Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prosecute Tony Blair for War Crimes

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Colonization of other countries is illegal occupation. It is a war crime. Torture is a war crime. Plain and simple, Tony Blair and George W. Bush should be prosecuted for war crimes. The US is the most powerful country in the world, this should not exempt its leaders from prosecution for committing crimes. It is amazing that the majority of the American people believe the crap reporting of the mainstream media. The below video tells the truth.

Riz Khan - The last US combat forces in Iraq

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AlJazeeraEnglish | August 21, 2010

US combat forces have left Iraq, but who should be held accountable for the invasion and occupation that has left hundreds of thousands dead? Veteran investigative journalist John Pilger joins the show to discuss.

US Troops are being replaced by mercenaries paid with US tax dollars, so this is just bait and switch.

Kill teams, Scalpel operations

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RTAmerica | August 20, 2010

US Special Forces around the Middle East are given no restrictions when they are on a mission to capture or kill their target. The Cold War is gone but the legacy lives on through the CIA Secret operations. United States servicemen and women who are not in Special Ops have to be on their best behavior when working with the local population of Afghanistan. Why the need for these "Capture Kill Teams"?

The US intelligence community uses cellphone GPS to target individuals on their "Blacklist", and they kill them. Killer drone, unmanned airplanes, are used. So, are missiles, and other means. Citizens in the US can be targeted using such methods just for speaking out. Most aren't so openly killed in the US when on the secret police arrest on sight enemies list. They're just railroaded to prison to rot, their lives ruined forever. Taxpayers fund their own abuse, enslavement, and are literally paying for an out of control government bent on torturing people, raping, robbing, beating, and killing.


Governments subject to the people

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RTAmerica | August 19, 2010

The SPLC says a group of American citizens feel they have no obligation to obey the laws of the United States, especially laws imposed by the Federal Government. A new study found out that this movement has already about three hundred thousand strong and is growing. Robert Kelly says that as the historical reference says they live above government and it's about recognizing that people are the government.


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