Monday, August 09, 2010

Is Alex Jones’ Anti-Immigration Stance limiting his followers?

"Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen pictured with Alex Jones. There is a controversy about Alex Jones exaggerating and fabricating stories. The most notable is the Charlie Sheen questioning Barack Obama controversy. [Picture source and story]

More and more Americans are worrying about “reciprocal consideration” when thinking of moving themselves, their finances, and their families to a country outside the US. It now costs $450 to buy your hide back from the US Government and denounce your US citizenship. The political climate in the US is getting scary enough that this thought can’t, not be on the minds of many Americans. Global repression is going on with the US government worldwide, it is truly us against them.

Alex Jones could be a global force against tyranny if he reconsidered his stance on immigration. There are those of us who would consider becoming US Ex-patriots and don’t want to be retaliated against by citizens in other countries the way too many closed minded Americans treat the come later immigrants. Others think that Alex Jones needs to button up his sloppy journalistic style, and sensationalism, to be more accurate in his "reporting".

This blogger's "Alarm Bells Going Off", found:

Alex Jones Tv Sunday Edition: When Will You Stand Up and Say Enough is Enough? 1/5

Text with video:
TheAlexJonesChannel | August 08, 2010

Elena Kagan has been sworn in, airport body scanners take center stage in national political debate, Fidel Castro gave a stern nuclear warning, Billionaires are signing agreements to donate half of their fortunes, and more. Alex also covers the latest news and takes your calls.

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