Saturday, August 07, 2010

Illegal Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan Wars shut down by Leahy Law?

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If laws still apply in the United States of America, why can't the "Leahy Law", named after Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy, be used to shut down the illegal wars of occupation in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan? If there are human rights violations and US taxpayers are funding the abuse, the law is in place to shut the money off. So, contact your Congressperson and US Senator, and ask that these illegal wars be de-funded because of human rights violations in theater.


The Leahy Law or Leahy provision is a human rights stipulation in U.S. congressional foreign assistance legislation.[1] The Leahy Law prohibits U.S. military assistance to foreign military units that violate human rights with impunity. It is named after its principal sponsor, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont.[2]

I discovered information about the Leahy Law in the below video.

Text with video:

RTAmerica | August 06, 2010

In Colombia, there were a series of incidents where children were getting sick after drinking water. The children were getting sick because of a mass grave that was discovered soon after. The people who were killed were supposed members of FARC, a revolutionary guerilla group that has been in increased conflict with the Colombian army. Kelly Nichols says that the million dollar question is why does the US continue to give money to groups that end up killing civilians.



added August 9, 2010, Why are so many citizens in the US railroaded to prison to be held as political prisoners?:



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