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9-11 Truth

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I have seen no other blogger in my daily viewing, more dedicated to getting the truth out on 9-11 than the [Kenny's Sideshow blog].

My thoughts on 9-11 posted as a comment in an article on the subject [found here]

Haunting Questions relating to the WTC on 9-11? Did the US Government and their goon foreign intelligence contractors apply an accelerant prior? The below photo was from my past post on the subject found here

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The UK's mirror "conspiracy"?:

The 7/7 London Bombings:
How to Set Up a Patsy

The first surveillance footage of the leaders of the July 7 bomb plot has been shown to a jury, showing them meeting with a “committed terrorist” outside an East London kebab shop. The video ... shows Mohammed Sidique Khan, with a beard and short hair, and Shezhad Tanweer, wearing a woolly hat, as they walk down a street in Upton Park, East London with four other men. [Telegraph]
Note the date of the surveillance video.

Mohammad Sidique Khan, the teacher who killed himself and six others in the Edgware Road bombing, attended Parliament as the guest of a Labour MP. He was invited in July 2004 by Jon Trickett MP in his capacity as a learning mentor at Hillside Primary School in Beeston, Leeds where Mr Tickett's wife Sarah is headteacher. [Telegraph]

Is it standard protocol for terrorist suspects to be allowed into the Houses of Parliament?

A consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th.

ITV News interview with Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants, and a former Scotland Yard official who worked at one time with the Anti Terrorist Branch.

Video of interview - 2.3 MB WMV download

POWER: Today we were running an exercise for a company—bear in mind now that I'm in the private sector—and we sat everybody down in the city—1000 people involved in the whole organization—with the crisis team. And the most peculiar thing was it was we based on a scenario of simultaneous attacks on a underground and mainline station. So we had to suddenly switch an exercise from fictional to real. And one of the first things is, get that bureau number, when you have a list of people missing, tell them. And it took a long time—

INTERVIEWER: Just to get this right, you were actually working today on an exercise that envisioned virtually this scenario?

POWER: Almost precisely. I was up to 2 o'clock this morning, because it's our job, my own company. Visor Consultants, we specialize in helping people to get their crisis management response, how you jump from slow time thinking to quick time doing. And we chose a scenario with no assistance, which is based on a terrorist attack because they've been close to a property occupied by Jewish businessmen there in the city, and there are more American banks in this city than there are in the whole of New York—a logical thing to do.

INTERVIEWER: How extraordinary today must feel for you as it unfolds. You mentioned a few moments ago there our experience with Irish Republican terrorism. And of course it was very different wasn't it because however perverted their behavior, the IRA believed itself to have some sort of code of honour, and tended to issue some kind of warnings, of course they often came too late to do any good.

I got an email with an interesting rumor going around London that just before the attacks, someone was trying to hire Muslims to play terrorists for a terror drill, to try to sneak onto the trains and buses with fake bombs to test out the security.

We know the terror drill was real. We know they were running the drill at the exact same stations the bombings actually occurred.

We know that the accused bombers don't fit the profile of men ready to die for Allah. Indeed, it is reported that some of them were not particularly religious.

Yet we are faced with the strange claim that these men, one of whom had a new family, and another whose wife was pregnant, carried bombs set on timers and stood there waiting for them explode.

If these men thought they were committing suicide, why did they buy RETURN TICKETS ON THE TRAIN? Why did they pay for "pay and display" tickets for their cars at the parking area?

This makes sense ONLY if they thought they were carrying fake bombs as part of a terror drill. This also explains the nervousness of the man on the bus who had probably just heard of the real explosions and was starting to suspect that the fake bomb he was carrying might not be fake after all.

"Hey you, Muslim person. Wanna make a hundred pounds? You could use that kind of dough, with a new kid and all. We're running a terror drill, and all you gotta do is take this here harmless backpack with a fake bomb inside to work with you tomorrow, just to see if the subway guards catch you or not. Mum's the word, this is national security and all; you can't tell anyone!"


The London Police claim the bombers were photographed at the Luton station, then rode the 7:40 train to King's Cross, where they were photographed again.

But according to the actual train timetable, the 7:40 train was cancelled that day and even had it not been cancelled, would not have arrived in time for the men to be photographed at King's Cross at 8:26. [Full details]

American student Sean Baran was walking towards Edgware Road Station when the explosion occurred. "One gentleman told me that the floor of the train he was on was blown out, it was just gone," he said. [Sky News]

Bruce Lait, in a tube carriage in which an explosion occurred:

As they made their way out, a policeman pointed out where the bomb had been. "The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag," he said. [Cambridge News]

Are we to believe that suicide bombers were strapped beneath the carriages when they detonated their explosives?

Last, but not least, how did Mossad know the London bombings were going to happen?

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[Click Here] for entire post containing the below excerpt:

They killed a President who opposed their plans to provoke a "winnable" nuclear War and escalate Vietnam. Then they went around the world ... destroying ANY Leftist or Liberal or Moderate who they could smear as "commie". Or narco-terrorist.

Although many people think that the CIA’s primary mission during the Cold War was to "deter communism," Noam Chomksy correctly points out that its real mission was "deterring democracy." Michael Parenti called it promoting democracy in the name of fighting communism, while really pushing fascism in place of liberty. (or something like that)


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Proof the Banksters have been up to the same old crap, over and over, excerpt [from here]:

Chapter 2 – The Hitler Project

George Bush - Unauthorized BiographyBush Property Seized–Trading with the Enemy

In October 1942, ten months after entering World War II, America was preparing its first assault against Nazi military forces. Prescott Bush was managing partner of Brown Brothers Harriman. His 18-year-old son George, the future U.S. President, had just begun training to become a naval pilot. On Oct. 20, 1942, the U.S. government ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations in New York City which were being conducted by Prescott Bush.

Under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the government took over the Union Banking Corporation, in which Bush was a director. The U.S. Alien Property Custodian seized Union Banking Corp.’s stock shares, all of which were owned by Prescott Bush, E. Roland “ Bunny ” Harriman, three Nazi executives, and two other associates of Bush.@s1

The order seizing the bank “ vests ” (seizes) “ all of the capital stock of Union Banking Corporation, a New York corporation, ” and names the holders of its shares as:

    “ E. Roland Harriman–3991 shares ”
    [chairman and director of Union Banking Corp. (UBC); this is `` Bunny '' Harriman, described by Prescott Bush as a place holder who didn't get much into banking affairs; Prescott managed his personal investments]

    “ Cornelis Lievense–4 shares ”
    [president and director of UBC; New York resident banking functionary for the Nazis]

    “ Harold D. Pennington–1 share ”
    [treasurer and director of UBC; an office manager employed by Bush at Brown Brothers Harriman]

    “ Ray Morris–1 share ”

    [director of UBC; partner of Bush and the Harrimans]

    “ Prescott S. Bush–1 share ”
    [director of UBC, which was co-founded and sponsored by his father-in-law George Walker; senior managing partner for E. Roland Harriman and Averell Harriman]

    “ H.J. Kouwenhoven–1 share ”
    [director of UBC; organized UBC as the emissary of Fritz Thyssen in negotiations with George Walker and Averell Harriman; managing director of UBC's Netherlands affiliate under Nazi occupation; industrial executive in Nazi Germany; director and chief foreign financial executive of the German Steel Trust]

    “ Johann G. Groeninger–1 share ”
    [director of UBC and of its Netherlands affiliate; industrial executive in Nazi Germany]

    “ all of which shares are held for the benefit of … members of the Thyssen family, [and] is property of nationals … of a designated enemy country…. ”

By Oct. 26, 1942, U.S. troops were under way for North Africa. On Oct. 28, the government issued orders seizing two Nazi front organizations run by the Bush-Harriman bank: the Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation.@s2

U.S. forces landed under fire near Algiers on Nov. 8, 1942; heavy combat raged throughout November. Nazi interests in the Silesian-American Corporation, long managed by Prescott Bush and his father-in-law George Herbert Walker, were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act on Nov. 17, 1942. In this action, the government announced that it was seizing only the Nazi interests, leaving the Nazis’ U.S. partners to carry on the business.@s3

These and other actions taken by the U.S. government in wartime were, tragically, too little and too late. President Bush’s family had already played a central role in financing and arming Adolf Hitler for his takeover of Germany; in financing and managing the buildup of Nazi war industries for the conquest of Europe and war against the U.S.A.; and in the development of Nazi genocide theories and racial propaganda, with their well-known results.

The facts presented here must be known, and their implications reflected upon, for a proper understanding of President George Herbert Walker Bush and of the danger to mankind that he represents. The President’s family fortune was largely a result of the Hitler project. The powerful Anglo-American family associations, which later boosted him into the Central Intelligence Agency and up to the White House, were his father’s partners in the Hitler project.

President Franklin Roosevelt’s Alien Property Custodian, Leo T. Crowley, signed Vesting Order Number 248 seizing the property of Prescott Bush under the Trading with the Enemy Act. The order, published in obscure government record books and kept out of the news,@s4 explained nothing about the Nazis involved; only that the Union Banking Corporation was run for the “ Thyssen family ” of “ Germany and/or Hungary ”–“ nationals … of a designated enemy country. ”

By deciding that Prescott Bush and the other directors of the Union Banking Corp. were legally front men for the Nazis, the government avoided the more important historical issue: In what way were Hitler’s Nazis themselves hired, armed and instructed by the New York and London clique of which Prescott Bush was an executive manager? Let us examine the Harriman-Bush Hitler project from the 1920s until it was partially broken up, to seek an answer for that question. [more from source]

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Added September 11, 2011, on the tenth anniversary of 9/11:

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Exposing the lies ten years later


I discuss State Police and SWAT snipers murdering citizens during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and about my post 9/11 ongoing nightmare:

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Happy 9/11 Anniversary Police State!




Blogger kenny's sideshow said...

Thanks for the links and kind words Steven.

You are also doing a fine job in this quest for justice. Perhaps all of our small steps can make a difference.

Saturday, September 11, 2010 3:14:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why on earth would the United States government set out to kill ten thousand Americans, some government officials??? Hundreds of children were left without parents because of the attacks, and instead of blaming the guys who walked onto the plane with bombs-who were not forced to do so- you somehow blame America and our government when we come under attack by TERRORISTS!!!! The Taliban claimed the attacks, that should be the end of it. Why is it that isn't good enough for you??? Hundreds of troops have died, thousands are still fighting for our right for freedom, which the terrorists who attacked us wanted to take away our freedom!!! And as for the thermal hot spots, of course there would be five days after the attacks. Those planes were fueled for a longer flights, and still had a lot of jet fuel in them.

Sunday, September 11, 2011 3:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just posted a comment (like five minutes ago) and found this link and thought that you should watch it since you obviously weren't here crying with the rest of the world ten years ago today. I was in Kindergarten when the World Trade Centers were attacked, and I still remember the sheer terror felt in that classroom, and the terror at my house. Maybe you should wake up, watch this link, and get on the same page as the rest of the world.
P.S. Post my comment or don't, I really don't care. Just watch this video, and listen to the terrified screams of the friends and family of the workers in World Trade Center Tower 2, as innocent bystanders, on their way to work saw one of the greatest tragedies to ever hit this nation unfold before their very eyes. Maybe after you've seen the tears, the loss, and the pain and suffering you'll stop posting blatant lies against the American government. Yes, I know you have freedom of press and whatever, but you should at least feel obligated to post and write the truth about matters as sensitive to people like me (I might add that one of my friend's uncle, a wonderful man, was one of the many firefighters who died in the fires during those awful days.) Basically what I'm saying is that the "thermal hot spot evidence" proves that you don't know what you are talking about, and everything else just backs it up. Like I said, I don't care if you post this, but just make sure you watch the video. God bless you.

Sunday, September 11, 2011 4:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kenny's sideshow, how could you agree with this man?? Honestly, are either of you even Americans, because if you are, you both lack even a tiny drop of patriotism and love for your country. This "quest for justice" as you call it is nothing more than an effort to stir up trouble. Accept the hard facts: the jet fuel caused hot spots and Taliban terrorists rammed the Twin Towers in an effort to rip this country apart. Watch this link:

Sunday, September 11, 2011 4:22:00 PM  

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