Friday, September 03, 2010

Jewish Militia Groups in the US?

Image above found in "The Jim Crow Holy Land" post [found here]

An average American is more likely to be terrorized, beaten, raped, robbed, killed, etc by thugs employed by the US Government paid for with drug running, and US taxpayer dollars, than to be accosted, kidnapped, or killed by terrorists. It is a US citizen right to start, or belong to, a militia. But, if the Jewish Militia is foreign funded, collects intelligence for a foreign power, conducts covert intelligence and espionage missions, and conducts hit and run military guerrilla operations for a foreign power, that is another story. I don't know what to make of the below, but think these individuals need to be watched more than any made up CIA funded/organized terrorists such as Al Qaeda.

Enemy in Mind: Jewish group gets gunned-up to face-off 'Muslim Threat'

Text with video:
RTAmerica | September 02, 2010

A Jewish group in the U.S. shares the view that Israelis are in danger wherever they are - and believes they should prepare themselves for the worst. Its members are involved in intensive training in military skills and survival methods. But as Lauren Lyster discovered, critics claim their enemy is mostly in the mind...

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Pre-9-11, Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and other towns may have been a testing ground. State registered confidential informants paid with tax dollars are used to terrorize natural born US citizens, business, and property owners to forward the agendas of powerful backroom power brokers. An alleged former [Mossad Colonel, a bar owner], had competition, two other bars in town. Criminals and recruited informants were used to “X” out the competition. Anyone complaining about police brutality, judicial misconduct, or the town hall mafia were dealt with using the same, covert terrorist methods. Are foreign entities such as Israeli Intelligence Operatives paying, “catch and release,” US criminals as their, “cut-outs,” to commit crimes and terrorism to further a US Intelligence/Mossad/CIA drug running and citizen suppression agenda?

US Marine stabbed 13 times was arrested for causing a disturbance for having caused a disturbance being stabbed faces 6 months in prison for his “offense”. The felon on probation who stabbed the US Marine and two others isn’t violated on probation. [Story and Video]. This is an example of how US tax dollar state registered confidential police informants are used.

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A Judges’ and Connecticut State Police “Rub and Tug”

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