Sunday, October 17, 2010

Canadian, UK, US Gov wants to detain you

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If you have a working mind of your own and are willing to inform others of what you know, the government wants to detain you. If you question the illegal operations of government, and lack of oversight, the government wants to detain you. If you inform others of the abuse and facts, the government wants to detain you. If you are a threat to the profiteers puppeteering governments, there could be torture, your confinement, and your covert disposal.

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corbettreport | October 17, 2010

Sunday Update is a public service of The Corbett Report podcast.


Secret Cold War plan included mass detentions

Canadian government's top-secret plan to detain citizens

Canada had Cold War plan to round up Communists: report

Trudeau to Canada: Just watch me

Canadian Concentration Camps

Operation Garden Plot

Garden Plot / CONPLAN 2502

Obama's Letter Renewing State of Emergency in 2010

Information on Eric Shine's case

Interview with Eric Shine

PROFUNC, REX84, Coast Guard Martial Law - Sunday Update


Jesse Ventura "Conspiracy Theory" on TruTv videos, a video where Jesse lets a Fox News host have it over the 9-11 conspiracy and more:
Was Lyme Disease an accidental, or a bio-weapon released, on purpose from Plum Island, a bio research lab on an island between Long Island, New York, and Connecticut.



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