Thursday, August 05, 2010

Shit Hits Fan, Unemployment causing major foreclosures

The United States of America is a major consumer, not a major producer. This is what happens when math strikes back.

Foreclosing the middle class

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RTAmerica | August 02, 2010

Experts from NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) say that now it's even harder to refinance your mortgage than it was before the crisis. After all the help that the banks got from the taxpayers, why has it become harder to for people to get some relief from the banks? Sawsan Zaky says that because of bad George Bush policies, the US economy and foreclosures will continue to struggle while President Obama's damage control policies emerge.

The US Government is paying States federal tax dollars to put as many citizens in prison as is possible.

Prison-Based Gerrymandering

Text with video:
PrisonPolicyInit | May 06, 2010

An excerpt from Gerrymandering, a documentary film. In this segment, learn about the census, prison counts and how our democracy is supposed to work.

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I ask my Vermont US Senators and Congressman to address this:



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