Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ever F'd over by a Muslim Financially?

I believe that it would be quite rare, almost impossible to be fucked over financially by a true Muslim. I listened to a piece on BBC radio here in New England early in the AM after work. The subject was the honesty of Muslim pawn shops and their unwillingness to charge interest, unreasonable fees, or repossess items pawned for non-payment of storage fees. 1500 years ago, an Indonesian Gold Denar bought two goats. Today that same coin will buy two goats almost anywhere in the world ...

I am not of the Muslim faith, or any particular denomination, and believe Jesus, if he actually existed, is the most well known political activist who was against overbearing government, paying taxes to offshore New World Order banksters, and believed there should be fairness in rule, and then got nailed for it.

If I had to pawn an item and had a choice of going to George W. Bush, Obama Bankster Inc., other American pawn shops, or one run by Muslims, I'd trust the Muslims not to screw me over financially ... and that is anywhere in the world.

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An American's reaction to be surrounded and abused by offshore banksters?:



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