and are politically active, you're a target. How does the list work?


The old system where the FBI, military, police, elected officials, judges, attorneys, and others conspired to keep minorities in their place, is now "Justice" for all of us:



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