Friday, September 03, 2010

JFK, Bill O'Reilly, and Plastic Hemp Cars?

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Leave it to the Corbett Report to somehow tie all these subjects together in a video in an about 10 min run time, week after week. I'm a fan of very little. I do tune into the Corbett Report regularly. Check out the videos below.

As with any controversial or widely viewed Google videos, there can be errors or slow loading. If there is an error you can move the slide the slide back, or just use your internet browser's reload button. Another trick is to let the video play a second or two, hit pause, and then come back to the video in a half a minute or so. If you have dial up or very slow connection, start the video, and then go find something else to do, then come back and view the video in a half an hour or so.

JFK Truth, Drugwar, The People Strike Back - Sunday Update

Text with video:
corbettreport | August 29, 2010


Fox covers Milteer story

Rather lies about Zapruder film

O'Reilly is a JFK conspiracy theorist

O'Reilly confronted by Philly 9/11 Truth

KopBusters Defeat Odessa Police

Hemp car to be made in Canada

Henry Ford's 1941 Hemp Car

Bill Hicks Positive Drug Story

Protesters strike back at GMO crops in Europe

New 9/11 Videos, Predators on the Border, Gates and Monsanto - New World Next Week

Text with video:
corbettreport | September 02, 2010

Welcome to the 45th episode of the New World Next Week - the video series from & This week:

Story #1: International Center for 9/11 Studies Secures Release of Thousands of Photos & Videos from NIST
Related: to Host Huge Volume of Data

Story #2: Predator Drones to Patrol Entire US-Mexico Border on Sep1
Related: Will 'Machete' Release Spark Racial Violence?

Story #3: Gates Foundation Ties with Monsanto Under Fire
Related: Doomsday Seed Vault, Gates, Rockefeller & the GMO Giants

Now you can go to to get hi-quality episodes for your device of choice. And as always, stay up-to-date by subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report & Media Monarchy Thank you.

previous episode: google in court, scanners on trial, bye bye cable

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From the Kenny's Sideshow Blog:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Phone Call to a Demolition Company: "WTC 7 Imploded"

I decided to call a demolition company out of Texas and ask them about 9/11.

Needless to say some interesting words were exchanged.

As of today he never called back :) From RP4409

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More Corbett Report videos and the subject of 9-11 Truth [found here]



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