Sunday, October 10, 2010

Corporate Coup, 9-11

Image [found here]

The best video I've ever seen showing September 11, 2001, was a staged event, the demolition of 3 buildings in New York City is just about 10 seconds long. I found it on the Kenny's Sideshow blog [here]

Watch the roof with the radio tower ride the building down as the building is professionally demolished. No building has, or would, "collapse" like that.

9/11 new NIST video tower ejections

Text with video:
AyahuascaDan | October 08, 2010

NIST FILE: ny firefighters discovery 20b

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Micheal Parenti on Conspiracy Theories : New York City 9/11/10

Text with video:
RadicalPragmatist | September 30, 2010

Micheal Parenti speaks at the " How The World Changed After 9/11" Conference in New York City held on 9/11 2010.

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Michael Parenti - Is Bush A Failure?

Text with video:
ForaTv | January 31, 2008

Complete video at:

Progressive author Michael Parenti argues that popular liberal perceptions of a "failed" Bush Administration may not be accurate.


Michael Parenti discusses Contrary Notions.

Internationally acclaimed, award winning author Michael Parenti is one of America's most astute and engaging political analysts. Covering a wide range of subjects, Parenti's work has enlightened and enlivened readers for many years. Here is a rich buffet of his deep but lucid writings on real history, political life, empire, wealth, class power, technology, culture, ideology, media, environment, gender, and ethnicity - along with a few choice selections drawn from his own life experiences and political awakening.

Parenti serves on the board of judges for Project Censored, and on numerous advisory boards as well as the advisory editorial boards of New Political Science and Nature, Society and Thought. He is the author of twenty books - Cody's Books

Michael Parenti received his Ph.D. in political science from Yale University. He has taught at a number of colleges and universities, in the United States and abroad.

Michael Parenti has won awards from Project Censored, the Caucus for a New Political Science, the city of Santa Cruz, New Jersey Peace Action, the Social Science Research Council, the Society for Religion in Higher Education, and other organizations. In 2007 he was awarded a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from U.S. Representative Barbara Lee.

During his earlier teaching career he received grants or fellowships from the Louis Rabinowitz Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Brown University, Yale University, State University of New York, and the University of Illinois. For several years he was a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C.

He now serves on the board of judges for Project Censored, and on the advisory boards of Independent Progressive Politics Network, Education Without Borders, and the Jasenovic Foundation; as well as the advisory editorial boards of New Political Science and Nature, Society and Thought.

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Michael Parenti -- The Myth of the Founding Fathers 1/3

Text with video:
Suryu | March 23, 2008

As the United States government claims to spread democracy around the world and is deeply involved in ghost writing constitutions for other countries, the spotlight falls back on this country. Is the current US system a democracy, - has it ever been one? In The Myth of the Founding Fathers Michael Parenti takes us back to the early days of the republic. Who were the founding fathers, what were their goals in writing the US constitution? Whom did they exclude and whom did they favor? What was their attitude towards slavery? How many of them actually wanted to create a monarchy? And who - in the end - ratified the constitution after it was written?



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