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License Plate Scanners used to harass targeted citizens

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It is alarming to me that the US Government wants to tag us all with GPS devices on our cars, driver’s licenses, and passports. When New Haven Police in Connecticut got their first plate scanners about 5 to 10 years ago, they targeted mainly retired citizens and veterans on a Sunday where they were attending church. Cars were towed for parking and other fines owed. Citizens were then out possibly hundreds of dollars. The government goon towing and impounding yard got a boon and police demonstrated their new tool of abuse, not going after criminals committing crimes, but the most law abiding and core American residents for revenue collection! Blacklisted citizens have yet another tech tool used to abuse to fear.

I was placed on the [Connecticut State Police Enemies List] for upsetting [goons on the union for the police, judicial, and government workers].

I had legal, insured vehicles registered to me in Vermont while I would go south into Massachusetts with. I was pulled over by Massachusetts State Police asking me if I had any bombs, weapons, and they wanted to search my vehicle. I was fearful of arrest and even being beaten. Telling the officers that I had problems with the Connecticut State Police, wrote in newspapers, proposed legislation to elected officials that the police union didn’t like, and that I had suffered enough and was minding my own business in Massachusetts and was just trying to put my life back in order getting any kind of work I can find. After spending 15 minutes to a half hour terrorized with each officer, I was let go without being cited for anything, after being told about multiple fines that could be imposed with my possible arrest. The message seemed to be, "Stay out of our state blacklisted asshole!"

I got out of my vehicle at a discount chain store. I started walking in. A town officer who I had never seen before, without asking me for identification, demanded to know at what address was I going to in Massachusetts. I was told that I must go home to Vermont. I was let know that I wasn’t welcome in Massachusetts. I was kicked out of Connecticut after serving a prison sentence for having resisted being mugged on the property I used to own there. The Massachusetts town officer, the same one, pulled behind me again, when I was on business private property and then again demanded to know what I was doing, where I was going, and wanted an address of where I was going in Massachusetts. He asked to search my vehicle, and did not give permission for him to do so.

Your US tax dollars are used to abuse you and to fund a police state.

-Steven G. Erickson


ALPR - Automatic License Plate Recon

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SirChaos | December 16, 2006

The ALPR as tested in British Columbia, Canada. - http://www.geekgamerradio.com


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[VIDEO] Computerized license plate scanner used to find stolen cars

  • March 3rd, 2010 3:27 am ET

ALPR, or Automatic License Plate Recon, is a relatively new computer system that can be used by police and other security agencies to automatically find cars that were used to commit crimes, cars that aren't insured, and others.

The system works in this way: A car is equipped with a computer and several cameras mounted on the front and sides of the car. A list of license plates is downloaded into its database. This list includes cars that are unregistered, used in crimes, have unlicensed drivers, or have been involved in other things that police or security people are interested in. The equipped car then goes out and drives the streets and/or parking lots. As it drives the computer scans license plates and looks them up in its database. If a car on the "black list" is found, the system alerts the user and lets him/her know the situation of the car.

The ALPR system can scan about 3,000 plates per hour, a bit faster and more accurately than a human can. The following video shows how this technology works.


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Are random license plate checks legal?

Text with video:
MSLawdotedu | February 07, 2008

Can an officer randomly run your license plate, or, as a driver can you reasonably expect a degree of privacy? Dave L'Esperance, chief of the Salisbury Massachusetts Police Department joins Associate Dean Michael Coyne in this episode of The Massachusetts School of Law's Educational Forum: Civil Rights When Stopped by Police.

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Trolling license plates, the computer will beep whenever a target license plate is viewed. Someone can just be out driving. Someone who may have just blogged critical of police and the kangaroo court system. Police abuse any and all tools they are given whenever there isn't adequate oversight. There wasn't adequate oversight before 9-11. Anyone who has upset any police officer or one of their associates can be put on the follow, detain, harass, and even arrest on any excuse, list. There are maybe ten times more cops than are actually needed. Maybe ten times as many people are in prisons as should be. Maybe ten times more property is seized, and ten times too many children are officially kidnapped by State Departments of Children and Families, such as Connecticut DCF, than should be. Most police and their official variants and contractors are just for armed revenue collection bringing in undeclared taxes. When cops don't have enough real work to do, they're just parasites on working people and the economy. Yes, there are good cops, but we the people should not be up to are armpits in police officers in a Police State.

Cops Use Scan Technology to Read Your License Plates

Text with video:
GovernmentTechnology | June 16, 2008

Sacramento, CA: Law enforcement use license plate readers to digitally read plates and check against databases. The police cars are able to work on thousands of plates a day that would be difficult for officers to manually verify.

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A less than one minute liveleak.com video leading viewers here has gotten a thousand views in a day and 11 comments to date, 1:35 PM EST, Sept. 8, 2010:

Should we trust the US Government if they allow genetically modified Salmon in our grocery stores, or worse yet, released to take over the species in the wild? [Video]



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Green Party Campaign Manager for Connecticut Governor, and Journalist Ken Krayeske was placed on the Secret Connecticut State Police Enemies Arrest on Sight List for being critical of Governor M. Jodi Rell in his blog. Click his name under his picture below for his story.

Rival in US Election?

Text with video:
More information with links:

US Blacklisting and Rigging Federal Cases?

Will the handling of a current federal case prove that the US is the new Soviet style abuse State?


If you are a rival candidate for a position, a member of their staff, or a journalist covering the election should you be Blacklisted, put on a State Police Secret "Enemies List" and then arrested on sight, charges made up, evidence manufactured, witnessed coerced, and false police reports originated? Well, it looks like that is the case in Connecticut and probably in ALL US states.

Ken Krayeske might be the individual who proves the United States is not a free country, the US Constitution is null and void, and if you speak out and question the government or about rigged courts, you are to be arrested and held in a US prison as a political prisoner.

Attorney Norm Pattis might just be the best civil right lawyer in Connecticut, was Krayeske's lawyer and may have been terrorized by the State into intentionally dropping the ball. Krayeske, currently a law student, has reportedly obtained a new lawyer.

A confidential source tells me that the Federal Case against state officials in Connecticut seems to have been fixed from the inside to prevent justice. The major perpetrators of the official abuse have allegedly been removed from the civil case by an insider judge in the pending federal case with plaintiff, Ken Krayeske. The Hartford Police Chief seems to be the only one left to be sued civilly by Krayeske. The assumption would be that once the police chief goes to trial, if the case isn't just thrown out without consideration, he'll blame state officials who have already been let off the hook.

I don't have the money or resources to properly report this story. I either need help or I need someone else out there to pick up the ball. I could have major facts incorrect. Krayeske's case might prove there are no checks and balances and courts aren't for the people, there only for citizen abuse, retaliation, for revenue collection, and for protecting the integrity of a government without any hint of honesty or honor.

The reason that I am so concerned about his case is that Ken Krayeske was the Green Party campaign manager for Connecticut Governor in 2006, and I might have been more of a target than Krayeske just for blogging about public corruption. It looks like the Republican Governor, or her staff, may have put rival candidates on the secret enemies "Watch List" to be discredited and ruined, even arrested if an excuse could be found or manufactured. Imagine just running against a candidate with political power and having your life ruined, your family broken up, and having no hope of recourse just for assuming America is American?

I was critical of Republican Governor M. Jodi Rell in my blogs. It looks like I was a more prominent target for the arrest on sight list than was Krayeske. The list is revealing in what is there, and what is not there. A special security detail is given a politically motivated, hunt and ruin, list, and supposed real threats like Al Qaeda, hate groups, and anarchists don't get top billing on an arrest on sight list! Is the terror threat really just manufactured state terror of citizens?


So, the biggest threat to State, and possibly, the nation, are "Idiot Bloggers", like me who expose what we see? So, in the US, free speech can get you a "Go to Jail", "Do not get out for Free", "there is no card", and America being free is just cruel propaganda taught to children?

Do Americans have to fear being hauled off in the middle of the night to face secret detention and any means necessary to extract a false confession? Does anybody out there have any guts and will you do something about this?


Kenneth Krayeske

* * * *

[click here] for:

Target on Enemies List

"Person of Interest" designation for Steven G. Erickson, widely distributed among Troops of the Connecticut State Police, Capitol Guard, Hartford Police, and Special State Police Investigative Unit. The above is a poor copy off a pdf file, copied from the original distributed among police, probably in color as part of the Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies List special day handout. Is [this] what Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell, or her staff, would want me arrested on sight for?


Anonymous Soon to be US Expat said...

most people don't know they can be shit on by police and courts for their entire lives just because they are on the shit list

Tuesday, September 07, 2010 2:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Connecticut they have done away with the decals on plates. Plate readers are stationary and in cop cars. If you aren't up to date on your car, taxes, child support, if you owe a parking ticket or anything you can be pulled over. The cops know right away. They also pull out of the national database, so if you done anything, suspected of anything, or if you're a parent owing child support you're fucked for just driving in Connecticut.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010 8:49:00 PM  

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